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Hotpoint FFUL1820X Freezer

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Watch the price of the Hotpoint FFUL1820X FFUL1820X

From £378.00

  • Currys

    £378.00 Cheapest Hotpoint FFUL1820X £378.00

    Out of stock since 2015-07-27 06:46:01.0
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    Currys ref:11418589

    Fridge: 182 litres / Freezer: 103 litres Energy rating: A++ Freezer defrost system: frost-free Twin thermostat One-year manufacturer's warranty

    Spruce up your kitchen with the contemporary stainless steel Hotpoint FFUL1820X Fridge Freezer. Family friendly The Hotpoint FFUL1820X Fridge Freezer boasts a generous 184 litre capacity fridge and 113 litre freezer giving you ample room to stock your weekly shopping. Three safety-glass shelves, two salad bins and four freezer drawers provide convenient storage versatility for organising your fresh and frozen products. No more waste With the Air Tech Evolution Fully Frost Free system, you never have to defrost your fridge again! The constant temperature and perfect air circulation work to keep your food fresher for longer, saving you money and reducing waste. If you want to preserve your food by freezing it, the Super Freeze function keeps your food as fresh as the day you bought it and in perfect condition until you decide to defrost. Protection from bacteria Hygiene+ built into the internal walls of the fridge provides protection against mould. It works between normal cleanings to inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria and reduce odours to keep your food in perfect condition. Preserve the life of your produce with the Hotpoint FFUL1820X Fridge Freezer! _______________ PLEASE NOTE: Use in outbuildings: This refrigerator is not designed to be used in an outbuilding - both your food and the appliance can be damaged. Do not use it in any unheated area. Reversible door hinges: This refrigerator has a reversible door - please consult with installation experts such as our Knowhow team to carry out door reversal."

  • Co-op Electrical Shop Out of stock since 2014-03-03 21:36:27.0
    (Price includes delivery charge of £0.00)

    Spacious stylish and contemporary are just some of the words you could use to describe the Hotpoint FFUL1820X Fridge Freezer. With a fridge capacity of 184 litres and a freezer storage capacity of 113 litres you have more than enough room. There are three glass safety shelves in the fridge and four storage compartments in the freezer. This is ideal if you buy in bulk or live with more than one person. The FFUL1820X has been rated A++ and has an annual energy consumption of 237kwh. The new innovative holiday settings will also save you energy as well. The settings allow the freezer to run normally whilst the fridge functions at 12?c. All of this is beneficial when it comes to your running costs. Features include high definition cooling which works to preserve the foods freshness and quality. Active Oxygen technology maintains the foods freshness for up to 9 days. Additional features include anti bacterial protection. This is a special coating that has been put on the inside of the appliance to keep your fridge looking and smelling fresh by eliminating the build up of mould and odours. This models sound has been measured at 41(db) which is no greater than a normal conversation."

