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Krups EA895N40 Coffee Maker

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From £599.00

  • Currys

    £599.00 Krups EA895N40 £599.00

    (Price includes delivery charge of £0.00)

    Currys ref:10215372

    Get your day started the right way with the KRUPS Evidence One EA895N40 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine. You can brew up 2 milky drinks or espressos at the same time with the handy double function.Choose from 17 pre-set, customisable drinks so that you can find the ideal one to suit everybody's tastes. If you prefer a stronger flavour or need a pick-me-up, there are functions to give your coffee the kick it needs.Use the XL OLED colour touch controls to brew up a perfect round. It even comes with a choice of 5 one-touch drinks so you don't have to hang around.With KRUPS Quattro Force technology, every drink tastes delicious and refreshing."

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Krups 604144 Krups 604144 from £599.00. What we love - Prepare your favourite coffee with a single touch and adjust the coffee strength so it's just like you like it - Personalise your drink using the intuitive LED touchscreen, or even save up to 2 customised recipes Good to know - With a large 3 litre water tank, you won't need to refill it as often - Red lights appear when you're low on water or coffee beans, so you'll know right away when your attention is needed - There's no manual cleaning necessary - just insert cleaning tablets and start the automatic program - Use the steam wand to create frothy milk-based coffee drinks
Delonghi 746205 Delonghi 746205 from £599.00. Your morning coffee is just one button away. One press and the Magnifica will grind the beans and brew a fresh cup. You can select from 4 One-Touch options - espresso, double espresso, coffee or long black. Craving a latte or a cappuccino? The assisted milk frothing wand will help you create a silky-smooth foam. Good to know - There's no need to wait around - the Themoblock heating technology will have the machine ready in half a minute - The burr grinder lets you choose from 13 grind settings to get the best taste, aroma and crema in your cup - Personalize your coffee and dial in the perfect strength, volume, and temperature - Not all coffee cups are made the same, so you can adjust the brewer height to fit your favourite mug - The Magnifica is super easy to keep clean, thanks to automatic rinsing and cleaning programs and removable parts
Krups EA893D40 Krups EA893D40 from £999.00. Do you struggle without your morning coffee? Get it quickly and in high quality with the KRUPS Evidence Connected EA893D40 Smart Bean to Cup Coffee Machine. Get your dose in no time with a selection of 15 one-touch presets. A smart Bluetooth connection lets you create your own drink in the KRUPS Espresso app and save it for quick use.Friends and family coming round to visit? Stun them with a refreshing array of coffee drinks. Choose from three temperature settings to fit your preferences.  Keep your milk in the metal milk container. It's external, so you can easily put it in the fridge for later.
Melitta 190677 Melitta 190677 from £599.00. Top features: - Brew your own coffee, like a professional - Fully automatic for your convenience - Store two types of beans for variety in your brewing - Set your own preferences and brew the perfect cup each time Brew your own coffee There's no need to visit your favourite coffee shop for that perfect cup with the Mellita Caffeo Cl E970-103 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine. The machine knows how to make the drinks properly, so if you feel like having a latte macchiato, the espresso is poured after the frothed milk is added, but if you choose a cappuccino, the milk is added second. Fully automatic You won't have to handle hot water or milk with the Caffeo Cl, as it has simple to follow instructions and an easy to read LED screen. All you'll need to do is select your ideal drink and let the machine do all the work, before you sit back and enjoy a delicious, fresh cup of coffee. Store two types of beans If you enjoy different types of coffee at different points of the day you don't need to empty the chamber and re-stock with a different type of bean. It features two separate chambers so you can select the right type of bean for the type of coffee you want to enjoy. If you prefer to use ground beans for your coffee, there's also an additional chute for those. Set your own preferences Once you settle on the perfect cup there's no guesswork involved in trying to create it again and again, as the Caffeo Cl has a clever SMy Coffee Memory feature. This allows it to remember individual preferences for up to four people, so your family and friends can enjoy their favourite when they visit.

Price History of the Krups EA895N40

Current prices are shown above. The table below shows earlier prices since we've been keeping records.

Supplier Price Delivery cost Until date Total price
Currys £899.00 £0.00 Aug 5, 2022 £899.00
Currys £599.00 £0.00 Aug 3, 2022 £599.00
Currys £354.00 £0.00 Jul 14, 2022 £354.00
Currys £599.00 £0.00 Jul 13, 2022 £599.00
Currys £839.00 £0.00 Jul 2, 2022 £839.00
Currys £599.00 £0.00 Jun 29, 2022 £599.00
Currys £839.00 £0.00 May 26, 2022 £839.00
Currys £609.00 £0.00 May 20, 2022 £609.00
Currys £839.00 £0.00 May 17, 2022 £839.00
Currys £589.00 £0.00 May 11, 2022 £589.00
Currys £839.00 £0.00 May 6, 2022 £839.00
Currys £739.00 £0.00 May 4, 2022 £739.00
Currys £589.00 £0.00 Apr 13, 2022 £589.00
Currys £739.00 £0.00 Feb 12, 2022 £739.00
Currys £839.00 £0.00 Feb 3, 2022 £839.00
Currys £839.00 £0.00 Feb 2, 2022 £839.00
Currys £579.00 £0.00 Jan 27, 2022 £579.00
Currys £839.00 £0.00 Jan 19, 2022 £839.00
Currys £579.00 £0.00 Jan 13, 2022 £579.00
Currys £579.00 £0.00 Jan 13, 2022 £579.00
Currys £839.00 £0.00 Jan 6, 2022 £839.00
Currys £579.00 £0.00 Dec 30, 2021 £579.00
Currys £579.00 £0.00 Dec 28, 2021 £579.00
Currys £649.00 £0.00 Dec 24, 2021 £649.00
Currys £839.00 £0.00 Dec 21, 2021 £839.00
Currys £649.00 £0.00 Dec 16, 2021 £649.00
Currys £839.00 £0.00 Dec 11, 2021 £839.00
Currys £839.00 £0.00 Dec 10, 2021 £839.00
Currys £480.00 £0.00 Dec 7, 2021 £480.00
Currys £480.00 £0.00 Dec 5, 2021 £480.00
Currys £839.00 £0.00 Dec 4, 2021 £839.00
Currys £839.00 £0.00 Dec 3, 2021 £839.00
Currys £539.00 £0.00 Dec 1, 2021 £539.00
Currys £649.00 £0.00 Nov 10, 2021 £649.00
Currys £739.00 £0.00 Nov 5, 2021 £739.00
Currys £799.00 £0.00 Oct 20, 2021 £799.00
Currys £799.00 £0.00 Sep 30, 2021 £799.00
Currys £799.00 £0.00 Sep 25, 2021 £799.00

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