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Bosch WDU28561GB Tumble Dryer

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From £1049.00

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    £1049.00 Bosch WDU28561GB £1049.00

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    Do the whole family's laundry Say goodbye to the hassle of laundry with the Bosch Serie 6 WDU28561GB 10 kg Washer Dryer. The large 10 kg wash load capacity means you can sort out your whole week's laundry in one go, so you can make more of your free time.  You can also use the delay timer to program the cycle so that it ends at a certain time. That means your washing won't sit in the drum all day getting crumpled. Easy on your wallet and your ears With the WDU28561GB you can save money with the added benefit of being more environmentally-friendly. That's because it features the EcoSilence Drive function, which makes it more energy efficient and quieter. It's a win-win situation - you save on the household bills and the washer dryer won't keep you up at night. The perfect drying time With AutoDry and sensor drying technology, the Serie 6 WDU28561GB will make sure your clothes never get over-dried, so you won't end up with shrunken woollens. Plus, it can wash and dry a 4 kg load of washing in 60 minutes - perfect for when you need to quickly wash and dry an outfit before going out."

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Bosch 733219 Bosch 733219 from £1044.00. Go greenerHeat pump machines really help to save energy use thanks to their heat exchange systems. That makes them much better for the planet (and your energy bills!).Connect with your phoneControl and monitor the Bosch Serie 8 WTX88EH9GB Smart 9 kg Heat Pump Tumble Dryer from the bath or the bus with the Home Connect app. Stop and start the drying cycle straight from your phone - great if you want toasty and warm duvet covers just in time for bed. And so you don't forget about them, enable push notifications to stay updated on when your clothes will be ready.Just choose your clothes material and the Bosch Serie 8 takes care of the rest, using sensors to achieve just the dryness you want. No hassle with figuring out the settings - this one is intuitive and easy to use.Ready in 40 minutesIn a rush to leave but your favourite shirt is still damp? The Bosch WTX88EH9GB provides fast drying, thanks to its high precision temperatures and sensors. Chuck in a small load and the Quick Dry program will have your clothes warm and dry in 40 minutes flat.Easy ironingThe WTX88EH9GB treats your laundry with ironing in mind. With a quick steam bath for your clothes you'll pull them out so smooth you might even skip the ironing altogether.A+++ efficiencySave energy when drying your clothes with the Bosch Serie 8 WTX88EH9GB Tumble Dryer. Better for the environment and your utility bills, the appliance has an A+++ energy rating thanks to the incredibly efficient condenser with a heat pump.And as it dampens vibrations really well so it's stable and quiet.
Neff 710027 Neff 710027 from £1044.00. Variety of programs Enjoy convenient and space saving design with the Neff V6320X2GB Integrated Washer Dryer. There's a range of special programmes that cater for different types of loads, from a messy football kit to delicate silks, you can be assured your clothes will be looked after. Easy to use A clear LCD display lets you see at a glance how much time is left in the cycle, while the clear dial and buttons controls make it easy to select programs and add options so you spend less time programming the machine. Clever features With a child safety lock for added peace of mind, the Neff V6320X2GB Integrated Washer Dryer is ideal for any home. And thanks to its quiet performance it doesn't go over 72 decibels, so it won't fill your house with irritating racket.
Bosch 611137 Bosch 611137 from £1094.00. Clean and dry clothes, without waiting around. This Bosch washing machine uses SpeedPerfect to cut washing times by up to 65%, while still providing great results. AutoDry lets you select a level of dryness, and the sensors will stop the cycle at exactly the right time. And with Home Connect, you can control and monitor the machine from your phone. Good to know - The EcoSilence Drive  mean that it won't disturb your evenings with noisy washes - If you need to add the sock you dropped on the way, use the reload function to pause the cycle - No water's wasted thanks to ActiveWater Plus - it uses sensors to detect just how much is needed for each wash
Miele 687117 Miele 687117 from £1084.00. PerfectDry technology does you'd think - it makes sure your clothes come out perfectly dry. This Miele tumble dryer uses mineral sensors to tell just when to stop the program, which means nothing will get overdried. The large 8 kg drum is perfect for drying bulky items like duvets, or even 40 tshirts! And it's tested for 20 years of use - that's a whopping 7500 hours of drying.Good to know- There's loads of programs to choose from, including Express Dry, Shirts and Woollens- The quiet noise level means that your kitchen will stay peaceful- The honeycomb drum protects your clothes from snagging

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