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Bosch WTA74100GB Tumble Dryer

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From £228.97

  • Currys PC World

    £228.97 Cheapest Bosch WTA74100GB £228.97

    Out of stock since 2016-06-21 06:45:21.0
    (Price includes delivery charge of £0.00)

    Currys PC World ref:10127409

    Capacity: 6 kg Energy rating: C Sensor drying Two-year manufacturer's guarantee

    Offering intelligent cycles to save time and energy, the Bosch WTA74100GB Vented Tumble Dryer is the ideal dryer for families and busy households. Family-sized drying with useful features You'll be able to fit up to 6 kg of washing into this Bosch tumble dryer, helping you deal with your family's laundry more effectively. It has nine dynamic programs to handle different fabric types and to be as time-efficient as possible. Use the dial and button controls to easily choose the cycle you want. The SensitiveDrying system incorporates a unique drum structure with specially-designed paddles that provide soft, even drying to prevent unnecessary wear on your clothes. AutoDry works gently to provide the precise level of drying you need, never using more energy than necessary nor running the risk of over drying your clothes. The AntiVibration feature on the WTA74100GB provides additional stability and much lower operating noise. Keep an eye on things The Bosch WTA74100GB Vented Tumble Dryer features a clear LED display that allows you to clearly monitor time remaining, cycle settings and general machine performance, so you'll always know when your laundry will be dry. Your home will feel a difference on laundry days with the Bosch WTA74100GB Vented Tumble Dryer."

  • Currys PC World Out of stock since 2015-07-08 21:35:40.0
    (Price includes delivery charge of £0.00)

    Currys PC World ref:10081752

    Capacity: 6 kg Energy rating: C Sensor drying Two-year manufacturer's warranty

    The Bosch WTA74100GB Vented Tumble Dryer achieves a number of drying wonders whilst protecting your clothes and saving you energy. Great features for advanced drying The Bosch SensitiveDrying system helps to keep your clothes soft and protected within the unique drum structure. The Autodry and sensor drying facility in the Bosch tumble dryer means your clothes aren't over dried which saves you more energy and ensures your clothes don't lose their quality. Simply programme a cycle and autodry in one go and come back to perfectly dried laundry. The softDry drum system is a great way of guaranteeing your clothes don't get damaged in the drying process as it provides your precious delicates with extremely gentle drying. AntiVibration Design Having antiVibration technology built-in to the WTA74100GB makes it more stable and therefore quieter. The antiVibration reduces the decibel level of the dryer so you can enjoy entertaining in your home with little background noise. Go with the Bosch WTA74100GB Vented Tumble Dryer if you want a range of advanced drying features that care for your clothes."

  • John Lewis & Partners Out of stock since 2017-02-21 14:58:07.0
    (Price includes delivery charge of £0.00)

    John Lewis & Partners ref:234104715

    The Bosch WTA74100GB vented tumble dryer has a large 6kg load capacity and features a sensitive drying system with a large galvanised drum with textile care structure, and a revolutionary drying system. The AntiVibration design means the machine will be quieter when in use and will not disrupt your daily routine. Buttons and a control dial make it easy to use and an LED display shows the progress of the cycle. There's also a warning for the fluff filter and condensed water container, and the vent hose connection is to the rear-left. A 90 minute anti-crease cycle runs at the end of every programme to ensure your clothes are perfectly cared for."

  • Electrical Discount UK Out of stock since 2019-07-18 00:43:20.0
    (Price includes delivery charge of £0.00)

    ""The vented dryer with AntiVibration Design. Enjoy its attractive appearance and quiet operation """

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Alternative Products

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Beko DTBC8001A Beko DTBC8001A from £249.00. Top features:- Sensor guided programs help you save time and money - Timed programs fit to your schedule - Save time ironing thanks to the reverse action drum and automatic anti-creasing function Sensor guided programsSave time and money thanks to Beko DTBC8001A 8 kg Condenser Tumble Dryer's sensor drying programs. The dryer automatically detects the level of moisture in the drum and automatically stops the cycle once the optimal level of dryness is reached - don't wait ages for your clothes and save yourself money on your energy bills.Timed programsWith the DTBC8001A, convenience and flexibility is the name of the game. The timed programs let you pick the perfect program to fit your hectic schedule so the appliance works for you, not the other way around.You can also connect the appliance to a drain pipe to automatically remove the water, saving you the hassle of having to do this manually.Save time ironingSpend less time hunched over the ironing board thanks to the reverse action drum and automatic anti-creasing function. Can't unload your laundry right away? Don't worry. The automatic anti-creasing function keeps the drum rotating periodically for up to two hours after the cycle has finished so your clothes don't come out looking creased and worn.The reverse action drum separates your garments as they're drying so you don't spend hours pulling your clothes apart and putting them on the rack. This also prevents wrinkles and creases so you can look your best with minimal effort.
Bosch 575576 Bosch 575576 from £299.00. The time-saving Bosch WTE84106GB condenser tumble dryer has a range of drying programmes to help with all of your laundry requirements. Programmes This model has a sportswear option, and a super quick 40, with a fully electronic control dial which allows you to select sensor programmes and timed programmes. It also boats a large galvanised drum ensuring that all of your clothes are protected whilst drying. Anti-crease phase For up to 120 minutes at the end of the each programme, you've got the option to choose an anti-crease phase where the machine tumbles the load to eliminate excess creasing. This could save you time and energy when ironing. AntiVibration¬† Greater stability and quietness is guaranteed with this machine, which means you could take advantage of lower energy costs and run your machine through the night without being disturbed. Modern design Featuring a LED progress indicator, to help you manage your time, and a warning for fluff filter, you'll always be on top of your machines status. Durability The casing on Bosch machines is made up of 5 layers to ensure a robust, long lasting finish, while the drum is made from high quality materials. Bosch guarantees that if an appliance is discontinued, its major components will be available for at least 10 years afterwards in the event of a part needing replacement.
Hoover C9DG Hoover C9DG from £249.00. Top features: - One Touch lets you control the appliance using your smartphone - Practical drying options to save you time - Extra large porthole makes it easy to load your laundry One TouchThe Hoover Dynamic Next DX C9DG NFC 9 kg Condenser Tumble Dryer uses NFC technology, letting you use your Android smartphone to control the dryer. Using the Hoover Wizard app, you can control, monitor and manage the tumble dryer with ease.Practical drying optionsWith a range of drying programs available, the Dynamic Next DX C9DG makes it easy to complete your laundry chores. Sensor Dry technology lets you choose from three levels of dryness, ensuring that the tumble dryer automatically switches off when this level is reached.A delicate wool finish cycle is ideal for softening woollens after air drying, while a rapid 40 minute cottons program helps you to dry clothes quickly.For added convenience, you can delay the start of the drying cycle for up to 24 hours to take advantage of cheaper-rate electricity tariffs.Extra large portholeYou can easily load and unload you laundry as the tumble dryer has an extra large porthole. With a 9 kg capacity, you can dry large loads with ease.

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