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The reduction shown is the price reduction made by the individual supplier since the start of the day 7 days ago. The price includes the delivery charge as notified to us by the supplier.

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  • Stoves S900DF (Cookers & Ovens) from £1323.00. Top features: - Multifunction oven works with all of your culinary experiments - Titan Tall fanned oven keeps the oven evenly heated throughout - 5-burner hob has room for an entire fry-up - Maxi grill lets you grill more food faster Multifunction oven Experience all kinds of cookery joy with the Stoves Richmond S900DF CC 90 cm Dual Fuel Range Cooker. With plenty of cooking functions, you can get just the right settings to cook everything, whether it's pizza, bread or cookies.Titan Tall fanned ovenThe Equiflow fans distribute heat evenly throughout the ovens, so you don't get some shelves getting warmer than others within the same oven. Now you can do batch baking without having to swap baking trays around inside the oven.If you do need to move anything around, the telescopic shelf sliders let the shelves slide out smoothly.5-burner hobGet everything you need for a classic English breakfast on the go at once with the five-burner hob. There's room for different pans for eggs, bacon, beans, and sausages, and there's even a wok burner for tonight's stir fry.Maxi grillThe integrated grills make the most of the large cooking area within the Stoves Richmond S900DFCC Cooker. The full width grill pan means you can make cheese on toast and bacon sandwiches for the whole family at once.______________________________________GAS INSTALLATION: This product requires installation by a qualified gas safe engineer, such as one of our Knowhow experts.ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION: This product requires professional installation to a dedicated cooker circuit (identified by a big red cooker switch) by a qualified installer, such as one of our Team Knowhow experts.
  • Bosch WAW28750GB Washing Machine from £854.99. ""The premium washing machine with ActiveOxygen: Perfect wash performance for delicate clothes at low wash temperatures. EcoSilence Drive™:extremely energy-efficient and quiet in operation with a 10- year warranty. ActiveOxygen™ at a fingertip:Hygienically clean results for delicate clothes at low washing temperatures   ""
  • Sony ILCE7KB.CE Camera from £689.00. Top features:- Full-frame photography with a huge 24.3 megapixels - Hybrid autofocus lets you capture those important moments - Connect to other devices with ease - Creative shooting for precise and memorable images - Full HD movies capture incredible detail Full-frame photographyWith a mammoth 24.3 megapixel count working with a full-frame image sensor, the interchangeable lens camera produces an incomparable picture performance. The Sony A7 camera shoots with speed and accuracy, capturing the scene with professional quality.The palmed-sized compact gives you shooting comfort, intuitive functionality and a precise AF performance. The high-speed BIONZ X processor engine ensures natural details, richer tonal gradation, lower noise and remarkably clear detail.Hybrid autofocusFast hybrid autofocus allows you to get the most from the full-frame image sensor. This AF system combines speedy phase-detection with highly accurate contrast detection, achieving an impressive focusing speed. The 117 densely placed AF phase-detection points dramatically improve the AF performance, giving you a better chance of capturing those challenging shots in crystal clear lucidity.Lock onto your subject and capture the action with a continuous burst of images at 5 fps. The OLED Tru-Finder viewfinder allows you to see the exact view of the shot in high resolution.Connect to other devicesShare your stunning photos instantly with WiFi and NFC connectivity. Simply touch the Sony Alpha 7 with an NFC-enabled smartphone or tablet and share your moments in an instant. You can use the built-in WiFi to share your photos and movies on social network sites.Creative shootingWith multi-frame noise reduction you can capture darker scenes without the need for a tripod or flash. The camera uses four shots and composites them with considerably higher speed to significantly reduce noise.Auto HDR expands the dynamic range of your images from the darkest shadows to brightest glow, effectively capturing the tones you see in real life.With ultimate precision and craftsmanship, the Sony mirrorless camera is designed for professional use anywhere. The small, tough and lightweight body features customisable buttons and an intuitive control wheel for fine-tuning settings. The magnesium-alloy body has protective dust and moisture seals while the comfortable grip allows for long shooting sessions.Full HD moviesRecord Full HD movies in smooth 60 frames per second - capture those moments how you see them and enjoy them back in cinematic detail. The high performance audio and Clear Image Zoom allow you to capture striking closes up with great sound to match.A 3 LCD tilt screen makes it easier to capture at tricky angles, it also gives you a comfortable viewing when you want to playback your photos and movies.Make sure you've got enough memory It is important to have the right memory card for your camera. The memory card will determine how fast an image is saved and how fast an image is uploaded. If you're shooting high definition videos along with high resolution images then it's best to invest in a high performance memory card. A high performance memory card will get the best out of your photography, ensuring the best continuous shooting speed and high quality data capture.
