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George Foreman 10185085 Grill

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From £99.99

  • Currys PC World

    £99.99 George Foreman 10185085 £99.99

    (Price includes delivery charge of £0.00)

    Currys PC World ref:10185085

    Cook up to 5 portionsTimerVariable temperatureFat run-offRemovable plates

    Top features: - Cook for the whole family with space for up to five portions - Removable, dishwasher safe plates for easy cleaning - Searing function to brown meat exactly how you like it Cook for the whole family With the George Foreman Evolve 21610 Family Grill you can prepare healthier meals for the whole family. Cook up to five portions at once, with an adjustable foot to help drain away fat from your food. By setting the grill flat, you can toast sandwiches as well as grilling vegetables and fish. Removable, dishwasher safe plates To save you the hassle of scrubbing away after your meal, the Evolve has two removable, dishwasher safe plates. With variable temperature control and a digital timer, you can stay in complete control of your cooking at all times. By using the additional deep bake pan, you can create omelettes, pizzas and even tray bakes with ease, giving you more versatility in the kitchen. Searing function An intense Super Sear function is ideal for preparing delicious steaks at home. The angled non-stick plates channel the fat into the drip tray so that you can enjoy your meal with less fat but all the flavour."

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George Foreman 10185258 George Foreman 10185258 from £89.00. Top features:- Circular grill to keep everybody entertained and fed - Removable plates to make cleaning easier - Adjustable temperature to cook at your ideal heat Circular grillThe George Foreman 24640 Entertaining 360 Grill is ideal for when you're hosting a dinner party - it's circular design means there's enough room to create something for everyone. Cook up to seven portions of pizza, omelettes, quesadillas and much more.Removable platesWhen you've finished cooking, you can get the appliance clean in less time as the plates are both removable and dishwasher-safe. With different plate options, you'll be able to cater for a variety of cooking needs with ease.Adjustable temperatureUsing the temperature control dial, staying in complete control of the cooking at all times is simple.Plus with the adjustable rear foot, fat is channelled away into the included drip tray, reducing mess and resulting in healthier grilling.
Tefal GC713D40 Tefal GC713D40 from £99.00. Top features:- Perfectly cooked steak every time using sensor technology - Superb results with a variety of cooking programmes Perfectly cooked steakWhether you prefer your steak well-done or rare, the OptiGrill+ takes the guess-work out of cooking cuts of meat. Using a unique automatic sensor, Tefal's OptiGrill+ automatically measures the thickness of each cut of meat, adjusting the cooking time to suit every time. The sensor technology even detects how many items are on the grill, adapting the temperature and grilling time accordingly.Using a colour-changing light display, you can see exactly how everything is cooking so you know when your meal is done. The OptiGrill+ will beep when the light changes at each stage - yellow when your steak is rare, orange for medium and red when it's well-done.Superb resultsChoose from automatic programmes to ensure everything you cook is done without hassle, or manually change the temperature to grill vegetables, sandwiches or paninis just the way you want them. With four temperatures settings and six cooking programmes, as well as defrost and keep-warm functions, you can prepare everything from burgers to fish with ease.With no oil necessary and a 7 degree inclination to drain the ideal amount of fat, the OptiGrill+ cooks healthily, searing at high temperatures to lock in juice and flavour.Easy to clean with non-stick plates and a drip tray that can be put in the dishwasher, you can keep the OptiGrill+ clean without fuss.
George Foreman 10181810 George Foreman 10181810 from £129.00. Top features:- Automatic steak cooking, however you like it - Deep baking pan can grill anything - Convenience in design with variable setting and dishwasher-safe parts - Flat or angled cooking on the adjustable grill plates Automatic steak cookingCook the perfect steak, every time. The temperature probe can be left in while cooking, so the George Foreman Evolve Precision 24002 Grill will switch off when the meat is done. For effortless steaks, just select from rare to well done and let the appliance cook it for you.The sear function will apply a high heat for 90 seconds, creating a restaurant-quality finish to your steaks.Deep baking panThe extra deep pan opens up the options for what you can make in the George Foreman Evolve Precision Grill. You can grill dishes you wouldn't expect, from thick crust pizzas to mighty lasagnes. All kinds of cheesy goodness are possible.Convenience in designYou can just set up the Precision Grill and let it run, and dinner will be sorted for you. With variable time and temperature settings, you can get it going and not need to constantly check on your food.The grill plates are dishwasher safe and removable. Pop the plates in the dishwasher, or just into the sink for a soak, and you'll soon have them ready for another grilling.Flat or angled cookingWith an angled grilling plate, the fat can all drain away to the drip tray and leave you with just a tasty steak. If you're making a cheese toasty, you can put the George Foreman 24002 flat to stop the delicious cheese from escaping.
Cuisinart GR4CU Cuisinart GR4CU from £100.00. The Cuisinart Griddle & Grill is a must have for every kitchen. With its clever reversible, non-stick plates and variable temperature controls, flexible cooking options are at your fingertips.   This 4-way griddle and grill has removable and dishwasher-safe plates for easy cleaning. Thanks to fast heat up and an open floating hinge, the grill adjusts to any thickness of food for perfect cooking results. The Griddle & Grill also opens fully to give a larger cooking surface when needed, catering for up to 8 people You can easily cook a range of foods with the following options: Grill - Sear steaks and grill kebabs using the grill plates. Griddle - Cook pancakes and French toast using the flat griddle plates. Panini Press - For deep filled panini's, use the grill plates and allow the floating hinge to adjust to the thickness of your food. Fully Open - Use the griddle or grill in the fully open position to double the cooking area, ideal for entertaining. Includes a scraping tool for effortless maintenance and 5 heat settings. Can cater for up to 8 people.Key features: Versatile reversible griddle and grill plates Fast heat up with variable temperature control including sear function Fully removable plates are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning Integrated fat collection tray for discreet fat disposal Commercial grade stainless steel housing with brushed finish 5 year guarantee

Price History of the George Foreman 10185085

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Supplier Price Delivery cost Until date Total price
Currys PC World £164.99 £0.00 May 21, 2019 £164.99
Currys PC World £164.99 £0.00 Mar 4, 2019 £164.99
Currys PC World £109.99 £0.00 Nov 29, 2018 £109.99
Currys PC World £109.99 £0.00 Nov 22, 2018 £109.99
Currys PC World £109.99 £0.00 Nov 22, 2018 £109.99
Currys PC World £164.99 £0.00 Oct 31, 2018 £164.99

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