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Cello C50238DVBT2 TV

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From £313.59

  • BT Shop

    £313.59 Cello C50238DVBT2 £313.59

    (Price includes delivery charge of £9.25)

    Cello C50238DVBT2 50-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p LED with High Def Freeview This slim line 1080p 50" Full HD TV is and asset for any living area. Watch your Freeview programmes on the 1920 x 1080 resolution screen including all T2 Hi Definition Freeview channels. Connect your external devices to the 3 x HDMI ports, you can also record TV, play music and video files or show photos and text files by connecting a USB Device to the USB port on the TV. The Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) allows you to view TV listings up to 7 days in advance also with reminder and timer record options. Freeview is a free digital TV service. It provides 50 digital TV channels and 24 radio stations with no need for a subscription. All Cello TVs include Freeview as standard. HDMI connections provide superior, uncompressed digital video and audio quality. Ideal for connecting your TV to devices such as satellite boxes and Blu-ray disc players. For the ultimate high definition experience, Cello Full HD TV delivers 1080 horizontal lines per frame, bringing you the ultimate in TV viewing picture quality. USB recording feature - Simply insert a USB memory stick (not supplied). Highlight the programme to record on the 7 day EPG and press record. You can also pause live TV. View all Freeview T2 Hi Definition channels Box Contains 1 X 50-inch LED TV"

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Cello C32227F Cello C32227F from £177.39. With this TV you can connect three external devices using the three available HDMI connections. The Digital TV technology brings you digital broadcast signals and an Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) allowing you to view TV listings up to 7 days in advance. This is available in the UK through Freeview and via Saorview in Ireland. You can also playback music,films and photos using the USB port.
Toshiba 49U6863DB Toshiba 49U6863DB from £309.00. Toshiba's 49U6863DB is a feature-packed smart TV with stunning 4K screen resolution. It combines the colour depth and glorious realism of Ultra High Definition with depth-boosting HDR and a wealth of online entertainment via the Toshiba Smart Portal. Freeview Play catch-up service means you won't miss your favourite shows, and it's simple to stream Youtube videos or even check Facebook on the big screen. Toshiba's TV is the versatile hub for the whole family's home entertainment with hyper-detailed picture quality. HDR with Dolby Vision Forays into contrast and colour-boosting High Dynamic Range (HDR) have begun, and Toshiba are no exception. They've armed this TV with HDR tech for a greatly heightened colour range to deepen your view and show shades previously unseen in home entertainment. Expanding light, dark and every colour in between to new levels, this model's picture gets closer to real life. For scene-by-scene picture accuracy, Dolby Vision HDR transfers cutting-edge motion picture technology from movie theatres to the TV screen. Dazzlingly Detailed 4K UHD To respond to screens getting bigger, brands have packed their screens with more pixels. This 49 screen has four times the number of pixels than 1080p HD TVs, delivering stunning realism, natural motion and incredible detail. Features : Onkyo Speakers : capture a wider spectrum of sound, making every seat in the room a sonic 'sweet spot'. xSound Pro : thrillingly immersive audio with powerful bass subwoofers for a larger than life sound experience. Toshiba Smart Portal With built-in Wi-Fi, a whole extra dimension of entertainment is opened up with Toshiba's Smart Portal. This user-friendly platform gets you online in an instant with a wide variety of apps to choose from. Stream content from Netflix* and Youtube, catch-up with BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All 4 and Demand 5, or keep up-to-date with your social media accounts, all via your TV remote. And with Screen Share technology it's simple to wirelessly display photos from your smart device on the TV screen so the whole family can enjoy them. Pause & Playback Live TV To USB Never miss your favourite shows again by recording it onto a USB. You can pause live TV and playback your recordings, all you do is plug your USB memory device in. Freeview HD & Freeview Play Enjoy better picture quality when watching live TV thanks to integrated