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Indesit DIO3T131

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From £434.00

  • Currys

    £434.00 Indesit DIO3T131 £434.00

    (Price includes delivery charge of £45.00)

    Currys ref:10218419

    Clean dishes in no timeWash your dishes faster with the Indesit DIO3T131 FE UK Full-size Fully Integrated Dishwasher. It has a Fast & Clean cycle that washes a full load in only 28 minutes - perfect if you suddenly get unexpected guests and don't have enough clean plates.Push & GoIt's easy to clean your dishes with the Push & Go program. It gives you top results with minimal fuss - simply press one button and let the dishwasher do the dirty work.Extra HygieneRemove 99.99% of bacteria from your dishes with the Extra Hygiene program. It uses a hot 72°C wash to clean away germs, keeping your cups and plates as hygienic as possible.Spacious and adjustableWith space for 14 place settings, the DIO3T131 FE UK is ideal for households with 3 or 4 people. It has adjustable racking and a height-adjustable top basket, so you can easily create room for larger dishes and pans."

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Price History of the Indesit DIO3T131

Current prices are shown above. The table below shows earlier prices since we've been keeping records.

Supplier Price Delivery cost Until date Total price
Currys £389.00 £45.00 Nov 18, 2022 £434.00
Currys £389.00 £0.00 Nov 17, 2022 £389.00
Currys £389.00 £0.00 Nov 14, 2022 £389.00
Currys £389.00 £0.00 Nov 10, 2022 £389.00
Currys £396.00 £0.00 Oct 15, 2022 £396.00
Currys £396.00 £0.00 Oct 10, 2022 £396.00
Currys £396.00 £0.00 Oct 5, 2022 £396.00
Currys £449.00 £0.00 Sep 30, 2022 £449.00
Currys £389.00 £0.00 Sep 24, 2022 £389.00
Currys £389.00 £0.00 Sep 7, 2022 £389.00
Currys £389.00 £0.00 Aug 31, 2022 £389.00
Currys £389.00 £0.00 Aug 27, 2022 £389.00
Currys £389.00 £0.00 Aug 14, 2022 £389.00
Currys £389.00 £0.00 Aug 4, 2022 £389.00
Currys £389.00 £0.00 Jul 27, 2022 £389.00
Currys £397.00 £0.00 Jul 22, 2022 £397.00
Currys £397.00 £0.00 Jul 16, 2022 £397.00
Currys £397.00 £0.00 Jul 9, 2022 £397.00
Currys £397.00 £0.00 Jul 2, 2022 £397.00
Currys £397.00 £0.00 Jun 16, 2022 £397.00
Currys £400.00 £0.00 Jun 11, 2022 £400.00
Currys £400.00 £0.00 Jun 8, 2022 £400.00
Currys £409.00 £0.00 May 26, 2022 £409.00
Currys £400.00 £0.00 May 18, 2022 £400.00
Currys £400.00 £0.00 Apr 21, 2022 £400.00
Currys £400.00 £0.00 Apr 14, 2022 £400.00
Currys £449.00 £0.00 Apr 7, 2022 £449.00
Currys £449.00 £0.00 Mar 29, 2022 £449.00
Currys £389.00 £0.00 Mar 27, 2022 £389.00
Currys £389.00 £0.00 Mar 3, 2022 £389.00
Currys £359.00 £0.00 Feb 23, 2022 £359.00
Currys £359.00 £0.00 Feb 5, 2022 £359.00
Currys £359.00 £0.00 Feb 3, 2022 £359.00
Currys £359.00 £0.00 Feb 2, 2022 £359.00
Currys £369.00 £0.00 Feb 1, 2022 £369.00
Currys £369.00 £0.00 Jan 2, 2022 £369.00
Currys £379.00 £0.00 Jan 1, 2022 £379.00
Currys £379.00 £0.00 Dec 19, 2021 £379.00
Currys £379.00 £0.00 Dec 15, 2021 £379.00
Currys £369.00 £0.00 Dec 14, 2021 £369.00
Currys £369.00 £0.00 Dec 3, 2021 £369.00
Currys £369.00 £0.00 Nov 16, 2021 £369.00
Currys £369.00 £0.00 Nov 12, 2021 £369.00
Currys £369.00 £0.00 Nov 2, 2021 £369.00
Currys £369.00 £0.00 Oct 21, 2021 £369.00
Currys £369.00 £0.00 Sep 17, 2021 £369.00
Currys £369.00 £0.00 Aug 24, 2021 £369.00
Currys £369.00 £0.00 Aug 22, 2021 £369.00
Currys £359.00 £0.00 Aug 20, 2021 £359.00
Currys £419.00 £0.00 Jun 7, 2021 £419.00
Currys £419.00 £0.00 Jun 3, 2021 £419.00
Currys £419.00 £0.00 Apr 10, 2021 £419.00

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