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Haier HWO60SM2F3BH

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From £424.00

  • Currys

    £424.00 Haier HWO60SM2F3BH £424.00

    (Price includes delivery charge of £45.00)

    Currys ref:10243729

    Take the credit for tasty meals, without all the hard work. With the iOn app you can set the recipe you want to follow, and this oven will automatically adjust its settings to suit what you're cooking. You can still easily keep an eye on your food with an LED interior light and double-glazed glass door. You can make delicious meals without all the fuss. Good to know - The steam function will make sure your joint of meat is crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside - A spacious 68 litre main oven is perfect for baking more than one dish at once - The hydrolytic cleaning system means you simply fill the bottom of your oven with water, set the program and let it do its thing - Choose from single or double grill mode to get your bacon extra crispy - Telescopic guides make pulling out trays super easy so you check on your food_________PLEASE NOTE: ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION: This product requires professional installation to a 13 Amp fused spur by a qualified installer, such as one of our Tech Experts."

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Flavel MLB5CDW Flavel MLB5CDW from £424.00. For freestanding, functional cooking look no further than the Flavel MLB5CDW Electric Ceramic Cooker. Complete cooking The Flavel MLB5CDW comes with an impressive 58 litre capacity main oven, ideal when cooking up a Sunday roast or large meal for the family. A separate variable grill allows for flexible cooking as you can make a quick snack or grill some great steaks! The four zone ceramic hob will make it effortless when boiling, frying or anything else as they quickly heat up to optimum temperature rapidly. Maintaining style The good looking MLB5CD-W will stand out in your kitchen with its sleek white exterior and practical cooking layout. Interior windows and a light showcase your food so you can keep tabs on whether it is cooking as you like. Keep your Flavel cooker looking spotless with the trouble-free easy-clean enamel lining, making excess mess simple to wipe up so your oven feels as fresh as the day you bought it. The Flavel MLB5CDW Electric Ceramic Cooker will make a great choice for effortless home cooking. ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION: This product requires hardwiring and should be installed by a qualified installer, such as one of our Currys experts.
Haier I-PRO Haier I-PRO from £424.00. There's nothing worse than a smelly washer. The Haier I Pro Series 3 has an Anti-Bacterial Treatment (ABT) that protects it against nasties like mould and bacteria. That means a more hygienic wash for everyone's clothes. If your clothes just need a spruce up, the Refresh cycle uses water vapour to steam away odours - it's not a full wash, so your clothes don't get soaked in water.Good to know- The Direct Drive motor means there's less noise and vibration, which means it's more durable, and uses less water and energy- Get the best wash with Auto Weigh - it adjusts water and cycle duration based on the weight of the load
Hisense I6456C Hisense I6456C from £424.00. With the option to prepare multiple dishes at the same time, the Hisense I6456C Electric Induction Hob makes cooking intuitive.Area Flex lets you change the temperature of each zone to suit your cooking style or combine zones together. Move your pan to the front to cook on high power or to the back to simmer, and use the Bridge function connects two separate zones together to accommodate your larger pots and pans.The IQ programs help you set the temperature and cook time, while Recall Assist remembers your most recent settings so you can go right back to them.When you hear the sound of the built-in timer, you'll know dinner is ready. And once your meal is prepared, the Stay Warm function keeps your dish nice and warm until the guests are served.________________________________________________ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION: This product requires professional installation to a dedicated circuit by a qualified installer, such as one of our Tech experts. Our expert installers may be able to install to a dedicated cooker circuit (identified by a big red cooker switch) if you do not have a 16 Amp supply in your home.

Price History of the Haier HWO60SM2F3BH

Current prices are shown above. The table below shows earlier prices since we've been keeping records.

Supplier Price Delivery cost Until date Total price
Currys £359.00 £45.00 Apr 17, 2024 £404.00
Currys £359.00 £45.00 Apr 9, 2024 £404.00
Currys £379.00 £45.00 Mar 20, 2024 £424.00
Currys £349.00 £45.00 Jan 31, 2024 £394.00
Currys £429.00 £45.00 Dec 27, 2023 £474.00
Currys £389.00 £45.00 Dec 20, 2023 £434.00
Currys £349.00 £45.00 Nov 29, 2023 £394.00
Currys £349.00 £45.00 Nov 24, 2023 £394.00
Currys £349.00 £45.00 Nov 5, 2023 £394.00
Currys £319.00 £45.00 Nov 3, 2023 £364.00
Currys £429.00 £45.00 Nov 1, 2023 £474.00
Currys £349.00 £45.00 Sep 6, 2023 £394.00
Currys £449.00 £45.00 Aug 16, 2023 £494.00
Currys £459.00 £45.00 Jul 17, 2023 £504.00
Currys £429.00 £45.00 Jul 12, 2023 £474.00
Currys £479.00 £45.00 May 24, 2023 £524.00
Currys £449.00 £45.00 May 23, 2023 £494.00
Currys £469.00 £45.00 Apr 19, 2023 £514.00
Currys £439.00 £45.00 Apr 5, 2023 £484.00
Currys £449.00 £45.00 Mar 22, 2023 £494.00
Currys £439.00 £45.00 Mar 21, 2023 £484.00
Currys £469.00 £45.00 Feb 11, 2023 £514.00
Currys £439.00 £45.00 Feb 8, 2023 £484.00
Currys £459.00 £45.00 Feb 4, 2023 £504.00
Currys £459.00 £45.00 Jan 27, 2023 £504.00
Currys £439.00 £45.00 Jan 25, 2023 £484.00
Currys £449.00 £45.00 Jan 20, 2023 £494.00
Currys £399.00 £45.00 Jan 18, 2023 £444.00
Currys £399.00 £45.00 Jan 3, 2023 £444.00
Currys £399.00 £45.00 Dec 30, 2022 £444.00
Currys £449.00 £45.00 Dec 23, 2022 £494.00
Currys £449.00 £45.00 Dec 3, 2022 £494.00
Currys £399.00 £45.00 Nov 30, 2022 £444.00
Currys £399.00 £45.00 Nov 21, 2022 £444.00
Currys £399.00 £45.00 Nov 18, 2022 £444.00
Currys £399.00 £0.00 Nov 17, 2022 £399.00
Currys £399.00 £0.00 Nov 16, 2022 £399.00
Currys £449.00 £0.00 Nov 16, 2022 £449.00

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