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Leisure CS90F530X

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From £1294.00

  • Currys

    £1294.00 Leisure CS90F530X £1294.00

    (Price includes delivery charge of £45.00)

    Currys ref:10078635

    This stainless steel Leisure Cuisinemaster CS90F530X Dual Fuel Range Cooker offers three ovens, a built-in grill and a large gas hob so that you have every cooking option you'd want at your fingertips.Great gas cookingThe Cuisinemaster 90 features five gas burners to comfortably accommodate pots and pans of different sizes, complete with a wok burner that holds larger cookware for quick, tasty Asian cooking.Gas cooking is fast and accurate, giving you chef-style control and quicker heating.A FSD (Flame Safety Device) shuts off the gas supply if the gas flame goes out, keeping things safer.Three times the oven spaceYou'll have small, medium and large ovens available with the Leisure Cuisinemaster 90 Range Cooker. The main cavity offers 63 litres of space and fanned heat for even cooking and faster, more consistent results at lower temperatures.In the fanned second oven you'll have 79 litres to work with, making it a great auxiliary space for side dishes or baking. Use the 33-litre third oven for conventional cooking to handle different ingredients on each level.There's more than enough space and flexibility for you to pull off any recipe and cater for large groups. Use the programmable timer to automatically turn the oven on and off again at preset times times - if you simply need to monitor cooking times, you can also use it as a regular timer and clock.Built-in grillThe Leisure Cuisinemaster 90 features an integrated grill in its smallest oven, letting you prepare meat, veg, fish and more without oil. Make crispy, tasty meat dishes, grill sandwiches or add some crunch and colour to baked dishes.Clean up easilyThanks to catalytic liners in the main oven, your Cuisinemaster 90 Range Cooker makes maintenance easier. These absorb fat spits and other debris, oxidising them at high temperatures so that you can quickly wipe away the remaining residue.In the second and third ovens you'll love the easy-clean enamel surfaces, which can similarly be wiped down in very little time, with very little fuss. The inner door glass can be removed for thorough cleaning, and the doors themselves offer a smooth design for easy wipedowns.Choose the stainless steel Leisure Cuisinemaster CS90F530X Dual Fuel Range Cooker for truly all-inclusive home cooking.___________GAS INSTALLATION: This product requires installation by a qualified gas safe engineer, such as one of our Tech Experts (available in the UK only).ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION: This product requires professional installation to a dedicated cooker circuit (identified by a big red cooker switch) by a qualified installer, such as one of our Tech Experts."

