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Hoover AWMPD69LH7R Washing Machine

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From £499.00

  • Currys PC World

    £499.00 Hoover AWMPD69LH7R £499.00

    (Price includes delivery charge of £0.00)

    Currys PC World ref:10185717

    Capacity: 9 kgSpin speed: 1600 rpmQuick wash time: 14 minutes for 1.5 kgEnergy rating: A+++-40%Manage your washing using your phone

    Top features:- Control, monitor and manage your washing from your phone - Active Steam function for easy ironing - KG Mode automatically adjusts to suit each load - Mix your load using the all-in-one program - Total Care gives you a total clean Control, monitor, and manageTake advantage of the Hoover AXI AWMPD69LH7R Smart 9 kg 1600 Spin Washing Machine's smart features and advanced connectivity by using the Hoover Wizard app. You'll be able to control and monitor the appliance directly from your phone or tablet, or even connect it to Google Home or Amazon Alexa.AI technology helps the washing machine understand your voice and follow your requests. Plus, you can explore personalised laundry tips that the AXI offers to help you prepare for the week ahead.If you prefer manual control, the intuitive touchscreen makes it easy to alter settings and browse the customised wash programs - enjoy a tailor-made wash for your clothes.Active SteamSpend less time hunched over the ironing board thanks to the Active Steam function. This function helps the fabrics to reach their ideal moisture level, so that you can pull out clothes that will be easier to iron.KG ModeThe AWMPD69LH7R comes with a KG Mode that helps to save you time and money. By weighing the load early in the cycle, the appliance automatically adjusts the time, water and electricity usage to suit whatever you're washing. By using the smallest amount of water and electricity possible, the washing machine delivers an efficient clean that helps you to save on your energy bills.Mix your loadIt can be a hassle separating your clothes into separate washing loads. Luckily, the AWMPD69LH7R includes an All-In-One 59 minute program to wash all of your fabrics together in one load so that you can get on with the rest of your day.Total CareGet an excellent clean thanks to the Total Care program. By creating an ideal mix of water and detergent that expands inside the drum to get deep in to the fibres of your clothes, this program gives you fresher, cleaner clothes every time.And with the Care Dose system, the machine adds the exact amount of detergent needed to each load automatically. All you have to do is fill up the container, and the machine will do the rest for you."