Freeview HD, all without a subscription. Freeview Play adds connected services to the Freeview offering. You'll be able to scroll backwards through the last seven days of programming and select shows to stream over the internet that you might have missed. Perfect partners With TVs getting slimmer and built-in speakers getting smaller, choosing the right sound system is more important than ever. Soundbars enhance your TV's sound quality and add that extra audio punch to all your movies, games and TV programmes. More affordable and easier to set up than a full size speaker system, they don't compromise on quality either. Take a look at our full range of soundbars. Don't forget... If you want to connect your TV to a blu-ray player, games console, soundbar or soundbase then you'll need a HDMI cable. View our collection of cables & connections And if you're looking to elevate your viewing experience with cable management, then why not take a look at our wall mounts and TV stands . *Some services may require subscription (sold separately) Please note: A Smart TV is a platform that can run 3rd party Apps. 3rd party content providers may remove Apps from the Smart TV platform or stop supporting them at any time, and we cannot guarantee an App's availability. When new Smart TV products are launched, there may also be a delay before certain Apps become available. Availability of Apps is not included within the terms of the manufacturer's warranty, or the John Lewis 2-year Guarantee for audio visual products, or the 5-year Guarantee for TVs.
Jvc LT40C890 Jvc LT40C890 from £319.00. Top features: - 4K Ultra HD with HDR provides superb detail & brilliant colours - Freeview HD and Freeview Play lets you entertain the whole family - Catch up and stream in 4K with the JVC smart TV platform 4K Ultra HD with HDR The JVC LT-40C890 40" Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR LED TV is perfect for film fans, game-lovers and telly addicts. It has a 4K Ultra HD resolution - up to four times the resolution of HD TVs - which offers the very best detail when you're watching 4K content. HDR (High Dynamic Range) helps to bring out the depth of colour and brightness in scenes that help to make it closer to real life. It's perfect for seeing the detail hidden in dark gloomy scenes, or for enjoying the full spectrum of colour in a nature documentary. Freeview HD and Freeview Play You won't be stuck for what to watch with Freeview HD. It gives you access to 15 high definition channels, over 70 standard definition channels and over 25 radio stations, including some of the nation's favourite channels. It won't cost you a penny in subscriptions, so you can keep everyone happy without getting stuck in contracts. Fed up of missing your favourite drama? Freeview Play has the answer. It lets you scroll back through the TV guide and watch shows you've missed straight from the TV guide, without needing to launch catch up TV apps. Now you'll always know what's going on. Catch up and stream If you prefer to take a look through catch-up TV apps for inspiration, you've got the option thanks to BBC iPlayer, All 4, and other apps. You'll never be stuck for entertainment with 4K streaming on Netflix and Amazon Prime, giving you access to a whole host of TV series and movies to binge on. You can also stream the latest viral videos with YouTube 4K, or check what's going on with friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter. Effortless installation For setup without the squabbles, our Team Knowhow experts can connect your new TV to your Blu-ray player, sound bar, and other devices. They'll even get you online so you can put your feet up and start watching straight away. Pass the popcorn. Essential extras Want your TV wall mounted? No problem. We've got brackets that tilt, swivel, or fix your TV in place for the best viewing spot in the house. Alternatively, browse our range of TV stands - we've got enough designs to keep even the pickiest interior designer happy. Avoid the disappointment of getting your shiny new telly home and realising you don't have the cable you need to connect your games console or Blu-ray player. Sandstrom Gold Series HDMI cables support all resolutions and come with a reassuring lifetime guarantee.____________________________________________Please note: Freeview and some apps & services are only available in the UK. Apps & services may be removed or no longer supported by third party content providers at any time. Some apps & services may not be available at launch and may require a firmware update before becoming available.

