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Samsung HTF5500 Home Cinema

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  • BeyondTelevision

    £299.99 Samsung HTF5500 £299.99

    Out of stock since 2014-09-25 21:42:07.0
    (Price includes delivery charge of £0.00)

    Manufacturer's Part#:HTF5500.   BeyondTelevision ref:8050

    A new audio experience for total immersion¬" Enjoy TV Catch up services with amazing sound¬" Access Smart Hub content and services ¬" Immerse yourself in amazing 3D sound¬" Share and enjoy content via AllShare Play

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Samsung HTH4550 Samsung HTH4550 from £278.99. The Samsung HT-H4550 5.1 3D Blu-ray Home Cinema System will surround you with incredible sound and allow you to play back your favourite discs in stunning high definition. You've got the best seat in the house With a full 5.1 channels of sound and a powerful subwoofer, you'll feel like you're right in the middle of your films or in the premium seat at a gig. Four tallboy speakers and a centre speaker reproduce dialogue and sonic subtleties with crackling clarity and rich detail. The subwoofer outputs deep, defined bass tones that lend real weight to impacts onscreen and gravitas to film scores. The slender, sculpture-like tall speakers also lend real style to your entertainment area. They're floor-mounted so you won't need to rearrange your shelves, and offer widescreen sound that fills the room and treats your ears to every note and fine distinction, no matter where you're sitting. More levels to your entertainment You'll be able to play back 3D Blu-ray discs with your Samsung HT-H4550 Home Cinema System , opening up a world of sharper, more compelling action. Images, figures and objects appear to pop off the screen, bringing you closer to your favourite stars and giving the drama new depth. Your movies will look incredibly lifelike, with superior picture quality and enhanced colour depth - just like a cinema in your lounge. Stay smart The Samsung HT-H4550 offers a range of advanced features to keep you entertained in loads of different ways. BBC iPlayer is a great catch-up TV service that ensures you won't miss your favourite BBC shows, and Netflix also allows you to stream movies and TV programmes to suit your schedule. Knowhow Movies is also on hand for cutting-edge video on demand. Enjoy social networking with Facebook and Twitter apps built-in, and check out all kinds of incredible content on YouTube. Accuweather keeps you up to date with the weather where you are, and there are more than 100 Opera apps to enhance how you use the home theatre kit. Don't forget your HDMI cables Check out our range of HDMI cables to connect your input devices and to make sure your new home cinema system works perfectly, with improved transfer speeds. Look out for the Sandstrom Silver Series HDMI cables with their lifetime warranty. Enjoy more intimate entertainment with the Samsung HT-H4550 5.1 3D Blu-ray Home Cinema System .
Lg BH7440P Lg BH7440P from £279.97. Choose the LG BH7440P 5.1 Smart 3D Blu-ray Home Cinema System , with powerful Aramid speaker cones, to deliver compelling, rich audio for all your media at home. A step up from the previous BH7430P model, this is an entertainment centre to cover all your needs. With a total power output of 1200 W this powerful 5.1 Smart surround sound speaker system with a hefty subwoofer generates multi-layered textured audio with fantastic clarity for an engaging home entertainment experience in the comfort of your living room. Aramid technology With high-end Aramid Fibre technology this system will eliminate distortion and deliver clear and precise sound. These eye-catching and robust speakers are specially designed to produce the crispest sound for all entertainment. Miracast connectivity Connect the LG BH7440P wirelessly to other devices with Miracast, a convenient and accessible way to get the most out of this versatile home theatre system. Echo display from your smartphone or tablet for an incredibly easy way to share information between your WiFi devices in real time, turning the BH7440P into an easy to use entertainment hub. Private Sound Mode The BH7440P includes Private Sound Mode which uses WiFi to send audio to wireless devices. Enjoy powerful audio through your earphones without disturbing the rest of the household. Upscale to HD Use the BH7440P and your 3D TV to play fantastically detailed Blu-rays in two and three dimensions for the very best visuals whatever the film. Boost Blu-rays to HD for unbelievable clarity and mind-blowing detail to watch in almost lifelike resolution with a compatible TV. Already got your favourite films on DVD? Don't worry as the BH7440P is DVD compatible and operating with LG's intelligent upscaling software you can boost the quality to give your collection a new lease of life. Web Browser Surf the internet and access online content with the easy to navigate controls of the BH7440P for virtually unlimited entertainment at your fingertips. Log onto any one of hundreds of apps available from LG App Store and search for movies on demand, catch-up TV, social media and even Skype to stay entertained and connected around the clock. Don't forget your HDMI cables Check out our range of HDMI cables to connect your input devices and to make sure your new HTK works perfectly, with improved transfer speeds. Look out for the Sandstrom Silver Series HDMI cables with their lifetime warranty. Change the way you watch television at home with the versatile LG BH7440P 5.1 Smart 3D Blu-ray Home Cinema System and enjoy crisp clear audio with your favourite movies, games and TV . PLEASE NOTE: - Wireless connectivity requires compatible devices - All models still require a power source
