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Zanussi ZOF35511WK Oven

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    This white Zanussi ZOF35511WK Electric Built-under Double Oven allows you to cook different ingredients in various ways simultaneously, giving you versatility in the kitchen. Room for more food Realise any recipe with two medium-sized ovens at your disposal. The ZOF35511WK offers a 46-litre main cavity with four shelf positions that allow you to cook several items at once, or perfectly prepare larger meals such as roasts and cakes. The second oven offers 41 litres of room for preparing smaller or secondary dishes, so you've got the facility to prepare multi-part meals. In the main cavity, a fan system provides even heat distribution, cooking your food thoroughly and accurately for tender, mouth-watering results every time. The oven also includes a ring element to aid even heat distribution and give you flexibility for all kinds of cooking. Cook on different levels at the same time with ease. Use your oven in different ways You'll be able to achieve all manner of cooking styles and effects with the Zanussi ZOF35511WK Double Oven . Among its seven cooking functions are base heat, fan with top and base heat, Top heat and top and base heat. Thaw your frozen meals precisely with a quick and gentle defrost function - save time while eating well. The oven works sensitively to help preserve all the flavours and textures of frozen foods so that even ready meals and leftovers are tasty and satisfying. From baking to roasting and everything in between, there's a combination of heating types to create the meals you want and pull off those new recipes you've been dying to try. Grilled goodness There's a full-width dual grill integrated into your Zanussi ZOF35511WK Oven , allowing you to prepare meat, fish and more in a healthy way. Add golden colour and crunchy textures to all kinds of dishes, from oven bakes to sweets or good old cheese on toast. The grill is variable, so you can use it at half-width if you only need to prepare a small portion of food. Use the combination speed grill and fan grill those sausages and brown your toast super quickly. This time-saving feature is ideal when you're cooking breakfast or a meat platter for family and social gatherings. Food timed to perfection The steel Zanussi ZOF35511WK Electric Double Oven features a programmable timer which turns the appliance off automatically when the programme is complete. An easy Set & Go feature allows you to get on with other tasks while remaining assured that your food is being cooked properly. Time each dish to be ready at just the right time, so you can plan ahead and serve everyone their meal just as it's finished cooking. Large oven dials and buttons make it easy to select the settings you want - check the time and settings on the LED display. Oven maintenance isn't a problem Grease, fat spits and cooking debris are no match for the Zanussi ZOF35511WK , which features catalytic liners that oxidise and dissolve mess when the oven temperature reaches around 220°C. Once cooking is complete and the appliance has cooled down, you can easily wipe away the residue from the process, making oven cleaning less of a chore. Equip your kitchen with all-inclusive culinary power with the Zanussi ZOF35511WK Electric Built-under Double Oven in white."

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