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Panasonic TXL42ET60B TV

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Watch the price of the Panasonic TXL42ET60B TXL42ET60B

From £499.99

  • Co-op Electrical Shop

    £499.99 Cheapest Panasonic TXL42ET60B £499.99

    Out of stock since 2014-08-07 06:49:49.0
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    Enjoy incredible picture quality with Panasonic TXL42ET60B Full HD Smart 3D LED TV and explore innovative features like 600Hz Back Light Scanning Technology IPS LED Panel and Passive 3D that will open for you doors to the completely new Home TV Entertainment experience. Panasonic TXL42ET60B Full HD LED TV offers you 600Hz Back Light Scanning technology which guarantees an amazing picture quality. Newly generated frames and scanned backlight send more precise information to your eye on the moving objects so the whole image is perceived more sharply and smoothly. IPS (In Plane Switching) LED Panel maintains colour contrast and black level when viewed from the side. Now you will be able to enjoy deep and rich colours regardless of the viewing angle. Additionally IPS LED Panel is more energy efficient and eco-friendly as requires much less energy than more common VA panels. Passive 3D Technology featured by Panasonic TXL42ET60B 3D LED TV is a great solution for bringing immersive 3D experience to your home. The biggest advantages of this technology are glasses which are light more comfortable and less prone to flicker that can cause headaches. They are also less expensive than active shutter 3D Glasses. ET60B Series comes with 2 free pairs so you can enjoy fantastic 3D effects with all your family. Thanks to integrated Wi-Fi and HTML5 pages browser you can use Internet much like you do with a PC but now on the large screen of your Smart VIERA TXL42ET60B LED TV. It allows the whole family and a group of your friends to enjoy comfortably the limitless online content. My Home Screen is a revolutionary new way to combine smart TV content with regular TV viewing. This feature makes it easy for everyone to find their favourite TV shows apps and web sites. It opens new door to Smart TV personalization providing you a straightforward friendly and flexible access to your chosen content. With My Home Screen you can use one of the preset screens or create your own page with your favourite content. Integrated Freeview HD gives a free access to over 50 standard definition TV channels and 4 HD channels (including ITV HD BBC One HD BBC HD and 4 HD). Now you will have more programmes to watch in great high definition quality with glorious detail and sumptuous colours. Panasonic TXL42ET60B has a slim and stylish design. Super narrow bezel and metal finish gives this TV an elegant look and the transparent strip running across the bottom of the TV adds an attractive touch to the set. This TV will look good in any environment and any room in your house. 42-inch screen size is perfect for those with a medium size living room and looking for a bigger and better TV experience."

  • Currys PC World Out of stock since 2014-06-06 21:33:38.0
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    Currys PC World ref:21289375

    Smart TV: Catch up TV & Movies;;Tuner: Freeview HD;;3D Passive: 2 pairs of glasses included;;600 Hz processing rate

    Home entertainment has never looked so good as with the large screen Panasonic VIERA TX-L42ET60B Full HD 42" LED 3D TV . Boasting 3D technology that brings the magic of the cinema home and a whole host of Smart features, this TV will provide viewing that everyone will love! A Smarter way to watch TV You can enjoy watching television like never before when you bring home the VIERA TX-L42ET60B . You won't miss any of your favourite programmes with BBC iPlayer, always ready to supply you with the latest top programmes. My Home Screen provides you with everything you need, with a personalised screen of your favourite news, social media and video on demand apps, which are available through Panasonic cloud based internet service, Viera connect. Out of the box, the TV offers three My Home Screen presets - themed TV, Lifestyle and Information - each offering relevant content and apps. Download a host of handy apps from the app store, and with social media access you can keep in touch with friends, family and your followers. It even boasts a built-in web browser and is Skype compatible when you use the adaptor to attach a compatible webcam, so you can keep up to date with everything you love. A Web Content Optimizer ensures you always get a smooth, clear image from web-based video sources. All you need to do to take advantage of all of these exciting features is connect your TV to the internet using the built-in WiFi connection. Taking control of your entertainment Using the Viera Remote 2 app for iOS and Android, you can take control of your TV using your tablet or smartphone. Simply download the app onto your iOS or Android device, and you can take control of the VIERA TXL-42ET60B without having to search for the remote. The app mirrors the functionality of the TV's main remote control to make using your TV a breeze, especially when using the Swipe & Share and Share & Save functions. Navigate menus without interrupting the viewing of other family members, and use Swipe & Share DLNA technology to move content between your mobile device and the ET60 with a simple gesture - it's a great way to share photos and video. Fantastic 3D sights and sounds Bring the magic of 3D home with the VIERA TXL42ET60-B , which features an IPS LCD panel with passive 3D technology that provides excellent viewing when you're enjoying 3D TV programmes or films. This Full HD TV is ideal for watching fast action scenes and sport thanks to the 600 Hz BLS (Backlight Scanning) picture technology, which provides you with vibrant colours, smooth motion and high quality image detail, so you won't miss a moment. Clear Panel Pro technology shuts off extraneous back lighting to give crisp blacks and outstanding contrast. The wide 178 degree viewing angle lets you enjoy a great picture regardless of your seating position. Outputting clean, dynamic sound, the TV features two 4 W stereo speakers, plus an additional 10 W woofer for improved bass performance. V-Audio Surround 2.1 processing provides a more involving audio experience. Integrated entertainment A Freeview HD tuner built into the TV lets you enjoy over 100 digital TV channels and radio stations (including four HD channels) without having to pay a penny in fees or monthly subscriptions. A collection of connections There's lots of devices you can connect to your TV thanks to the 3 HDMI ports, making it easy to attach HD devices such as games consoles and Blu-ray players. It also includes an ARC compatible HDMI port, which is ideal for connecting the VIERA TX L42ET60B to your home cinema system for high quality sound and vision. To make it super convenient to view JPEG images and AVCHD camcorder video footage, ET60 Series TVs feature built in SD card slot. Just take your memory card straight from your camera or camcorder and pop into the TV to view footage instantly in Full HD. Trouble-free use The Panasonic VIERA TX-42ET6-0B may be clever, but anyone can use it. Voice Guidance technology literally talks you throug"

  • Electrical Discount UK Out of stock since 2014-04-03 06:45:16.0
    (Price includes delivery charge of £0.00)

    ""42inch LED Super slim bezel Smart Viera featuring My Home Screen Web browser Swipe & Save (use your SMART Phone with VIERA App 2.0 to stream and save media to your TV)WiFi built in Full HD and Freeview HD ""

    42inch 3D LED Full HD My Home Screen Freeview HD WiFi"

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