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Bosch WAY28791GB Washing Machine

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From £799.99

  • Electrical Discount UK

    £799.99 Bosch WAY28791GB £799.99

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    ""This energy efficient Bosch Washing Machine has many useful functions for everyday use. It has a Super Quick wash, for when clothes that are lightly soiled and needed in a hurry. The Touch Control Buttons and large LED display make everything clear and easy to understand. A massive 9kg drum will fit in a huge amount of clothing and is big enough for even a big duvet. The quiet motor will spin the drum to 1400 rpm meaning less drying time on the washing line or in your tumble dryer. The energy for this machine is rated at A+++ so it will pay you back with cheaper running costs and with all its useful technology would make a great addition to any home, providing a great quality wash in a flexible and useful unit provides excellent value for money and a great investment. """

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Bosch WAWH8660GB Bosch WAWH8660GB from £799.00. With a sizeable 8kg load capacity and a 1400rpm spin speed, the Bosch WAWH8660GB Freestanding Washing Machine will solve all of your laundry qualms with aplomb. Featuring i-DOS automatic detergent dosing as well as the ability to connect and be controlled by your smartphone or tablet, this machine has the latest technology to make doing the laundry as smooth as possible. Smart Connectivity Giving you the special powers to control your washing machine even when you are not home, Home Connect is a new way of living. Using your smartphone or tablet and connecting it to your machine, you can intuitively begin the washing process so that it is completed when you get home, saving you time and allowing you to wear freshly washed clothes sooner. The Home Connect app also comes with many more features such as appliance tutorials and tips, and information on the status of your appliance. i-DOS Automatic dosing Get perfect wash results in every cycle with minimal consumption and maximum convenience thanks to the i-dos feature. Based on your washing load, this machine will automatically dispense your detergent and fabric softener to ensure you get the most out of each and every wash. Better washing With ActiveWater Technology built-in to this washing machine, you get sensor-controlled continuous automatic load adjustment and optimised water induction. This helps avoid water wastage, by adjusting the exact water consumption to the wash, according to the fabric type and quantity. Your laundry will be soaked faster and more evenly through the optimised water inflow which is also particularly mild and gentle, great for delicate clothing items. Convenient use To ensure the ambience of your home isn't disturbed during the wash process, the WAWH8660GB has been fitted with an EcoSilence Drive reducing the amount of noise made by this machine. This also means you can use it at night, allowing you to take advantage of cheaper energy tariffs without disrupting your sleep. This Bosch machine has a large LED display to easily select one of the 12 special programmes on offer, check the status of your wash and keep track of your water and energy consumption, while the large chrome and white door will bring a touch of class to your laundry. Quiet Mark Plus, with the Quiet Mark stamp of approval, this appliance will work discretely without disrupting the tranquillity of your home. Special programmes: Night Wash Sportswear Super Quick 15 Mixed Load Automatic Allergy + Duvet Drum clean with reminder Wool Programme Delicates 30C  
Siemens iQ500 Siemens iQ500 from £799.98. Top features: - Special care programs for odour elimination and re-proofing waterproof garments - Highly durable and quiet iQdrive motor - Operate more economically with an impressive A+++ -30% energy rating Special care programs Eliminate odours such as cigarette smoke or kitchen smells without the use of chemicals with the sensoFresh program, which uses active oxygen to neutralise smells in as little as 30-45 minutes. Make sure that your favourite outdoor coat maintains its waterproofing when you wash with the textile guard program, which will gently re-proof your garments. iQdrive motor Enjoy a whisper quiet performance for years to come - this Siemens WM14W750GB Washing Machine features an iQdrive motor. With a 10 year warranty, this highly durable motor incurs no wear and tear due to the frictionless design, improving reliability. With a large 9 kg capacity you can wash more at any time - ideal for family use. A+++ -30% energy efficiency rating Notice great savings on your utility bills and know that you're doing your part for the environment as this washing machine features an A+++ -30% energy rating - consuming 30% less than other A+++ models. You can keep track of your consumption with every program you use with the consumption indicator, which will display your water and energy use after each cycle.
Bosch WAW28750GB Bosch WAW28750GB from £854.99. ""The premium washing machine with ActiveOxygen: Perfect wash performance for delicate clothes at low wash temperatures. EcoSilence Drive™:extremely energy-efficient and quiet in operation with a 10- year warranty. ActiveOxygen™ at a fingertip:Hygienically clean results for delicate clothes at low washing temperatures   ""
Lg FH495BDS2 Lg FH495BDS2 from £822.00. Boasting an impressive A+++ energy efficiency rating, the ultra modern LG FH495BDS2 Washing Machine is designed to help you maintain an economical home, while making everyday laundry a little easier. Big capacity Perfect for those tricky, bulky items and overdue loads, this space-efficient machine offers a generous 12kg load capacity without taking up extra room in your kitchen, so you can wash more less often. Truesteam Steam particles are smaller than water droplets, meaning they're able to penetrate fabrics more effectively. This practical function therefore enhances washing performance while reducing water consumption. Turbowash TurboWash integrates the jet spray feature to help significantly reduce washing times, create energy savings and deliver cleaner clothes. Spraying water directly onto fabrics for 120 seconds, the jet spray enhances the exceptional washing and rinsing performance of 6 Motion Direct Drive technology and enables TurboWash to fast forward an entire washing cycle. TurboWash not only allows the regular washing programme to finish in 49 minutes, but reduces energy consumption by up to 15% and water consumption by up to 40%. 6 Motion Direct Drive Depending on the wash programme selected, 6 Motion Direct Drive is able to perform various drum motions for improved wash performance and optimum results. LG also include a 10 year warranty on the motor and all its parts, so you know your machine will be well looked after. SmartThinQ (NFC) Using NFC tagging technology, you can download new washing programmes such as wool, baby care and cold wash, and apply any of these programmes with a simple touch of your smartphone. What's more, NFC technology is used in the Smart Diagnosis feature, which helps the user to efficiently troubleshoot any minor issues before they become a bigger problem. 14 programmes To make washing your clothes simple, this machine comes equipped with 14 programmes to choose from, including dark, delicate, sports, wool, hand wash and half load, so you can quickly and easily choose the most appropriate settings to get perfect results.