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Leisure CS100F520K Leisure CS100F520K from £1274.00. Large 160 litre capacity with enough room to cook a feastA roomy 160 litre capacity split across three ovens gives you plenty of cooking space to cook large Sunday roasts, big chunks of meat, or enough food for all the family in one go.Cook using three ovens and a grill for maximum flexibilityMultitask while you cook with three roomy ovens and a separate grill for maximum flexibility. Prepare different parts of your meal at different settings and temperatures.Five gas burners and a wok burner for all your needsFive gas burners provide lots of space for pots and pans of all sizes, while a wok burner allows busy chefs to cook up a feast.Easier oven cleaning with catalytic linersTwo of the ovens feature catalytic liners for easy stain removal. When cooking at high temperatures, fat, dirt and grime are absorbed and oxidised. This lets you quickly and easily wipe the oven down. Removable glass oven doors makes it easier for deeper cleaning if required.Emergency gas supply cut off for peace of mindIf the gas flame extinguishes while you're cooking, the built-in flame supervision device will cut off the gas supply to prevent accidental re-ignition._______________________________________________GAS INSTALLATION: This product requires installation by a qualified gas safe engineer, such as one of our Tech Experts (available in the UK only).ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION: This product requires professional installation to a dedicated cooker circuit (identified by a big red cooker switch) by a qualified installer, such as one of our Tech Experts.
Hisense RQ758N4SAI1 Hisense RQ758N4SAI1 from £1294.00. If you've got a busy household, you'll know how tricky it can be finding room to store the entire weekly food shop. This Hisense PureFlat offers has over 600 litres of space so you can store everything. A controllable section lets you change the temperature between -20°C up to 5°C - pop the temperature down if you need more frozen space, and turn it up when you want to use it as a fridge section.Good to know- The multi air flow system keeps everything in your fridge cool and fresh for healthy meals right through the week- Tired of manually defrosting? The frost free design stops ice from building up- Get everything chilled and frozen quickly with the Super Cooling and Super Freeze functions___________________________________________________________________________ PLEASE NOTE:Use in outbuildings: This refrigerator is not designed to be used in an outbuilding - both your food and the appliance can be damaged. Do not use it in any unheated area.
Leisure CK110F232K Leisure CK110F232K from £1424.00. Able to comfortably accommodate larger meals and dishes, the Leisure Cookmaster CK110F232K Dual Fuel Range Cooker provides you with both outstanding versatility and excellent functionality. Lots of space Ideal for the cook who knows exactly what they want, the Cookmaster CK110F232K provides users with a wealth of options ensuring that whatever is being cooked, it can be done to perfection. Two oven cavities allow for bigger meals to be prepared with ease. The large 65-litre main oven is fan heated, which helps to evenly distribute the heat around the oven and its spacious capacity, making it ideal for cooking the likes of roast dinners. The 58-litre secondary oven is conventionally heated. Use both at the same time to prepare multiple courses. A separate variable grill compartment offers yet more cooking options, while a built-in storage area means access to equipment essential to any aspiring chef is always within easy reach. Keep in control Up top, the Cookmaster CK-110F232-K offers an impressive seven gas burners, all fitted with cast-iron pan supports. Providing plenty of space and the option to keep multiple pots and pans on the go simultaneously, you'll always be in complete control of the preparation of your food. A wok burner allows you to turn your hand to stir-frying and other exotic style dishes and, ever conscious of safety, all gas supplied hobs have flame supervision devices. Should one of the hobs be accidently extinguished, the supply of gas will automatically cut off, saving gas and preventing any potential dangerous situations. Catalytic cleaning Helping keep your oven clean, both oven cavities make use of catalytic liners. Coated with micro-porous enamel, the liners absorb any splashes that occur during cooking. During high temperature cooking these are burnt off, leaving the surfaces clean and you with minimal cleaning obligations. When cooking, you only use the very best ingredients, so make sure you're using the best in cookers too with the Leisure Cookmaster CK110F232K Dual Fuel Range Cooker._______________________________________________GAS INSTALLATION: This product requires installation by a qualified gas safe engineer, such as one of our Tech Experts (available in the UK only).ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION: This product requires professional installation to a dedicated cooker circuit (identified by a big red cooker switch) by a qualified installer, such as one of our Tech Experts.
Lg FH4G1BCS2 Lg FH4G1BCS2 from £1294.00. Go greenerLG's DirectDrive technology helps you to save energy and be kinder to the planet. It delivers the same great washing results while also cutting energy use.Enjoy tailor made programsEnjoy a deep clean for your clothes with TrueSteam technology, which uses fine steam particles to penetrate and soak your washing deeper than standard water droplets can. TrueSteam is also great for households with allergies, as the steam removes 99.9% of allergens.The 6 Motion Direct Drive motor in this LG FH4G1BCS2 WiFi-enabled 12 kg 1400 Spin Washing Machine provides six cycle options, so you can choose a program that alters the spin speed and drum movements to ensure optimum cleaning results, no matter whether you are washing your delicate items or bulky duvets.TurboWash ensures thorough cleaningRemove tough stains even when you're short of time with the TurboWash cycle. This directly sprays jets of water into your laundry, providing thorough washing and rinsing. Control your laundry from your phoneBy downloading the Smart ThinQ app, you can control the FH4G1BCS2 directly from your phone. Download specialised cycles, track the progress of your washing and even monitor your energy usage.No sock left behindEver found a stray sock after you've started a wash cycle? Don't wait for the next load - simply pause the current cycle, wait 3 seconds and add anything you might have missed.

Price History of the Leisure CS90F530X

Current prices are shown above. The table below shows earlier prices since we've been keeping records.

