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Leisure 10146974 (Cookers & Ovens)

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From £1499.00

  • Currys PC World

    £1499.00 Leisure 10146974 £1499.00

    Out of stock since 2020-09-26 14:26:15.0
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    Currys PC World ref:10146974

    Three ovens with separate grillIncludes fan and conventional ovensProgrammable main ovenWidth: 100 cm5-zone electric induction hob

    Top features:- Cook using three ovens and a grill for maximum flexibility- Faster cooking with an electric induction hob- Cook in more ways with a slow cooking setting- Quick cooking results with fan cooking- Cleaning made easier with catalytic linersCook using three ovens and a grill for maximum flexibilityMultitask your cooking with three roomy ovens and a separate grill for maximum cooking flexibility. Cook different parts of your meal at different settings and temperatures. Cook other parts of your meal in the grill while the ovens are cooking something else.Faster cooking with an electric induction hobAn electric induction hob heats pans faster than gas burners so you can boil water faster and cook quicker and more efficiently.Cook in more ways with a slow cooking settingA slow cooking oven setting offers an alternative way to present your meals. Slow cooking makes meat soft and moist while retaining all of its flavour for a delicious meal you can enjoy any time.Quick cooking results with fan cookingCook meals faster at lower temperatures using a fan oven that quickly distributes heat for great results in less of the time. Combined with two conventional ovens the main fan oven is ideal for juggling multiple recipes.Cleaning made easier with catalytic linersCatalytic liners inside your oven absorb spits of oil and fat. At the highest temperatures these are burnt off and turned into ash to make it easier to clean with just a sweep."

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Leisure CK110F232C Leisure CK110F232C from £1049.00. Stylish, sleek and professional looking, the Leisure Cookmaster CK110F232C Dual Fuel Range Cooker blends user friendly design with high performance range cooking. Clever cookingIdeal for the busy cook, this spacious range cooker has more than enough room to prepare your meals. Whether you cater for elaborate dinner parties or a demanding family, the combination of gas hob and electric ovens as well as a variable grill give you plenty of cooking options at meal times. The two oven cavities give you a combined capacity of over 120 litres which make even the largest of dishes a breeze to prepare. Choose from conventional and fanned heat to use the Cookmaster for simultaneous baking and roasting, ideal for conscientious cooking. A separate electric grill compartment offers yet more cooking options, while a built in storage flap means all your vital cooking equipment stays neat, tidy and close to hand for when you need it.Cooking with gasUp top, the Cookmaster CK110F232C boasts an impressive seven gas burners, all with cast iron pan supports that provide durability and stabilty as you cook. A fast and responsive wok burner is fantastic for quick Asian style cuisine and like all the other burners is fitted with a flame supervision device for added peace of mind. Should any of the hobs go out, the supply of gas will automatically cut off - saving gas and preventing any potential dangerous situations.Keeping cleanHelping keep your oven clean, both oven cavities make use of catalytic liners. Coated with micro-porous enamel, the liners absorb any splashes that occur during cooking. During high temperature cooking these are burnt off, so the cavities only require a quick wipe down when cool for a time and labour saving way to clean. Use the spacious Leisure Cookmaster CK110F232C Dual Fuel Range Cooker for a terrific way to feed your friends and family.
Belling 444444144 Belling 444444144 from £1300.00. A beautifully classic design, the Farmhouse 100EI Electric Induction Range Cooker from Belling includes advanced technology to make light work of your cooking and produce delicious results. Boasting both brains and beauty, this range cooker is sure to become the cornerstone of any kitchen. Energy efficiency Awarded an A for energy efficiency, you can rely on the 100EI range cooker to help you make significant savings on your energy bills while reducing your impact on the environment. Induction cooking Thanks to quick and energy efficient induction heating, the smart hob provides almost instant heat and allows you to precisely control the cooking temperature at your fingertips using modern touch controls and a digital display. For maximum flexibility and even more energy-saving, Belling's smart pan detection only heats the area directly beneath your cookware, no matter where it's placed on any of the 5 induction zones. Other handy features include pan overheat detection, a child lock and a boost function. Main oven The main fan oven hosts a generous capacity of 64L, the second is a conventional oven with a capacity of 58L. Both ovens have 2 removable shelves that can be adjusted to 5 different positions. The fan oven distributes heat evenly throughout the cavity to preserve flavour and produces excellent cooking results. It also comes equipped with a programmable timer and defrost function. Variable electric grill The separate grill cavity allows you to adjust the grilling power to suit any requirement. This variable electric grill features a precise temperature dial that can be used to enhance preheating times and ensure you maximise productivity with your cooking. If you are grilling a small portion, the inner section can be isolated, helping you save even more energy. Easy to clean The specially designed enamel interior means cleaning your oven is not the dreaded task it used to be. Food deposits and spillages can simply be wiped off the surface as the interior prevents anything from fusing to it, allowing you to keep your oven in pristine condition. Similarly, the surface of the hob is made from wipe-clean ceramic glass for an even quicker clean-up. Please note: If you have a heart pacemaker, do seek advice from your doctor before using an induction hob.
Bertazzoni F6011PROPTN Bertazzoni F6011PROPTN from £1349.00. This Bertazzoni Professional Series 60cm built-in electric oven with pyrolytic self-cleaning offers a generous capacity of 76 litres. A range of settings With 11 functions it's ideal for mid-to low-temperature cooking, such as baking or recipes that require slow cooking, like casseroles. Non-convection mode is excellent for baking cakes, while fan-assisted mode ensures even heat distribution on all five levels for roasting and baking with no flavour crossover. An infrared grill gives powerful searing and grilling over a large surface area. Easy control The oven is easy to control and monitor with metal knobs and a clear TFT display. The TFT display offers flexibility when choosing cooking modes, and makes managing the food probe and Bertazonni Assistant simple. Pristine door Its soft open-and-close door with metal handle is easy to use and the cool touch glass is quadruple-glazed for safety and efficiency. Pyrolytic cleaning Pyrolytic cleaning is based on high-temperature cleaning and sterilising without detergents to leave your oven sparklingly clean and hygienic.

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