Price History of the Bosch WAY28791GB

Current prices are shown above. The table below shows earlier prices since we've been keeping records.

Supplier Price Delivery cost Until date Total price
Electrical Discount UK £799.99 £0.00 Oct 20, 2017 £799.99
Electrical Discount UK £799.99 £0.00 Apr 7, 2017 £799.99
Electrical Discount UK £799.99 £0.00 Apr 6, 2017 £799.99
Electrical Discount UK £799.99 £0.00 Apr 5, 2017 £799.99
Electrical Discount UK £799.99 £0.00 Jan 31, 2017 £799.99
John Lewis & Partners £699.00 £0.00 Nov 9, 2016 £699.00
John Lewis & Partners £799.00 £0.00 May 18, 2016 £799.00
John Lewis & Partners £699.00 £0.00 May 13, 2016 £699.00
John Lewis & Partners £909.00 £0.00 Apr 6, 2016 £909.00
John Lewis & Partners £909.00 £0.00 Mar 23, 2016 £909.00
John Lewis & Partners £699.00 £0.00 Feb 13, 2016 £699.00
John Lewis & Partners £699.00 £0.00 Jan 22, 2016 £699.00
John Lewis & Partners £699.00 £0.00 Jan 18, 2016 £699.00
John Lewis & Partners £699.00 £0.00 Jan 8, 2016 £699.00
John Lewis & Partners £699.00 £0.00 Dec 31, 2015 £699.00
John Lewis & Partners £699.00 £0.00 Dec 25, 2015 £699.00

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