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Beko ASP341X Fridge Freezer

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From £829.00

  • Electrical Discount UK

    £829.00 Beko ASP341X £829.00

    (Price includes delivery charge of £0.00)

    ""This model comes with an external LED display, automatic defrost and in-door water and ice dispenser. It also has special air flow cooling vents to maintain an even temperature. Plumbed Ice and Water Dispenser - an automatic ice and water dispenser allows instant access when needed for those cold drink moments. Cubed or crushed ice, you decide! NeoFrost is separate fans and evaporators that help to maintain optimal humidity and freshness and ensures there are no transfer of odours between the fridge and freezer. """

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Beko BCB7030F Beko BCB7030F from £398.00. The BCB7030F integrated fridge freezer from Beko is a tall unit with a 70/30 split and the integrated design means it's easy to create a seamless finish to your kitchen space. In addition it has good energy efficiency with an A+ rating. The open door alarm means you never have to worry about forgetting to shut the door, and ActiveFresh interior blue lights help to keep your fruit and vegetables fresher for longer. Nothing is more harmful to the freshness of your food than bacteria on the inside of the fridge. With this appliance the antibacterial door seal prevents bacteria from forming and entering the fridge, protecting your food from its degrading effects. The reversible doors make locating your appliance more convenient, as you will have far less restrictions. There is also a chrome wine rack which is a convenient and stylish way to store your bottles of wine, and it is also ideal for 2 litre soft drink bottles. Sliding hinges make it easy to install the appliance into your kitchen cabinet and adjustable glass shelves give you the flexibility to change shelf height, which is very useful when storing larger items.
Aeg SCE8182XTS Aeg SCE8182XTS from £829.00. The SCE8182XTS integrated fridge freezer is a mid-sized, A+ energy rated appliance that comes with all the innovative food-fresh features you'd expect from AEG. Clean air filter This uses a charcoal filter to purify the air and reduce odours, so flavours can't be transferred between wrapped and unwrapped foods. TwinTech This pioneering technology ensures exceptional freshness. One cooling system chills the freezer, keeping it Nofrost. The other cools the fridge, ensuring that the fridge temperature is cold, stable and with the correct level of humidity. Nofrost With Nofrost your freezer provides efficient and effective freezing with quicker, more even freezing for better food preservation. You'll also never need to defrost your freezer again. LED lighting The internal LED lighting produces a brighter light, which shines evenly across the whole space. LED technology is also smaller and more energy efficient, providing more space inside and lower energy bills. Touch Controls Intuitive touch controls provide instant feedback, are easy to use and look sleek in the kitchen. They let you take full control of the storage conditions of your food. The controls are so sensitive that you can adjust the settings precisely with just the lightest touch of a finger. DynamicAir Technology This maintains a constant airflow to guarantee a stable temperature throughout the refrigerator, preventing warm zones, prohibiting bacteria growth and further preserving those fresh ingredients. Frostmatic The Frostmatic function activates the maximum freezing power, so your fresh produce freezes as quickly as possible. The freezer then returns to its normal setting. This is ideal when you are packing away the weekly shopping. Holiday setting This lets you empty the fridge when you go away, maintaining the internal temperature of the cabinet at an economical 15ÂșC, preventing the formation of odours and mould in the empty fridge. In addition to all these great features, this fridge freezer also comes with a child-proof control panel, making sure the appliance is not accidentally switched off. There is a visual and acoustic high temperature alarm, and a visible external door open indicator with audible warning alarm. Finally there are two full-width, and one flexi-shelf glass shelves made from solid safety glass, and two half-width salad drawers with glass lids.
Beko ASGN542S Fridge Freezer Beko ASGN542S Fridge Freezer from £885.00. The Beko ASGN542S American style fridge freezer is a striking addition to any kitchen. With its stylish silver finish and an enormous amount of fridge and freezer capacity, this unit is impressive both inside and out. It also utilises some of the smartest fridge freezer technology available, with the aim of prolonging the freshness of your food. Ice and Water Dispenser You're not short on ice options with this fridge freezer. There's the non-plumbed water and ice dispenser on the front of the unit, or get your ice cubes from the in-door icemaker inside the fridge. Frost Free There's no need to manually defrost the freezer, so you can let the unit itself do all the hard work. This convenient feature prevents ice from building up and restricting your storage space. EverFresh+ The EverFresh+ salad crisper is humidity controlled by special air channels inside the fridge and so can keep fruit and vegetables fresh for up to 30 days. The temperature is also controlled via the air channels, so the conditions are perfect for delicious fresh produce that lasts longer. NeoFrost The NeoFrost system utilises two separate fans and evaporators to help maintain optimal humidity and freshness and ensures there are no transfer of odours between the fridge and freezer. Multiple air vents in the fridge and freezer maintain an even temperature on every shelf level and rapidly restores the temperature after the door has been opened. Clever Cooling This fridge feature provides a rapid cooling process while keeping the flavour and goodness of your food intact. It's ideal for when you've returned home after a food shop with lots of fruit and vegetables that you want to store as quickly as possible.
Samsung BRB260087WW/EU Integrated Fridge Freezer Samsung BRB260087WW/EU Integrated Fridge Freezer from £829.00. Sure to blend seamlessly in any kitchen, the BRB260087WW/EU Integrated Fridge Freezer from Samsung boasts a generous 263L capacity and plenty of innovative features, as well as an A++ energy rating to help you keep a green home. No frost Thanks to frost-free technology, excess moisture is collected and drained away while maintaining a consistent temperature, preventing ice build-up and saving you from laborious defrosting. CoolSelect Plus For unbeatable flexibility, this convenient feature allows the appliance's bottom section to be switched between a fridge or freezer at the touch of a button. You can even customise the temperature settings at your preference. Twin Cooling Plus Twin Cooling Plus maintains the ideal level of humidity in both the fridge and freezer, preserving your food's original flavour by preventing odours mixing. Smart technology Samsung's Smart Dongle introduces a new way of living by letting you monitor energy usage, and control power, freezing and cooling functions from your smartphone. Digital Inverter Compressor At the centre of the BRB260087WW/EU is a Digital Inverter Compressor that cleverly varies its power and running speed depending on how much cooling is needed. Unlike conventional compressors, this one doesn't stop and start abruptly, resulting in energy conservation, reduced noise and a longer life for your appliance. Take-Out Tray to let you easily reach your favourite ingredients Metal Cooling Interior for an extra touch of style Easy Slide shelf that pulls out effortlessly Precise temperature control

