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Canon 2728C006 Camera

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From £562.43

  • EE Store

    £562.43 Canon 2728C006 £562.43

    (Price includes delivery charge of £3.49)

    Create detailed DSLR quality pictures and cinematic Full HD movies with ease, even in difficult low light situations, using the 24.1-megapixel EOS 2000D. Share instantly and shoot remotely with Wi-Fi and NFC."

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Alternative Products

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Canon 2000D Canon 2000D from £534.99. Tricky lighting? Busy scene? It's no problem with the Canon EOS 2000D DSLR in your hand. You've got a 24.1-megapixel sensor to play around with - in fact, the sensor is around 19 x bigger than the sort you'd find in your average smartphone. Because it captures lots of light, your images and videos will be packed with detail. Speedy autofocus keeps your subjects nice and sharp, even if they're moving.Good to know- Use the Canon Connect app to transfer your photos and control the camera remotely - great for selfies and tricky angles- Build your confidence with the on-screen guided modes - or let the camera do the work with Scene Intelligent Auto- It's easy to frame your shots and tweak settings on the 3 LCD screen- Freeze frame the action with burst shooting at 3 frames per second (fps) - then pick the best of the bunch- This kit comes with an image stabilised standard zoom for everyday shooting
Sony ZV-1F Sony ZV-1F from £554.99. Enter the world of vlogging with the Sony ZV-1F compact camera. Upgrading from your smartphone doesn't need to be daunting, all the control icons you want are displayed on the screen, so you won't need to dig around in menus. You won't have to do several takes because of bad quality - faces will always be sharp with the eye autofocus system. Shooting a vlog with friends or capturing stunning landscapes is a piece of cake with the ultra wide-angle 20mm lens. It fits a lot more in the frame than a regular lens would. And the 1" Exmor R CMOS sensor captures tons of light and colour, so your videos will look amazing even in the dark. Miles better than videos from your phone. Capture your journey with the hyperlapse function to elevate your footage with sped up urban life or captivating sunsets. Or use slow motion to film action-packed content. You can easily switch between these options with the S&Q button. No matter what you're filming, the active mode image stabilisation will keep your footage sharp and steady.Good to know- The 2.95" tiltable touchscreen gives you a great preview and you can flip it around for vlogging and selfies- Use the vertical video option to create high quality videos for your social media without difficult editing- You don't need to worry about shooting outside - the 3-capsule mic comes with a wind screen for clear audio- Blur the background to add a professional touch to your videos with the dedicated bokeh effect button- No more washed out selfies - skin tones look vibrant, natural, and healthy without any special filters- Let the product showcase setting take care of the focus transitions when filming an unboxing video- You can easily transform it into a high-quality webcam - just connect it to your device using USB- The Imaging Edge Mobile app offers a remote control of your camera and easy transfer of videos- Designed with the environment in mind, the body and accessories are made from recycled plastic
Canon SX70 Canon SX70 from £584.99. Top features: - A camera that does it all - wide-angle, telephoto & macro - Keep focus on your subject, even if they're moving - Share photos in seconds with the Canon app A camera that does it allA great photo doesn't wait around - capture those fleeting moments of wildlife, people or places with the Canon PowerShot SX70 HS Bridge Camera. An all-in-one design, it feels solid and comfortable to hold like a DSLR yet is lightweight enough for your travel bag.From sweeping landscapes to extreme close ups - the 65 x zoom lens can capture it all - no lens changes required. And with 0 cm macro, small subjects right at the tip of your lens will stay sharply in focus.Keep focusKeep those fidgety subjects in the frame. You can select subjects to track - such as a bird on a branch - and the camera with automatically track it by zooming out and in again.Autofocus is fast and accurate, so it's easy to get your foreground subject in focus. Continuous autofocus is great for 4K video too, so transitions look smooth.Share photosThose memories are precious. Back up your photos to your smartphone with just a few taps using WiFi. The Canon Camera Connect app can even double as a remote, making group selfies easier than ever.
Sony ZV-E10 Sony ZV-E10 from £604.99. Made for creation Take your production quality to a higher level with the Sony ZV-E10 Mirrorless Vlogging Camera. Vlogs, product reviews, podcasts, or home videos - the ZV-E10 is loaded with amazing features to make them look incredible and to make filming them a breeze. Its 24.2 MP sensor is capable of recording 4K resolution videos at 30 fps. And if you want to slow it down, it can do up to 120 fps in Full HD. A joy to use The vari-angle screen on the back can be flipped to face you if you're shooting vlogger-style. This makes framing your shot a whole lot easier. And since it's a touchscreen, you don't need to fiddle around with dials when you're changing settings. If you're into filming product reviews or unboxings, you'll appreciate the new Product Showcase mode. It automatically pulls focus between you and the product you're showing when you bring it into frame. No more manual focus pulls or covering your face with the product. Choose the perfect lens The ZV-E10 is compatible with all Sony E mount lenses, so you'll be spoilt for choice. You can build up an arsenal of different lenses to best suit your needs. Whether it's for video or photography, use wide lenses for street and landscape photography, medium lenses for portraits and long ones for sports or wildlife. Stunning image and sound Keeping your subject in focus while you're recording video is a pain. Luckily, the ZV-E10 can do it for you. Its real time eye auto focus will lock onto your subject's eye and keep it in sharp focus - so you can focus on getting the best possible shot. But great video is nothing without audio to match. The ZV-E10 has a directional microphone that will capture the sounds and voices in the scene clearly and naturally. It comes with a windscreen, so you can record even in windy conditions and be sure your sound will be usable.

