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Tefal FR701640 Deep Fryer

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Watch the price of the Tefal FR701640 FR701640

From £95.98

  • Currys

    £95.98 Tefal FR701640 £95.98

    Out of stock since 2023-09-25 23:28:49.0
    (Price includes delivery charge of £5.99)

    Currys ref:10182430

    Make delicious fried food Make all your favourite fried foods at home with the Tefal Oleoclean Compact FR701640 Deep Fryer. Cancel that visit to the chicken shop and make crispy fried chicken for family and friends. Or just chop some potatoes and makes tasty chips for a Saturday afternoon snack. Filter Changing oil every time you want to use your fryer can be a bit of a pain. The Oleoclean Compact has a special filter system that drains and cleans oil after you've used it, then stores it for you to use next time. Easy to use With an adjustable thermostat, viewing window so you can check on your cooking and easy use dials, cooking with the Oleoclean Compact is no fuss at all. It can also be fully dismantled and has dishwasher safe parts too, so don't worry about any cleaning dramas."

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Tefal FR333040 Tefal FR333040 from £80.98. Top features:- Cool Zone prevents burning of loose food - Adjustable thermostat puts you in control - Fast heating reduces waiting time - Easy to clean and dishwasher proof - Built to last for peace of mind Cool ZoneThe bottom area of the Tefal Easy Pro FR333040 Deep Fryer is kept cooler than the rest of the oil, so loose crumbs aren't burnt and stuck to the bottom. This prevents a build-up of burnt food, keeping your meals tasting and smelling as good as you've come to expect.Adjustable thermostatKeep in control of your frying with the adjustable thermostat. Combined with the handy viewing window, you can monitor your food and adjust the heat to get your chips just the way you like them.Fast heatingThe heating element is completely immersed in the oil, so the heat is applied faster. Spend less time waiting for the oil to reach the right temperature and get on with the frying.Easy to cleanThe enamel bowl can be completely removed for cleaning, and the Easy Pro FR333040 itself can be dismantled when it needs a thorough clean. Don't worry about scrubbing away in the sink - everything except the heating element is dishwasher safe.Built to lastAll of the parts are low cost and simple to replace, so you can extend the life of the Tefal Easy Pro FR333040 Deep Fryer far beyond what it would normally manage.
Salter EK4628 Salter EK4628 from £95.98. Make healthy fried food using little to no oil with the Salter Go Healthy XXL EK4628 8L Air Fryer. Its 8 litre capacity means that you'll have enough space to prepare meals and snacks for the whole family.Using the EK4628 is a breeze thanks to a touch display - you can control the temperature or choose from eight frying programs. The ready alert and automatic shut-off are there for your peace of mind.Cleaning the air fryer is a hassle-free job thanks to a non-stick cooking basket.
Tefal EY101827 Tefal EY101827 from £95.98. Prepare healthy fried meals using little or no oil with the Tefal Easy Fry Compact EY101827 Air Fryer.The Easy Fry Compact needs no more than one spoon of oil and sometimes none depending on the recipe, keeping your oil intake down and your food healthier when frying.With dial control you can easily adjust the setting to suit your recipe. Whether it's broccoli or chips, with Easy Fry you'll get tasty results that will please your taste buds.Not only is the Easy Fry Compact a healthier alternative, it also has dishwasher safe parts. This means you don't need to spend ages cleaning out your fryer - simply remove the basket, pop it in the dishwasher and let it do all the work for you.
Tower T17038 Tower T17038 from £95.98. Fry, roast and bake with little to no fat with the Tower Vortx T17038 Air Fryer Oven. With little to no oil, your deep-fried favourites are healthier and have fewer calories. And you can also cook your veggies, pizza or even rotisserie chicken, as this fryer doubles as a classic hot-air oven. With a huge 11 litre capacity, you can cook for the whole family at once. Controls for the Vortx T17038 are simple and intuitive, one dial for temperature and one for timer. When you're finished, the bell rings. And you can remove all the racks and drip tray for easy clean-up. And it's easy to wash up too, the removable pot needs just a quick hand wash. And it uses up to 50% less energy than your regular oven so you can whip up some delicious meals and save on the household bills.

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