Price History of the Beko ASP341X

Current prices are shown above. The table below shows earlier prices since we've been keeping records.

Supplier Price Delivery cost Until date Total price
John Lewis & Partners £899.00 £0.00 Aug 27, 2018 £899.00
John Lewis & Partners £899.00 £0.00 Jul 3, 2018 £899.00
John Lewis & Partners £899.00 £0.00 Feb 8, 2018 £899.00
John Lewis & Partners £899.00 £0.00 Jan 2, 2018 £899.00
John Lewis & Partners £889.00 £0.00 Nov 2, 2017 £889.00
John Lewis & Partners £889.00 £0.00 Oct 19, 2017 £889.00
John Lewis & Partners £889.00 £0.00 Aug 31, 2017 £889.00
John Lewis & Partners £889.00 £0.00 Aug 24, 2017 £889.00
John Lewis & Partners £739.00 £0.00 Jul 17, 2017 £739.00
John Lewis & Partners £889.00 £0.00 Jun 30, 2017 £889.00
John Lewis & Partners £875.00 £0.00 Jun 26, 2017 £875.00
Electrical Discount UK £829.00 £0.00 Apr 2, 2017 £829.00
Electrical Discount UK £829.00 £0.00 Mar 27, 2017 £829.00
Electrical Discount UK £829.00 £0.00 Mar 20, 2017 £829.00
Electrical Discount UK £829.00 £0.00 Mar 13, 2017 £829.00
John Lewis & Partners £799.00 £0.00 Mar 7, 2017 £799.00
Electrical Discount UK £829.00 £0.00 Mar 6, 2017 £829.00
Electrical Discount UK £829.00 £0.00 Feb 26, 2017 £829.00
John Lewis & Partners £799.00 £0.00 Jan 17, 2017 £799.00
John Lewis & Partners £799.00 £0.00 Nov 23, 2016 £799.00
John Lewis & Partners £799.00 £0.00 Aug 13, 2016 £799.00
Currys PC World £699.98 £0.00 Apr 30, 2016 £699.98
Currys PC World £799.99 £0.00 Apr 20, 2016 £799.99
Currys PC World £699.99 £0.00 Apr 14, 2016 £699.99
Currys PC World £799.99 £0.00 Apr 7, 2016 £799.99
Currys PC World £799.99 £0.00 Mar 26, 2016 £799.99
Currys PC World £799.99 £0.00 Mar 26, 2016 £799.99
Currys PC World £799.99 £0.00 Mar 15, 2016 £799.99
Currys PC World £799.99 £0.00 Mar 15, 2016 £799.99
Currys PC World £899.99 £0.00 Feb 26, 2016 £899.99
Currys PC World £799.99 £0.00 Feb 5, 2016 £799.99
Currys PC World £799.99 £0.00 Jan 15, 2016 £799.99
Currys PC World £799.99 £0.00 Jan 15, 2016 £799.99
Currys PC World £699.99 £0.00 Jan 11, 2016 £699.99
Currys PC World £999.99 £0.00 Dec 25, 2015 £999.99
Currys PC World £699.99 £0.00 Dec 3, 2015 £699.99
Currys PC World £749.99 £0.00 Dec 1, 2015 £749.99
Currys PC World £799.99 £0.00 Nov 4, 2015 £799.99
Currys PC World £799.99 £0.00 Oct 21, 2015 £799.99
Currys PC World £799.99 £0.00 Oct 21, 2015 £799.99
Currys PC World £799.99 £0.00 Oct 17, 2015 £799.99
Currys PC World £799.99 £0.00 Oct 17, 2015 £799.99
Currys PC World £779.99 £0.00 Oct 17, 2015 £779.99
Currys PC World £779.99 £0.00 Sep 25, 2015 £779.99
Currys PC World £779.99 £0.00 Sep 25, 2015 £779.99
Currys PC World £799.99 £0.00 Sep 18, 2015 £799.99
Currys PC World £999.99 £0.00 Sep 4, 2015 £999.99
Currys PC World £629.99 £0.00 Aug 15, 2015 £629.99
Currys PC World £899.99 £0.00 Aug 8, 2015 £899.99
Currys PC World £629.99 £0.00 Aug 7, 2015 £629.99
Currys PC World £679.99 £0.00 Jul 14, 2015 £679.99

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