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Hoover AWMPD610LH08 Hoover AWMPD610LH08 from £499.00. Top features:- Control your machine with your smartphone - Always get the correct dose of detergent with the Care Dose System - Steam function helps produce less creases for easy ironing - KG mode detects the weight of your load to adjust the time and energy usage Control your machineTake advantage of the Hoover Wizard App with the Hoover AXI AWMPD610LH08 Smart 10 kg 1600 Spin Washing Machine. Whether you're checking on the progress of your current cycle, connecting it to your voice assistant or giving it a clean, you can control it via your smartphone with no problems - ideal if your machine is on the other side of the house.Always get the correct doseWhat makes this washing machine even more impressive is its Care Dose System. It will automatically detect how heavy your load is and provide the correct amount of liquid detergent for your wash. Simply fill up the container and the machine will take care of the rest.Steam functionFeaturing a steam function, the Hoover AXI Washing Machine will use steam when the clothes are damp. This means your clothes will come out of the machine with less creases and save you time stood over the ironing board.KG modeAlongside the Care Dose System, KG mode will automatically weigh the contents of your washing and set the right time and power for your load. This means you never really have to do any of the hard work and the machine will sort it for you.
Bosch WAT2840SGB Bosch WAT2840SGB from £499.00. Top features:- VarioPerfect function offers you flexibility in your cycle - Keep the drum clean effortlessly - A+++ energy rating helps you save on your household bills VarioPerfectThe VarioPerfect function of the Bosch Serie 6 WAT2840SGB 9 kg 1400 Spin Washing Machine offers you a choice between speed and efficiency. In a hurry? You can get your clothes cleaned up to 65% faster so that you can get through the whole family's washing in less time. If you have time to spare, this machine can run on 50% less energy for greater savings.Keep the drum cleanClean your drum without lifting a finger. The WAT2840SGB comes with a DrumClean program so you can ensure that your machine continues to work hygienically with just the touch of a button.Great energy ratingSave money on utilities thanks to the Bosch Serie 6 WAT2840SGB's efficient performance. With an energy rating of A+++, you can hang on to your hard-earned money while doing your part for the environment. You can even see the energy consumption of the program you want to use before your selection thanks to the EcoBar.The EcoSilence Drive helps to deliver an efficient and quiet operation, making the appliance an ideal addition to any household.
Hoover DWOA413HLC3G Hoover DWOA413HLC3G from £499.99. Part of Hoover's Dynamic Next range, the DWOA413HLC3G washing machine comes with a very large 13kg load capacity, as well as a 1400 spin speed and an A+++ energy rating. Washing options There are 16 wash cycles to choose from, including 4 cycles all below 60 minutes. This is machine also comes with the option to delay the cycle start time for up to 24 hours. Variable spin and temperature settings allow you to adjust the spin speed and temperature on all cycles to suit the load. Smart connection One-Fi Extra Wi-Fi technology allows you to connect to your Hoover dryer via the Hoover Wizard app on your smartphone, so you can choose and monitor your cycles, as well as download additional programs.
Lg F4J609SS Lg F4J609SS from £499.00. A wash that's kind to your clothes Want clothes that are soft and cared for? The LG F4J609SS NFC 9 kg 1400 Spin Washing Machine uses steam technology to sanitise your laundry, with programs to help both allergy sufferers and babies feel comfortable in clean and fresh clothes.If you've noticed the quality of your clothes deteriorating wash after wash, this could be because your washing machine drum is battering them. LG's patented 6 Motion Direct Drive technology moves the drum in multiple ways to best suit the material of what you're washing. You'll get a perfect, gentle wash for everything from denim to woollens. Your clothes will be as soft as the day you bought them. With fewer moving parts, the appliance also makes less vibration, which means it's quieter, more reliable and more energy efficient - it's a win all round.Start a wash from your phoneWhen you're cleaning a garment that needs extra care, the LG Smart ThinQ app makes laundry day easier.Just download the app on your phone and connect with NFC to unlock a whole host of new features. All you need to do is tap your phone against the machine to download new cycles.Nothing forgotten with Pause & Add If you've dropped a sock on the way to the machine, there's no need to wait for the next load of laundry. With Pause & Add, you can pause the wash at any time and add those extra dropped or forgotten bits in - perfect for keeping socks together.

Price History of the Hoover AWMPD69LH7R

Current prices are shown above. The table below shows earlier prices since we've been keeping records.

Supplier Price Delivery cost Until date Total price
Currys PC World £469.00 £0.00 Sep 4, 2019 £469.00
Currys PC World £459.00 £0.00 Aug 29, 2019 £459.00
Currys PC World £469.00 £0.00 Aug 23, 2019 £469.00
Currys PC World £469.00 £0.00 Aug 5, 2019 £469.00
Currys PC World £469.00 £0.00 Aug 3, 2019 £469.00
Currys PC World £469.00 £0.00 Jul 30, 2019 £469.00
Currys PC World £499.00 £0.00 Jul 25, 2019 £499.00
Currys PC World £469.00 £0.00 Jun 26, 2019 £469.00
Currys PC World £499.00 £0.00 May 22, 2019 £499.00
Currys PC World £469.00 £0.00 May 1, 2019 £469.00
Currys PC World £479.00 £0.00 Apr 9, 2019 £479.00
Currys PC World £499.00 £0.00 Apr 3, 2019 £499.00
Currys PC World £499.00 £0.00 Mar 29, 2019 £499.00
Currys PC World £499.00 £0.00 Mar 4, 2019 £499.00
Currys PC World £470.00 £0.00 Feb 27, 2019 £470.00

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