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Hotpoint DSG60K (Cookers & Ovens)

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Watch the price of the Hotpoint DSG60K DSG60K

From £409.00

  • Currys PC World

    £409.00 Hotpoint DSG60K £409.00

    Out of stock since 2020-11-27 12:25:33.0
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    Currys PC World ref:10134670

    4-burner gas hobDouble conventional oven with grillEnamel pan supportsWidth: 60 cmMain oven cleaning: Catalytic liners

    Our experts have some serious techsperience, and they think you'll love this Hotpoint DSG60K 60 cm Gas Cooker. This great Hotpoint cooker has four gas burner hobs with enamel supports - perfect for heating up big pans in no time. And with two spacious ovens, it's perfect for busy kitchens. Double cavitiesCook with both cavities at once, or choose the most suitable oven for your recipe. With a 65-litre main oven and 35-litre secondary oven with integrated variable grills, it couldn't be easier to prepare complex dishes simultaneously. With its combined total of 109 litres of cooking capacity, this double oven is ideally suited to catering for larger families. An easy-to-use countdown timer means you can always keep track of your food as it cooks. Quick clean ovens Save time after cooking with the DSG60K thanks to its easy to clean cavities. Lined with a catalytic coating, all food residue is broken down as soon as the oven is heated above 200°C so cleaning is as simple as quickly wiping the bottom of the oven. Responsive heat Use the DSG60K's four burner gas hob for instant heat and make fine adjustments as you cook. Twin enamel pan supports keep your pots and pans stable as you cook and can easily be removed to help with cleaning. Convenient hob lid Keep the wall behind your cooker clean thanks to the DSG60K's integrated hob lid that acts as a splashback while you're cooking. Easy to wipe down, the hob lid serves a dual purpose as it becomes a convenient surface when closed, creating additional surface space in your kitchen. The minute minder is perfect for helping you to keep track of your cooking. Finished in smart black and with a handy minute minder, the Hotpoint DSG60K 60 cm Gas Cooker is a versatile and practical cooking solution for any kitchen.Hotpoint and Jamie OliverExpress yourself in the kitchen. Hotpoint and Jamie Oliver have teamed up to deliver innovative appliances that make cooking simple for any passionate baker, roast aficionado or comfort-style cook. Love your food and eat better whether you're entertaining or making everyday meals."

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