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Indesit 10211802 Tumble Dryer

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Watch the price of the Indesit 10211802 10211802

From £449.99

  • Currys PC World

    £449.99 Indesit 10211802 £449.99

    (Price includes delivery charge of £0.00)

    Currys PC World ref:10211802

    Wash capacity: 7 kg / Drying capacity: 5 kgSpin speed: 1400 rpmEnergy rating: FEasy iron - save yourself time by reducing creases

    Delay functionMake laundry day less of a hassle with the Indesit Ecotime IWDD 75145 S UK N 7 kg Washer Dryer. It can work around your schedule with the delay function - just set the delay to start the cycle at the time you choose.Wonderful washing programsNo matter what you want to wash, the Ecotime IWDD 75145 S UK N has you covered. There's 16 washing programs which means you find a suitable cycle for anything in your wardrobe, from jeans and silk to sportswear.Quick cycleWhen you're in a rush and need something to wear in a hurry, an express wash and dry cycle will have your clothes cleaned, dried and ready to wear in 45 minutes."

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Indesit 10211738 Indesit 10211738 from £299.99. Plenty of cyclesTake care of your laundry loads using the 16 carefully developed programmes of the Indesit Ecotime IWDC 65125 6 kg Washer Dryer. Wash up to 6 kg of clothes in a single load, and make use of the specialised programmes including a wash for silk items.Get the kids PE kits sparkling clean with the Special Sport cycle. Stinky trainers? The Special Shoes cycle will have them looking and smelling fresh in just 60 minutes.Three levels of dryingSelect one of three levels of drying with the Indesit Ecotime IWDC 65125. Iron dry leaves your clothes damp enough to iron easily, whilst Hanger dry means your clothes are ready to be hung up. And if you want put on your favourite jumper straight away, the Cupboard dry setting leaves your clothes perfectly dry.Want the cycle to start while you're at work? Use the delay timer and delay the start time by up to 9 hours.
Hoover H9A2DCE Hoover H9A2DCE from £449.99. Top features: - One Touch NFC technology lets you control your dryer with an app - Condenser drying with three sensor drying options - Heat pump technology is highly energy efficient - Practical features that help you get through your laundry One Touch The Hoover Dynamic Next DX H9A2DCE NFC 9 kg Heat Pump Tumble Dryer uses NFC technology so you can use your Android smartphone to interact with your dryer. Using the Hoover Wizard app, you can control, monitor, and manage the tumble dryer with ease. Condenser drying Condenser tumble dryers don't require an external wall vent to get rid of steam, so you have the freedom to place it anywhere. The water is instead collected in a container, which can be easily emptied out thanks to AquaVision technology. With sensor drying you can set the level of dryness you need from three options. Once the desired dryness has been achieved, the dryer will switch off so you don't over-dry your clothes or waste any energy. Heat pump technology Heat pump driers are highly energy efficient - heating the air utilising 'refrigerant' instead of electricity, which consumes much less power and ensures no energy is wasted. Practical features For added convenience, you can delay the start of the drying cycle for up to 24 hours to take advantage of cheaper-rate electricity tariffs. You can easily load and unload you laundry as the tumble dryer has an extra-large porthole. And because the dyer has a spacious 9 kg capacity, you can dry large loads with ease.
Indesit 10219297 Indesit 10219297 from £549.00. Push&GoGet your laundry done with the Indesit BI WDIL 75125 UK N Integrated 7 kg Washer Dryer. Choose the Push&Go program by simply pressing the button for 2 seconds. It starts a 30 degree program that takes just 45 minutes - it's so easy, even the kids can help out. Anti-odour programIf your favourite shirt is starting to get pongy, the Anti-Odour program effectively removes the smell of smoke, sweat or fried foods from your clothes.Clean clothes in no timeUse the Wash&Dry 45 when you need to wash out the most common stains. You'll get fresh and clean laundry in less than an hour. Or choose the 45 minutes Sport cycle for synthetic sportswear - perfect for sporty households.Autoclean cycleKeep the BI WDIL 75125 UK N in perfect condition with the Autoclean cycle. No need for any chemicals, just press the button to keep your machine sparkling.
Hoover 4106AMBCR Hoover 4106AMBCR from £469.00. H-WASH&DRY 500 is the most reliable and efficient washer dryer, capable to perfectly and efficiently wash any kind of stain, taking care of fibres, thanks to the new long-lasting Eco-Power Motor. POWER CARE SYSTEM - Creates a perfect mixture of water and detergent that deeply penetrates into the fibers, removing all stains even at lower temperatures giving professional results. The KG Mode Plus, due to a new intelligent algorithm, that perfectly adjusts water, energy and time consuption according to actual loading, optimizing resources utilization in any washing circumstance. AUTO CARE CYCLE - The Auto Care programme sets you free from chores, it is capable to automatically adapting the cleaning action to the quantity and type of the load giving the best results without any worries. ***** COMPLETE SET OF 9 CARE CYCLES - H-WASH&DRY 500 is a unique machine offering a complete set of Care Cycles, allowing to keep all your favourite clothes looking good for longer time and without any effort. ***** ***** ACTIVE BALANCE - The Active Balance technology optimises the rotation of the drum and always gives the best rinsing results. It reduces washing time and machine vibrations. ***** ***** CARE-DOSE - The Care Dose system is an advanced detergent storage device, capable of releasing the perfect amount of liquid detergent for multiple cycles. You will never forget to add detergent again. ***** ***** LABEL SCAN AND VIRTUAL WARDROBE - Forget your landry labels! The exclusive Scan to Care function, available via hOn App, allows to create your virtual wardrobe. Just take a picture of your garment, the App will collect and store all your clothes washing instructions, suggesting the specific programme and treatment to take care of them. ***** THE ADVANTAGES OF BEING CONNECTED - Enhance your washing performance with the new hOn App and access a world of exclusive extra contents: * Check the status of your washing machine remotely and receive end of cycle notification to never forget your laundry * Get more than 60 additional cycles to take care of specific garment or fabric * Get programmed maintenance updates and reminders to preserve your washer's reliability * Get suggestions about the perfect detergent settings for your load. You will be able to optimize washing results and reduce wastes * Get real-time consumption data during washing cycles and track your usage habits to improve efficiency * Access useful stain guides with over 50 tips to treat your clothes at best ***** ECO-POWER MOTOR - H-WASH&DRY 500 is equipped with a new generation of PERMANENT MAGNET BRUSHLESS motor, the most long-lasting, powerful and efficient belt driven technology available. ***** ***** HYGIENE CYCLE - Hygiene cycle is designed to remove allergens and bacteria from your laundry by increasing the washing temperature up to 60°C for a prolonged time and by extending the rinsing phase at the end. It is the ideal programme for sanitizing personal and baby clothes, ensuring the best hygiene and care for your family. *****

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