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Grundig GIEV613420E Hob

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Watch the price of the Grundig GIEV613420E GIEV613420E

From £289.00

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    £289.00 Grundig GIEV613420E £289.00

    Out of stock since 2022-11-13 23:28:45.0
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    Top features: - Powerful hob heats all your foods - Extended cooking zones for flexible heating - Special features keep your kitchen safe Powerful hobCook all your favourite dishes on the Grundig GIEV613420E Electric Ceramic Hob. There are four cooking zones to choose from so whether you're heating up a pot of pasta or whipping up a tasty stir fry, you've got the versatility you need.You can also use the Booster to program each cooking zone to give a burst of heat on maximum power and then return to a simmer. Not only does this prevent food from burning, it also saves you the hassle of constantly checking your meal so you can get on with other things.Extended cooking zonesThe GIEV613420E's extended cooking zones are the perfect choice for flexible cooking. The cooking zones can be extended for bigger pots, or even reduced for smaller ones - really useful for dinner parties or gatherings when you're making a range of dishes.Special featuresThe GIEV613420E's child lock feature gives you peace of mind by preventing kids from playing with the controls. This keeps your kitchen a safe place, as well as protecting your cooking from mischievous little hands.For even more safety, the heat indicators show a visible 'H' when they're still hot, so you always know not to touch them._____________ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION: This product requires professional installation to a dedicated cooker circuit (identified by a big red cooker switch) by a qualified installer, such as one of our Tech experts."

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Montpellier 723332 Montpellier 723332 from £264.00. You won't need to set multiple alarms on your phone to keep an eye on your cooking. This Montpellier hob has individual zone timers that you can set for up to 99 minutes - just set the timer and get on with other things. The induction technology is really fast and efficient, and you can control it easily using the touch controls.Good to know- The smooth surface is really easy to keep clean - just wipe it down- Automatic pan detection means the hob will turn itself off when the pan is removed- The pan is heated, rather than the hob, which means spills are less likely to be burnt onto the hobELECTRICAL INSTALLATION: This product requires professional installation to a dedicated cooker circuit (identified by a big red cooker switch) by a qualified installer, such as one of our Tech Experts.
Grundig GIGA6234250X Grundig GIGA6234250X from £304.00. Get dinner on the table faster Cook meals faster whilst minimising your energy consumption with the Grundig GIGA6234250X Gas Hob. Featuring highly efficient gas burners which distribute heat evenly across the bottom of your pots and pans, you'll find that food cooks faster and more evenly. With flames that face straight upwards, food will get consistently heated across the whole pan - you'll never find things on the outside cooking slower than food in the middle. High power wok burner With some ordinary hobs, it can be hard to get your wok hot enough to stir fry properly. The GIGA6234250X features a wok burner which produces a powerful 5 kW flame for an improved cooking performance. You'll be able to stir fry, flash fry and shallow fry with speed and confidence. Cast iron pan supports There's nothing worse than pan supports that don't hold your pans in place while you're trying to cook. Designed to give maximum stability and with generous space between the burners, you can have several things cooking at once without worrying about knocking something. The straight design also lets you slide your pans to different burners easily for faff-free cooking. _________________________________________________ GAS INSTALLATION: This product requires installation by a qualified gas safe engineer, such as one of our Tech experts (available in the UK only). ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION: This product requires professional installation to a 13 Amp fused spur by a qualified installer, such as one of our Tech experts.
Zanussi ZGNN645K Zanussi ZGNN645K from £264.00. SideWokIf you've got a large wok, or pans that take up a lot of room, you'll like the SideWok feature on the Zanussi ZGNN645K Gas Hob. This standalone cooking zone has a powerful burner, which means you've got plenty of power for dishes that need higher heat for tender food.Cast iron pan supportsThe solid pan supports bring a professional look to your hob - it not only keeps your pans steady, but it's also durable enough to last for years to come.Easy to use and lightThe Perfect Flame regulation means that you've got great control over the heat.It's simple to light the hob too - just press down the dial and the hob will light itself.___________________________________________________________________GAS INSTALLATION: This product requires installation by a qualified gas safe engineer, such as one of our Tech Experts (available in the UK only).ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION: This product can be plugged into a standard 13 Amp socket.

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