Price History of the Canon 2728C006

Current prices are shown above. The table below shows earlier prices since we've been keeping records.

Supplier Price Delivery cost Until date Total price
EE Store £523.53 £3.49 Jul 11, 2024 £527.02
EE Store £523.53 £3.49 Jul 10, 2024 £527.02
EE Store £511.53 £3.49 Jul 2, 2024 £515.02
EE Store £525.16 £3.49 Jun 21, 2024 £528.65
EE Store £568.39 £3.49 Jun 14, 2024 £571.88
EE Store £525.16 £3.49 Jun 3, 2024 £528.65
EE Store £511.87 £3.49 Feb 8, 2024 £515.36
EE Store £511.57 £3.49 Jan 8, 2024 £515.06
EE Store £511.57 £3.49 Jan 4, 2024 £515.06
EE Store £511.57 £3.49 Jan 4, 2024 £515.06
EE Store £511.57 £3.49 Nov 13, 2023 £515.06
EE Store £511.57 £3.49 Nov 12, 2023 £515.06
EE Store £511.57 £3.49 Nov 12, 2023 £515.06
EE Store £511.57 £3.49 Nov 11, 2023 £515.06
EE Store £505.21 £3.49 Aug 22, 2023 £508.70
EE Store £511.57 £3.49 Aug 18, 2023 £515.06
EE Store £496.76 £3.49 Aug 2, 2023 £500.25
EE Store £511.57 £3.49 Jul 24, 2023 £515.06
EE Store £511.57 £3.49 Jul 22, 2023 £515.06
EE Store £511.57 £3.49 Jul 22, 2023 £515.06
EE Store £489.69 £3.49 Jul 5, 2023 £493.18
EE Store £486.81 £3.49 May 1, 2023 £490.30
EE Store £489.69 £3.49 Mar 20, 2023 £493.18
EE Store £511.10 £3.49 Mar 8, 2023 £514.59
EE Store £489.69 £3.49 Mar 1, 2023 £493.18
EE Store £511.10 £3.49 Jan 27, 2023 £514.59
EE Store £489.69 £3.49 Jan 26, 2023 £493.18
EE Store £511.10 £3.49 Dec 19, 2022 £514.59
EE Store £489.69 £3.49 Dec 16, 2022 £493.18
EE Store £511.10 £3.49 Aug 26, 2022 £514.59

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