Supplier Price Delivery cost Until date Total price
Currys £1149.00 £45.00 Mar 15, 2023 £1194.00
Currys £1149.00 £45.00 Feb 19, 2023 £1194.00
Currys £1149.00 £45.00 Feb 16, 2023 £1194.00
Currys £1179.00 £45.00 Feb 1, 2023 £1224.00
Currys £1119.00 £45.00 Jan 11, 2023 £1164.00
Currys £1179.00 £45.00 Dec 23, 2022 £1224.00
Currys £1049.00 £45.00 Dec 7, 2022 £1094.00
Currys £1049.00 £45.00 Nov 24, 2022 £1094.00
Currys £1049.00 £0.00 Nov 17, 2022 £1049.00
Currys £1179.00 £0.00 Nov 16, 2022 £1179.00
Currys £1209.00 £0.00 Oct 21, 2022 £1209.00
Currys £1209.00 £0.00 Oct 1, 2022 £1209.00
Currys £1179.00 £0.00 Oct 1, 2022 £1179.00
Currys £1179.00 £0.00 Sep 16, 2022 £1179.00
Currys £949.00 £0.00 Aug 31, 2022 £949.00
Currys £1099.00 £0.00 Jul 1, 2022 £1099.00
Currys £1159.00 £0.00 Jun 17, 2022 £1159.00
Currys £1099.00 £0.00 Jun 15, 2022 £1099.00
Currys £1159.00 £0.00 May 27, 2022 £1159.00
Currys £1119.00 £0.00 May 26, 2022 £1119.00
Currys £1099.00 £0.00 May 25, 2022 £1099.00
Currys £1109.00 £0.00 May 12, 2022 £1109.00
Currys £1159.00 £0.00 May 11, 2022 £1159.00
Currys £1049.00 £0.00 May 4, 2022 £1049.00
Currys £1099.00 £0.00 Apr 13, 2022 £1099.00
Currys £1109.00 £0.00 Mar 31, 2022 £1109.00
Currys £1159.00 £0.00 Mar 30, 2022 £1159.00
Currys £1099.00 £0.00 Mar 2, 2022 £1099.00
Currys £949.00 £0.00 Feb 25, 2022 £949.00
Currys £999.00 £0.00 Feb 24, 2022 £999.00
Currys £1049.00 £0.00 Feb 3, 2022 £1049.00
Currys £1049.00 £0.00 Feb 2, 2022 £1049.00
Currys £999.00 £0.00 Feb 1, 2022 £999.00
Currys £1159.00 £0.00 Jan 29, 2022 £1159.00
Currys £999.00 £0.00 Jan 5, 2022 £999.00
Currys £1023.00 £0.00 Dec 24, 2021 £1023.00
Currys £1039.00 £0.00 Dec 9, 2021 £1039.00
Currys £980.00 £0.00 Dec 1, 2021 £980.00
Currys £1040.00 £0.00 Nov 5, 2021 £1040.00
Currys £1049.00 £0.00 Nov 4, 2021 £1049.00
Currys £1129.00 £0.00 Oct 29, 2021 £1129.00
Currys £1049.00 £0.00 Oct 27, 2021 £1049.00
Currys £1129.00 £0.00 Oct 13, 2021 £1129.00
Currys £1129.00 £0.00 Oct 8, 2021 £1129.00
Currys £1049.00 £0.00 Sep 29, 2021 £1049.00
Currys £1049.00 £0.00 Sep 10, 2021 £1049.00
Currys £1129.00 £0.00 Sep 8, 2021 £1129.00
Currys £1129.00 £0.00 Aug 26, 2021 £1129.00
Currys £1029.00 £0.00 Aug 23, 2021 £1029.00
Currys £1029.00 £0.00 Aug 4, 2021 £1029.00
Currys £1029.00 £0.00 Jun 28, 2021 £1029.00
Currys £1029.00 £0.00 Jun 25, 2021 £1029.00
Currys £1099.00 £0.00 Jun 24, 2021 £1099.00
Currys £1099.00 £0.00 Jun 24, 2021 £1099.00
Currys £1099.00 £0.00 Jun 22, 2021 £1099.00
Currys £1099.00 £0.00 Jun 17, 2021 £1099.00
Currys £1099.00 £0.00 Jun 9, 2021 £1099.00
Currys £1099.00 £0.00 May 19, 2021 £1099.00
Currys £1099.00 £0.00 May 9, 2021 £1099.00
Currys £1099.00 £0.00 Apr 16, 2021 £1099.00
Currys £1099.00 £0.00 Apr 9, 2021 £1099.00
Currys £1099.00 £0.00 Nov 17, 2020 £1099.00
Currys £999.00 £0.00 Nov 17, 2020 £999.00
Currys £999.00 £0.00 Oct 27, 2020 £999.00
Currys £999.00 £0.00 Oct 15, 2020 £999.00
Currys £949.00 £0.00 Oct 13, 2020 £949.00
Currys £949.00 £0.00 Sep 29, 2020 £949.00

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