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Praktica Z212-BK Camera

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From £77.29

  • BT Shop

    £77.29 Praktica Z212-BK £77.29

    (Price includes delivery charge of £3.49)

    The powerful optical zoom on the PRAKTICA Z212 lets you capture spectacular moments from far and wide. Never worry about low light again, whether its day or night adapt the creative mode to take the perfect photograph. From family events to nights out with friends, the Z212 easy sharing wireless capabilities enables you share your photos with the rest of the world in seconds. Packed with features but still small enough to fit in your pocket, its sleek and stylish design lets you point and shoot with ease."

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Price History of the Praktica Z212-BK

Current prices are shown above. The table below shows earlier prices since we've been keeping records.

Supplier Price Delivery cost Until date Total price
BT Shop £73.80 £3.49 May 23, 2020 £77.29
BT Shop £73.80 £3.49 May 23, 2020 £77.29
BT Shop £75.55 £3.49 Apr 21, 2020 £79.04
BT Shop £75.55 £3.49 Feb 20, 2020 £79.04
BT Shop £75.55 £3.49 Feb 20, 2020 £79.04
BT Shop £75.55 £3.49 Jul 10, 2019 £79.04
BT Shop £75.55 £3.49 Jul 10, 2019 £79.04
BT Shop £75.55 £3.49 Jun 14, 2019 £79.04
BT Shop £88.89 £3.49 Oct 14, 2018 £92.38
BT Shop £75.55 £3.49 Oct 12, 2018 £79.04
BT Shop £88.89 £3.49 Oct 12, 2018 £92.38
BT Shop £101.11 £3.49 Nov 27, 2017 £104.60
BT Shop £94.99 £3.49 Nov 15, 2017 £98.48
BT Shop £101.11 £3.49 Nov 12, 2017 £104.60
BT Shop £101.11 £3.49 Aug 21, 2017 £104.60
BT Shop £99.00 £3.49 Jun 26, 2017 £102.49
BT Shop £99.82 £3.49 Apr 7, 2017 £103.31
BT Shop £99.82 £0.00 Feb 22, 2017 £99.82
BT Shop £99.82 £3.49 Feb 18, 2017 £103.31
BT Shop £99.82 £3.49 Jan 1, 2017 £103.31
BT Shop £99.82 £3.49 Jan 1, 2017 £103.31
BT Shop £99.82 £3.49 Dec 9, 2016 £103.31
BT Shop £99.82 £3.49 Dec 9, 2016 £103.31
BT Shop £94.51 £3.49 Dec 8, 2016 £98.00

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