  • Stoves 550DFW (Cookers & Ovens) from £659.00. ""Made in Britain, the Stoves Richmond 550DFW mini range dual fuel cooker offers both an electric fanned and conventional oven, dual circuit variable electric grill and wok burner. Additional features include a fully programmable clock & timer, fanned defrost, open door grilling, flame safety device and easy clean enamel. A energy rating. An even temperature is achieved through the fanned oven as the air is circulated by an integral fan, so any shelf can be used making more use of the space – perfect for batch batching. A fanned oven also allows you to cook different foods together without transferring flavours. The conventional oven is ideal for traditional roasting, this type of oven is hotter at the top than the bottom. You can put your meat in the middle, roast potatoes towards the top and a pudding towards the bottom. Dual circuit variable electric grills let you adjust the grilling power to suit but, with faster preheat times and the precision of a temperature dial. For smaller portions you can use just the inner section of the grill width for economy, using the full width of the grill if you’re feeding the family. Normally when you close the door on your grill, it stops grilling and starts baking at high heat. That’s why Stoves designed their grills to work with the door open, keeping the air circulating and grilling your food to perfection. Defrost your food more hygienically and in half the time using the defrost function which circulates room temperature air around the food which makes it perfect for defrosting cakes. Thanks to a fully programmable digital clock and timer, you can set this oven to cook when it suits you - whether you are busy around the house, are out at work or just putting your feet up, this oven can have your dinner ready whenever you desire! The 55cm Richmond cooker also features easy clean enamel, spillage wells and cast iron elevated pansure supports so you can keep your cooker looking like new for longer. Wipe away spills easily with the specially designed enamel that helps prevent food from sticking on to the surface. The energy efficiency rating on this model is A/B. Made in Britain, the Stoves Richmond 550DFW mini range dual fuel cooker offers both an electric fanned and conventional oven, dual circuit variable electric grill and wok burner. Additional features include a fully programmable clock ""
  • Bosch KGN36VL35G Fridge Freezer from £559.00. The large capacity Bosch KGN36VL35G Freestanding Fridge Freezer has a gleaming stainless steel finish, making it a smart addition to any kitchen. Its innovative VitaFresh technology keeps food fresh for longer so it's perfect for a busy family home. Energy consumption has a highly economical A++ energy rating and it has a smart, easy access, retractable glass shelf to make for easy loading. Versatile Storage The fridge section of this Bosch appliance features four safety glass shelves, three door trays and a handy retractable glass shelf that helps with loading and unloading without blocking your view of the fridge contents. The unit incorporates a MultiAirflow system that improves air circulation. Plus, two separate cooling circuits allow independent temperature control and prevent the transference of humidity between the fridge and freezer compartments. VitaFresh and airfresh Technology Bosch's innovative VitaFresh system keeps food fresh longer by offering two separate zones for different foodstuffs requiring different levels of air humidity. The dry zone is ideal for storing sausage, cheese, meat and fish, while the moist VitaFresh Zone provides a perfect environment for fruit and vegetables. The fridge also features a ChillerBox low-temperature storage unit and an airfresh filter with antiBacteria system. This neutralises odours inside the fridge and filters out bacteria. Unpleasant substances from foods with intensive odours are absorbed by this system and the air in the fridge remains clean and fresh. The filter is designed to operate throughout the entire life of the appliance. Frost Free With the unit's NoFrost system, the humidity in the air is collected on a central fin evaporator instead of being allowed to build up in the appliance. The freezer automatically defrosts from time to time. The resulting condensation is taken to the outside and evaporated using warmth from the compressor in a special collecting pan. This lowers humidity in the appliance, which means that almost no ice forms. So you don't need to worry about defrosting ever again. Freezer Functionality The freezer compartment has an 87 litre capacity and allows you to store frozen food for up to 12 months. Innovative technology eliminates the build up of ice and allows for effortless maintenance of the freezer. Variable-use glass shelves and drawers in the freezer compartment.allow you to store and find what you are looking for with ease. Superfreezing SuperFreezing protects frozen food from defrosting when adding new food to the freezer, and the new food freezes faster. With this special freezing function, the freezer temperature is lowered by up to 2°C. To prevent unnecessary power consumption, the function automatically switches back after about 6 hours. A++ Energy Rating The appliance has an impressive A++ energy rating guaranteeing that you benefit from low-cost, efficient energy usage. Reversible Door This fridge freezer is built with a reversible doors it can be easily adapted to the layout of your kitchen. The digital compressor technology in this appliance was designed to improve energy efficiency, cut down on running costs, and maintain food at its freshest for longer. This compressor technology comes with a 10-year warranty.