Price History of the Cello C50238DVBT2

Current prices are shown above. The table below shows earlier prices since we've been keeping records.

Supplier Price Delivery cost Until date Total price
BT Shop £304.34 £9.25 Jun 14, 2019 £313.59
BT Shop £326.08 £9.25 Apr 4, 2019 £335.33
BT Shop £348.43 £9.25 Feb 9, 2019 £357.68
BT Shop £326.08 £9.25 Feb 9, 2019 £335.33
BT Shop £326.08 £9.25 Jan 29, 2019 £335.33
BT Shop £348.43 £9.25 Jan 25, 2019 £357.68
BT Shop £326.08 £9.25 Jan 12, 2019 £335.33
BT Shop £315.78 £9.25 Jan 9, 2019 £325.03
BT Shop £326.08 £9.25 Jan 3, 2019 £335.33
BT Shop £330.64 £9.25 Nov 28, 2018 £339.89
BT Shop £326.08 £9.25 Nov 14, 2018 £335.33
BT Shop £326.08 £9.25 Nov 7, 2018 £335.33
BT Shop £326.08 £9.25 Nov 7, 2018 £335.33
BT Shop £322.50 £9.25 Oct 10, 2018 £331.75
BT Shop £330.64 £9.25 Aug 10, 2018 £339.89
BT Shop £322.50 £9.25 Aug 9, 2018 £331.75
BT Shop £322.50 £9.25 Jun 21, 2018 £331.75
BT Shop £358.99 £9.25 Feb 23, 2018 £368.24
BT Shop £322.50 £9.25 Feb 21, 2018 £331.75
BT Shop £322.50 £9.25 Feb 19, 2018 £331.75
BT Shop £358.99 £9.25 Feb 16, 2018 £368.24
BT Shop £322.50 £9.25 Feb 9, 2018 £331.75
BT Shop £315.78 £9.25 Jan 12, 2018 £325.03
BT Shop £342.98 £9.25 Dec 12, 2017 £352.23
BT Shop £315.78 £9.25 Nov 10, 2017 £325.03
BT Shop £358.99 £9.25 Nov 8, 2017 £368.24
BT Shop £365.14 £9.25 Oct 21, 2017 £374.39
BT Shop £358.99 £9.25 Oct 20, 2017 £368.24
BT Shop £339.06 £9.25 Sep 30, 2017 £348.31
BT Shop £358.99 £9.25 Sep 28, 2017 £368.24
BT Shop £339.06 £9.25 Sep 19, 2017 £348.31
BT Shop £339.06 £9.25 Sep 14, 2017 £348.31
BT Shop £358.99 £9.25 Sep 14, 2017 £368.24
BT Shop £339.33 £9.25 Sep 8, 2017 £348.58
BT Shop £358.99 £9.25 Aug 25, 2017 £368.24
BT Shop £358.99 £9.25 Aug 21, 2017 £368.24
BT Shop £339.33 £9.25 Aug 12, 2017 £348.58
BT Shop £358.99 £9.25 Aug 1, 2017 £368.24
BT Shop £357.86 £9.25 Jun 26, 2017 £367.11
BT Shop £357.86 £9.25 Apr 6, 2017 £367.11
BT Shop £362.36 £9.25 Apr 6, 2017 £371.61
BT Shop £357.86 £9.25 Apr 1, 2017 £367.11
BT Shop £357.86 £9.25 Mar 31, 2017 £367.11
BT Shop £362.36 £9.25 Mar 31, 2017 £371.61
BT Shop £357.86 £9.25 Mar 21, 2017 £367.11
BT Shop £327.93 £9.25 Mar 18, 2017 £337.18
BT Shop £327.93 £9.25 Mar 12, 2017 £337.18
BT Shop £327.93 £9.25 Mar 12, 2017 £337.18
BT Shop £362.36 £9.25 Feb 24, 2017 £371.61
BT Shop £362.36 £9.25 Feb 23, 2017 £371.61
BT Shop £362.36 £0.00 Feb 22, 2017 £362.36
BT Shop £362.36 £5.65 Feb 18, 2017 £368.01
BT Shop £362.36 £9.25 Feb 17, 2017 £371.61
BT Shop £302.71 £9.25 Feb 4, 2017 £311.96
BT Shop £302.71 £9.25 Jan 27, 2017 £311.96
BT Shop £302.71 £9.25 Jan 27, 2017 £311.96
BT Shop £356.11 £9.25 Jan 14, 2017 £365.36
BT Shop £356.11 £5.65 Dec 25, 2016 £361.76
BT Shop £302.71 £5.65 Dec 24, 2016 £308.36
BT Shop £302.71 £9.25 Dec 21, 2016 £311.96
BT Shop £330.02 £9.25 Dec 10, 2016 £339.27
BT Shop £383.36 £9.25 Nov 23, 2016 £392.61
BT Shop £328.23 £9.25 Nov 19, 2016 £337.48
BT Shop £328.23 £9.25 Nov 12, 2016 £337.48
BT Shop £328.23 £9.25 Nov 12, 2016 £337.48
BT Shop £328.68 £9.25 Nov 10, 2016 £337.93
BT Shop £324.66 £9.25 Nov 8, 2016 £333.91
BT Shop £324.66 £9.25 Oct 20, 2016 £333.91
BT Shop £324.66 £9.25 Oct 20, 2016 £333.91
BT Shop £305.67 £9.25 Oct 5, 2016 £314.92
BT Shop £321.40 £9.25 Sep 17, 2016 £330.65
BT Shop £328.23 £9.25 Sep 10, 2016 £337.48
BT Shop £328.23 £9.25 Sep 3, 2016 £337.48
BT Shop £328.23 £9.25 Sep 3, 2016 £337.48
BT Shop £358.99 £9.25 Aug 16, 2016 £368.24
BT Shop £328.23 £9.25 Aug 12, 2016 £337.48
BT Shop £328.23 £9.25 Aug 4, 2016 £337.48
BT Shop £328.23 £9.25 Aug 4, 2016 £337.48
BT Shop £358.99 £9.25 Jul 13, 2016 £368.24
BT Shop £329.83 £9.25 Jul 8, 2016 £339.08
BT Shop £329.83 £9.25 Jul 2, 2016 £339.08
BT Shop £329.83 £9.25 Jul 2, 2016 £339.08
BT Shop £355.92 £9.25 Jul 1, 2016 £365.17
BT Shop £329.83 £9.25 Jun 30, 2016 £339.08
BT Shop £358.99 £9.25 Jun 10, 2016 £368.24
BT Shop £358.99 £9.25 Jun 9, 2016 £368.24
BT Shop £362.34 £9.25 Jun 8, 2016 £371.59
BT Shop £358.99 £9.25 May 31, 2016 £368.24
BT Shop £357.57 £9.25 May 11, 2016 £366.82
BT Shop £362.34 £9.25 May 3, 2016 £371.59

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