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Hotpoint FZA36G Hotpoint FZA36G from £274.99. Stylish compact and practical the Hotpoint FZA36G Frost Free under Counter Freezer has an impressive 73 litre capacity and comes with 3 generous storage compartments.Rated A+ for its energy efficiency and with an energy consumption of 207kwh per year it is great news if you are looking to keep those running costs down. The main feature of the Hotpoint FZA36G is the Frost Free Technology which circulates cold air around the cabinet and food. Frost Free technology ensures there is no build up of ice and allows for more usable space.Other great features include the Fast Freeze function which enables you to reduce the temperature quickly if required along with the power failure safe storage which in the event of a power cut keeps contents frozen for up to 8 hours. The noise level of the Hotpoint FZA36G Freezer has been measured at 51(db) meaning that you do not have to worry about the machine disturbing you or your family. A normal conversation between people stretches from 60(db) to 70(db) making the sound of this particular machine really discreet.
Aeg AGS58200F0 Aeg AGS58200F0 from £389.00. The AEG Arctis AGS58200F0 Built-under Freezer is fully-integrated that has been designed to be installed beneath a work-top and blend seamlessly into a fitted kitchen environment.The compact design of this AEG integrated Freezer helps it to make the most of small spaces but still has the capability to provide a very useful 98 litres of storage space. The freezer contains 3 full-width freezer drawers and a compartment for storing freezer packs.This AEG built-under freezer is an energy efficient and economical appliance and has received an A+ rating for its Energy Efficiency.Energy Consumption has also been kept to a minimum with an anticipated consumption figure of just (188kWh/annum) per year this appliance will certainly help to your electricity bills to a minimum.The AEG AGS58200F0 utilises a Precision Cooling System which distributes cold air evenly throughout the freezer cabinet ensuring perfect freezing results in each freezer drawer.This 4 Star freezer is ideally suited to the long term storage of frozen food and is also perfect for freezing fresh produce. AEG's Frostmatic fast-freeze function will rapidly freeze fresh produce preserving the flavour and texture of your food.This AEG built-in freezer is supplied with reversible hinges to facilitate left hand or right hand opening additionally the freezer has a Door-on-door system which provides the option to mount a kitchen cupboard door directly onto the appliance door to create a fully-integrated appearance.In addition this AEG freezer is equipped with a Child-proof control panel and an Audible and Visual warning system to warn you if the freezer door has been left open or if the internal temperature rises above a safe storage level.
Hotpoint FFU4DK Hotpoint FFU4DK from £499.00. Please note: This product is not available in our shops for viewing. However, you can still place your order in store. The Hotpoint FFU4DK fridge freezer offers plenty of cool storage space. With a stunning design and stylish black finish, this appliance would look good in any kitchen. Boasting an A+ energy rating this auto defrost fridge section offers an impressive 292 litres of usable storage. 4 shelves and 2 salad drawers provide you with flexibility for fresh food storage and anti-bacterial liners protect against any lurking bacteria for your peace of mind. A handy wine rack also enables you to store away bottles with ease. Within the 4 star freezer section are 2 drawers providing 110 litres of capacity. A super freeze function ensures that room temperature food is cooled quickly when placed in the freezer, to lock in freshness and prevent raising the temperature of the rest of the freezer. This also applies for the fridge compartment too, a handy super cool function works in the same way to lock in nutrients faster so food keeps its freshness for longer. Besides keeping your food deliciously fresh and preserving nutrients, the frost free capabilities in this FFU4DK fridge freezer ensure you will never have to worry about defrosting this appliance. Just relax and let this Hotpoint unit do the hard work for you!
Bosch KGN34VW20G Bosch KGN34VW20G from £394.99. The Bosch Exxcel KGN34VW20G Freestanding Fridge Freezer is spacious stylish and efficient in performance. It has been rated A+ for its energy efficiency and has an annual energy consumption of 309wh making it really beneficial to your energy usage and running costs. There is a total storage space of 280 litres with the fridge offering a massive 186 litre and 4 easy wipe glass safety shelves 3 of which are adjustable. Meanwhile the freezer offers a 94 litre capacity and comes with 3 transparent freezer drawers. Features include the Fast Freeze setting which quickly cools the freezers temperate when a large amount of food has been placed inside and is particularly useful if you have just been shopping or if you buy in bulk. Auto-Defrost mode prevents the build up of ice and frost by defrosting the compartment at regular intervals whilst Multi-AirFlow cooling keeps the fridge fresh by eliminating the build up of food odours. The freezer is Frost Free which means that you do not have to worry about frost and ice forming because the freezer is constantly pumping cold air around the compartment. Additional features include VarioFreezing an Audible Alarm Reversible Door Wine Bottle Rack an Interior Light and a Salad Crisper which has been designed to reduce the levels of humidity and to improve the air circulation in order to help with the longevity of the foods freshness. VarioFreezing gives you greater storage flexibility and with its adjustable capabilities you can fit even more food inside the freezer. The Audible Alarm alerts you if the temperature of the cabinet has become too high and unsafe for food storage. The noise levels for this model have been measured at 42(db) which is not much greater than a normal conversation. On top of all these fantastic features and benefits the KGN34VW20G also comes with a 2 year parts and repairs guarantee.

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