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Tefal CB642840

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From £93.99

  • Currys

    £93.99 Tefal CB642840 £93.99

    (Price includes delivery charge of £5.00)

    Currys ref:10226207

    Enjoy a barbeque without smoke in your kitchen with the Tefal Plancha Booster CB642840 Tabletop Grill. It has 2200 W worth of cooking power and a boost zone, so you can even sear your steaks or veggies. With five-level thermostat it's suitable for all kinds of foods though, including breakfast eggs or even pancakes. The Plancha Booster Grill is meant for a whole family - this generous grill fits up to 8 portions. It's great for entertaining. There's a thermal spot to let you know it's heated properly - no need to guess. The superb non-stick surface will easily release even a seared steak while all the extra fat runs down to a drip tray. When the BBQ is over, you can remove the cooking plate and drip tray and pop them into dishwasher for easy clean-up."

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Price History of the Tefal CB642840

Current prices are shown above. The table below shows earlier prices since we've been keeping records.

Supplier Price Delivery cost Until date Total price
Currys £94.99 £5.00 Nov 23, 2022 £99.99
Currys £94.99 £0.00 Nov 17, 2022 £94.99
Currys £84.99 £0.00 Nov 8, 2022 £84.99
Currys £84.99 £0.00 Aug 16, 2022 £84.99
Currys £94.99 £0.00 Aug 5, 2022 £94.99
Currys £84.99 £0.00 Aug 4, 2022 £84.99
Currys £84.99 £0.00 Jul 30, 2022 £84.99
Currys £94.99 £0.00 Jul 23, 2022 £94.99
Currys £84.99 £0.00 Jul 12, 2022 £84.99
Currys £94.99 £0.00 Jul 2, 2022 £94.99
Currys £84.99 £0.00 Jun 28, 2022 £84.99
Currys £94.99 £0.00 Jun 18, 2022 £94.99
Currys £79.99 £0.00 Apr 6, 2022 £79.99
Currys £94.99 £0.00 Apr 2, 2022 £94.99
Currys £94.99 £0.00 Mar 5, 2022 £94.99
Currys £94.99 £0.00 Feb 5, 2022 £94.99
Currys £94.99 £0.00 Feb 3, 2022 £94.99
Currys £94.99 £0.00 Jan 14, 2022 £94.99
Currys £94.99 £0.00 Jan 13, 2022 £94.99
Currys £94.99 £0.00 Dec 23, 2021 £94.99
Currys £94.99 £0.00 Nov 28, 2021 £94.99
Currys £94.99 £0.00 Oct 28, 2021 £94.99
Currys £89.99 £0.00 Oct 13, 2021 £89.99
Currys £89.99 £0.00 Sep 22, 2021 £89.99
Currys £89.99 £0.00 Aug 18, 2021 £89.99
Currys £89.99 £0.00 Jul 25, 2021 £89.99

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