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Hoover HOC3158IN

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From £244.00

  • Currys

    £244.00 Hoover HOC3158IN £244.00

    (Price includes delivery charge of £45.00)

    Currys ref:10239666

    Good to know- Cleaning your oven is easier with Hydro Easy Clean - the 30 minute cycle softens dirt so you can just wipe it away- The multifunction oven uses 12 combinations of the heating elements to provide great cooking for almost any meal- The pizza setting cooks your pizzas to perfection with a crispy base- An anti-fingerprint stainless steel finish means your oven always looks as good as new_________PLEASE NOTE: ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION: This product requires professional installation to a 13 Amp fused spur by a qualified installer, such as one of our Tech Experts."

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Grundig GIGA6234250X Grundig GIGA6234250X from £244.00. Get dinner on the table faster Cook meals faster whilst minimising your energy consumption with the Grundig GIGA6234250X Gas Hob. Featuring highly efficient gas burners which distribute heat evenly across the bottom of your pots and pans, you'll find that food cooks faster and more evenly. With flames that face straight upwards, food will get consistently heated across the whole pan - you'll never find things on the outside cooking slower than food in the middle. High power wok burner With some ordinary hobs, it can be hard to get your wok hot enough to stir fry properly. The GIGA6234250X features a wok burner which produces a powerful 5 kW flame for an improved cooking performance. You'll be able to stir fry, flash fry and shallow fry with speed and confidence. Cast iron pan supports There's nothing worse than pan supports that don't hold your pans in place while you're trying to cook. Designed to give maximum stability and with generous space between the burners, you can have several things cooking at once without worrying about knocking something. The straight design also lets you slide your pans to different burners easily for faff-free cooking. _________________________________________________ GAS INSTALLATION: This product requires installation by a qualified gas safe engineer, such as one of our Tech experts (available in the UK only). ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION: This product requires professional installation to a 13 Amp fused spur by a qualified installer, such as one of our Tech experts.
Hoover H-OVEN Hoover H-OVEN from £264.00. Large capacityWith large 65 litre capacity and full-width variable grill the Hoover H-OVEN 300 HOC3T3058BI Electric Oven will help you to tackle every recipe.Cooking is fun when your recipes come out as you imagined. Thanks to the touch control LED display you can set up the timer and program the oven according your needs.Create culinary masterpieces and surprise your dinner guests with mouth-watering treats. There's an integrated grill that's perfect for cooking a healthier English breakfast.Easy defrostingFor those times you forget to take your joint out the freezer ahead of time, the HOC3T3058BI has a special defrosting feature that uses warm air from the fan. This way your food gets defrosted evenly and quickly.Hydro Easy CleanThe HOC3T3058BI uses Hydro Easy Clean technology which uses steam for hassle-free cleaning. The easy clean enamel finish helps prevent food bits and grease sticking and burning inside your oven, so you can just give it a quick wipe down.Safety featuresThe safety shelves system comes handy when it comes to checking on food or taking the tray out as it prevents shelves from sliding off the grid. And an integrated fan cooling system protects the oven's controls as well as furniture around the oven._______________________________________ PLEASE NOTE:ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION: This product can be plugged into a standard 13 Amp socket (plug not supplied).
Smeg 515733 Smeg 515733 from £244.00. Perfect for home cooking, the Smeg KD61XE2 Chimney Cooker Hood offers extraction or recirculation that can help to keep your kitchen free of steam.There's 3 speeds to choose from, so you can ramp up the power when needed. It's got a high performance motor that offers intensive speed, so you can get your kitchen cleared quickly.The two year guarantee provides peace of mind.

Price History of the Hoover HOC3158IN

Current prices are shown above. The table below shows earlier prices since we've been keeping records.

Supplier Price Delivery cost Until date Total price
Currys £229.00 £45.00 May 3, 2024 £274.00
Currys £209.00 £45.00 May 1, 2024 £254.00
Currys £239.00 £45.00 Mar 20, 2024 £284.00
Currys £289.99 £45.00 Feb 20, 2024 £334.99
Currys £239.00 £45.00 Feb 16, 2024 £284.00
Currys £289.99 £45.00 Feb 14, 2024 £334.99
Currys £349.00 £45.00 Feb 13, 2024 £394.00
Currys £239.00 £45.00 Feb 3, 2024 £284.00
Currys £209.00 £45.00 Jan 31, 2024 £254.00
Currys £219.00 £45.00 Jan 3, 2024 £264.00
Currys £209.00 £45.00 Dec 27, 2023 £254.00
Currys £249.00 £45.00 Dec 22, 2023 £294.00
Currys £209.00 £45.00 Nov 29, 2023 £254.00
Currys £209.00 £45.00 Nov 9, 2023 £254.00
Currys £229.00 £45.00 Nov 1, 2023 £274.00
Currys £229.00 £45.00 Oct 5, 2023 £274.00
Currys £249.00 £45.00 Oct 4, 2023 £294.00
Currys £249.00 £45.00 Sep 29, 2023 £294.00
Currys £319.00 £45.00 Sep 16, 2023 £364.00
Currys £239.00 £45.00 Sep 7, 2023 £284.00
Currys £209.00 £45.00 Sep 6, 2023 £254.00
Currys £269.00 £45.00 Aug 16, 2023 £314.00
Currys £269.00 £45.00 Aug 4, 2023 £314.00
Currys £209.00 £45.00 Jul 28, 2023 £254.00
Currys £209.00 £45.00 Jul 25, 2023 £254.00
Currys £259.00 £45.00 Jun 28, 2023 £304.00
Currys £229.00 £45.00 Jun 7, 2023 £274.00
Currys £209.00 £45.00 May 31, 2023 £254.00
Currys £229.00 £45.00 May 27, 2023 £274.00
Currys £229.00 £45.00 May 18, 2023 £274.00
Currys £209.00 £45.00 May 17, 2023 £254.00
Currys £229.00 £45.00 May 6, 2023 £274.00
Currys £249.00 £45.00 May 3, 2023 £294.00
Currys £219.00 £45.00 Apr 28, 2023 £264.00
Currys £229.00 £45.00 Apr 22, 2023 £274.00
Currys £219.00 £45.00 Apr 19, 2023 £264.00
Currys £259.00 £45.00 Mar 29, 2023 £304.00
Currys £269.00 £45.00 Mar 23, 2023 £314.00
Currys £269.00 £45.00 Mar 21, 2023 £314.00
Currys £259.00 £45.00 Mar 8, 2023 £304.00
Currys £269.00 £45.00 Feb 8, 2023 £314.00
Currys £289.00 £45.00 Feb 1, 2023 £334.00
Currys £219.00 £45.00 Jan 18, 2023 £264.00
Currys £189.00 £45.00 Jan 11, 2023 £234.00
Currys £189.00 £45.00 Jan 9, 2023 £234.00
Currys £189.00 £45.00 Jan 1, 2023 £234.00
Currys £189.00 £45.00 Dec 30, 2022 £234.00
Currys £209.00 £45.00 Dec 24, 2022 £254.00
Currys £279.00 £45.00 Dec 23, 2022 £324.00
Currys £209.00 £45.00 Nov 24, 2022 £254.00
Currys £269.00 £45.00 Nov 22, 2022 £314.00
Currys £209.00 £0.00 Nov 19, 2022 £209.00
Currys £209.00 £0.00 Nov 17, 2022 £209.00
Currys £269.00 £0.00 Nov 2, 2022 £269.00
Currys £259.00 £0.00 Oct 12, 2022 £259.00
Currys £269.00 £0.00 Sep 21, 2022 £269.00

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