Samsung HW-H550/XU Samsung HW-H550/XU from £280.82. Transform your favorite entertainment into lifelike experiences with truly enriching sound. Feel the power of the bass and the action of the movie with the wireless active subwoofer.
Gopro HERO4 Gopro HERO4 from £279.99. Use the GoPro HERO 4 Silver Edition Action Camcorder to capture your world like never before, with improved sound, greater video quality and easier controls. Touch display The HERO4 Silver is the first Go-Pro to feature a built-in touch display that makes filming and shooting easier than ever before. Frame your videos, adjust settings and review footage on the HERO4 Silver instead of your computer and get the videos and photos you want quickly and easily. Ultra HD Capable of shooting 4k Ultra HD 3840 x 2160 footage, everything you record will be true-to-life, with sharper detail, razor sharp resolution, incredibly lifelike colours and high fidelity audio. At 4k the HERO4 Silver lets you shoot 15 frames per second meaning that as well as impressive clarity, you also get smooth and realistic motion, perfect for capturing high speed tricks and stunts. You can further increase the frame rate by shooting at 1080 Full HD, allowing you to capture 60 frames per second in stunning high definition and make beautifully cinematic edits and clips. You can even increase the frame rate to an impressive 120 fps when you record at 720p for extreme slow motion footage of whatever you're doing. The QuikCapture mode means the Go Pro HERO 4 Silver can be switched on and start recording with just one button, meaning you don't miss any of the action - it's great for recording exciting high-speed events. HiLight tag lets you mark key moments so you can find them quickly when capturing and editing. Small and lightweight Weighing just 110 g, the HERO4 is light enough to forget you're wearing it and won't get in the way as you surf, skate or ride, letting you take thrilling and immersive videos of your pastimes without restrictions. Waterproof to depths of 40 m, shockproof, dustproof and freezeproof, the HERO4 can withstand all of the elements and can go wherever you do, delivering high quality clips and photos in virtually all conditions. Adjustable settings The SuperView ultra-wide angle lens captures every detail in videos and photos so you can be sure that you get the same great results in both formats. Simply press the shutter button to start recording video or hold the button for time-lapse still photography, shooting exciting point of view sequences and getting creative. If you want variety, the HERO4 Silver can deliver, with three different fields of view to choose from. Select Ultra-wide for sweeping panoramas, Medium and Narrow to really get the best out of each situation you find yourself in. If you want variety, the HERO4 Silver can deliver, with three different fields of view to choose from. Select Ultra-wide for sweeping panoramas, Medium and Narrow to really get the best out of each situation you find yourself in. Time lapse It's not all about the high adrenaline, fast paced activities as the HERO4 Silver also has an intelligent Night Photo & Night Lapse setting that lets you adjust the exposure settings for arty and creative photography. The ultra-wide angle lens is particularly well suited to time-lapse imaging, meaning you can create panoramic and expansive shots if you fix the HERO4 in place. Capture shots at staggered intervals of 0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10, 30 or 60 seconds to create clips of slow moving events that can lend your filming a professional quality. Ready when you are However you want to record, the HERO4 Silver can adapt as it is compatible with all GoPro mounts. With over 60 mounts and accessories to choose from, you'll be spoilt for choice, with perspectives to suit virtually every activity. Compatible with up to 32 GB microSD cards, you'll have plenty of space to store your clips and courtesy of its 2.5 hour battery life you won't have any trouble catching all the excitement between charges. The USB interface means that you can connect the HERO to both PC and Mac computers to upload your files. The handy GoPro software lets you edit your content to share on Facebook, YouTube and more. Record and review all the action with the

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