  • Bosch KGN39VW35G Fridge Freezer from £499.00. The tall Bosch KGN39VW35G freestanding fridge freezer will provide a good food storage solution for most families thanks to its massive 279-litre capacity. It's an entirely frost-free appliance which features electronic control, fast freeze and cool functions together with a variety of specially designed chilled zones and easy-access shelving. It also has an A++ Energy Rating. Maximum storage Flexible storage includes a salad drawer with humidity control, two 0°C drawers with temperature control and a chiller box with maximum air circulation to keep meat and fish fresher longer. The fridge also has five shelves, as well as door storage - enough to accommodate a big, weekly shop. A super chill function keeps the temperature constant when multiple new items are introduced. Frost free The entire appliance has a no frost system that prevents the formation of ice crystals, so you never have to go through the time-consuming chore of defrosting. The transfer of moisture between compartments is prevented by the incorporation of separate cooling circuits. The 87-litre capacity freezer can freeze a massive 14kg of fresh food every 24 hours thanks to a fast freezing function that quickly brings food down to the required temperature and then automatically reverts to the preset temperature. Total control Electronic control and a fan-assisted air circulation system ensure temperature fluctuations are minimised and food is kept at optimum temperatures throughout the appliance. An air filtration system actively neutralises odours inside the refrigerator and filters out bacteria. Unpleasant substances from foods with intensive odours are absorbed, and the air remains clean and fresh - without replacing the filter for the life of the appliance. Energy usage LED interior lighting illuminates the fridge so you can locate particular items easily and quickly. The low energy consumption of the electronic controls and LEDs help this fridge freezer to qualify for an economical A++ Energy Rating. The digital compressor technology in this appliance was designed to improve energy efficiency, cut down on running costs, and maintain food at its freshest for longer. This compressor technology comes with a 10-year warranty.
  • Bosch KIR24V20GB Fridge from £460.00. Spruce up your kitchen with the classy white Bosch Serie 2 KIR24V20GB Integrated Tall Fridge. Family friendly The KIR24V20GB Fridge boasts a generous 226-litre capacity giving you ample room to stock your weekly shopping. Six height adjustable safety-glass shelves and one vegetable/salad container provide convenient storage versatility for organising your fresh produce. No more waste With an A+ rating for energy efficiency, the KIR24V20GB works to keep your food fresher for longer whilst keeping energy costs low. The intuitive SuperCool function regulates the fridge temperature when new food is added, rapidly cooling the new groceries and keeping the rest of the contents fresh. There's no need to manually defrost your fridge, auto-defrost does the work for you at regular intervals without having to switch off the appliance or remove any food stored. Keep it hygienic The removable magnetic door seals and safely glass shelves are easy to clean so you can prevent bad odours and keep your fridge clean and hygienic! Preserve the life of your produce with the Bosch Serie 2 KIR24V20GB Integrated Tall Fridge!___________________________________________________________________________PLEASE NOTE:Use in outbuildings: This refrigerator is not designed to be used in an outbuilding - both your food and the appliance can be damaged. Do not use it in any unheated area.Reversible door hinges: This refrigerator has a reversible door - please consult with installation experts to carry out door reversal.
  • Bosch GID18A20GB Freezer from £449.00. When space is limited, the GID18A20GB Integrated Freezer is your ideal refrigeration solution.Simple storageThe GID18A20GB features four transparent drawers so you can keep your freezer organised and easily find what you're looking for.There's a temperature alarm that activates when the temperature inside your freezer rises, so you don't have to worry about accidentally leaving the door open.SuperFreezePress the SuperFreeze button before you go shopping and the GID18A20GB will rapidly lower the temperature inside. Your fresh food will freeze quicker, while the surrounding frozen food stays perfectly frozen.Enjoy convenient freezing for any small kitchen with the GID18A20GB Integrated Freezer.
  • Stoves S900 Cooker Hood from £399.00. Stoves have over 100 years of engineering experience, reflected in the clever features and traditional design of this cooker hood. 3 fan speeds plus booster mode for dealing with stronger odours, with simple push-button controls Washable grease filters Multi-spot LED lights to clearly illuminate your oven or hob Extendable chimney section
  • Kenwood KMX52 Food Processor from £314.50. New from Kenwood the kMix Stand Mixer is a design classic from the start and forms part of a co-ordinated range of kitchenware from the nations favorite. A powerful motor and a range of versatile tools help make this the new must have kitchen appliance Unique iconic design is a future design classic you?ll be proud to own Horizontal motor in head gives stability in use 500w motor power gives the powerful mixing you?d expect from Kenwood Fold function for controlled mixing and incorporating ingredients Full aluminium metal construction gives strength and durability Polished 4.6L bowl with large handle beautifully combining form and function Planetary mixing action thoroughly mixes all ingredients quickly and effortlessly Metal rotary control dial delivers controlled power when you need it most Interlocked head for extra safety 'K' beater whisk and dough hook bowl tools are coated aluminium for versatility and convenience Slow speed attachment outlet increases your machines functionality with a variety of optional attachments Plastic splashguard with hinged lid over wide pouring spout Other: 4.6L polished bowl Wattage: 500w
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Price Reductions

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The reduction shown is the price reduction made by the individual supplier since the start of the day yesterday. The price includes the delivery charge as notified to us by the supplier.

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