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Aeg T8DSC869C Tumble Dryer

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From £949.99

  • Currys PC World

    £949.99 Aeg T8DSC869C £949.99

    Out of stock since 2021-02-01 23:28:00.0
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    Currys PC World ref:10158140

    Capacity: 8 kgEnergy rating: A+++Sensor dryingFive-year manufacturer's guarantee

    Top features: - Specific cycles for every fabric with the AbsoluteCare system - Low temperature drying helps to save energy - Sensor drying adjusts the cycle time for each load - Tailored programs for woollens, silks and water repellent fabrics Specific cycles for every fabric Keep all of your laundry looking and feeling at their best with the AEG AbsoluteCare T8DSC869C Heat Pump Tumble Dryer. Every fabric has specific requirements and so to keep your clothes in great shape, the AbsoluteCare system controls the precise movements of the drum as well as the temperature of the drying - for a tailored cycle that suits each type of fabric. Low temperature drying Make sure that your fabrics are never unnecessarily heated with AEG's SensiDry technology, which allows for drying at much lower temperatures than traditional dryers. The lower temperatures save energy and ensure that your clothes maintain their original textures for longer. Sensor drying To prevent any accidental damage to your laundry, ProSense technology adjusts the drying time and energy consumption to each load size using humidity and temperature sensors - so that your clothes are always perfectly dried without wasting any energy. Tailored programs Dry your woollen items without fear of shrinkage or felting with the tailored wool program, which has a fast drum speed that replicates flat drying, with no harmful movements that might agitate the fibres. To care for and reduce wrinkles in silk items, the silk program runs the drum at low speeds and temperatures in a gentle and efficient way. The outdoor cycle is perfect for drying your water repellent outdoor gear. Designed to be more effective than air drying, the dryer applies an exact temperature so that any water repellency in your garments is reactivated after washing."

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Aeg T8DEE945R Aeg T8DEE945R from £919.99. Go greener Heat pump tumble dryers are really efficient as they recycle hot air, which helps to reduce energy use. A++ energy ratingWith an A++ energy rating, the AEG AbsoluteCare T8DEE945R Heat Pump Tumble Dryer delivers a powerful and efficient performance to help you dry your laundry with ease. In addition to minimising wear and tear, it can also help to save you money on your household bills, making it an ideal addition to any home.With AEG SensiDry technology, you can dry with confidence at very low temperatures. This helps to protect your fabrics, as well as reducing your energy usage. Advanced sensors Over-drying can cause unwanted wear and tear to your favourite clothes. AEG ProSense technology helps to protect your clothes - using advanced humidity and temperature sensors, it adjusts the drying time and energy consumption for every load size. This ensures that you get the ideal results from every cycle, whilst also saving yourself time and keeping your energy bills low. Tailored drying cyclesEvery fabric has different drying requirements and the AEG AbsoluteCare Tumble Dryer has tailored drying cycles to cater for this. Offering a variety of intelligent drum movements and temperatures, even for delicate fabrics, the AbsoluteCare system helps to keep your laundry looking better for longer. Thanks to the tailored wool program, you can even dry your hand wash only woollen items. The drum speed stays fast to keep your garments flat on the drum walls - replicating flat drying.Reduce creasingBy using the Easy Iron program and the Anti-crease option, you can even take the hassle out of ironing your clothes once the tumble dryer has finished its cycle. You'll have the ironing done in no time, leaving you with more spare time to do the things you love.
Samsung DV90T8240SX/S1 Samsung DV90T8240SX/S1 from £899.99. Dry your clothes more efficiently Dry your clothes and use less energy with the Samsung Series 9 DV90T8240SX/S1 WiFi-enabled 9 kg Heat Pump Tumble Dryer.It uses heat pump technology - a more cost-effective way of drying clothes by using hot air to absorb moisture from your clothes. The A+++ rating speaks for itself. By using a lower temperature than conventional dryers to dry your garments, it offers them better protection. This means your clothes will look newer for longer. Smart technologies This tumble dryer uses the OptimalDry technology that uses sensors to measure moisture and temperature and adjusts the drying cycle accordingly. It protects the fabrics while also saving energy. Like smart solutions? Connect this tumble dryer to your WiFi and control it remotely from anywhere using Smart Control. Schedule your drying on the go, change currently running programme and so much more. And whether you're putting your clothes in wet or dry, the Hygiene Care technology will remove all dust, mites and germs. Convenient features The reversible door lets you position the dryer wherever you want. Then you can just readjust the door to suit your space. In a hurry? Dry your clothes in less time with the Quick Dry 35 program. It can dry a small 1 kg load of clothes in just 35 minutes. And it will be whisper quiet thanks to the sound-absorbent materials. The 2-in-1 fluff filter maintains the dryer's optimal performance. And it will even let you know when it needs to be cleaned. And if your shirts only need a little freshening up, use the Airwash setting. A quick and gentle steaming air cycle will get rid of all smells.
Bosch WDU28569GB Bosch WDU28569GB from £999.99. Wash and dryThe Bosch Serie 6 WDU28569GB 10 kg Washer Dryer makes it easy to do your laundry. You can wash and dry up to 6 kg of laundry in one go, or wash up to a massive 10 kg, perfect for getting everyone's clothes ready to go.AutoDryAvoid overdrying your clothes with AutoDry, It dries your laundry to exactly the right level of dryness, so you won't risk damage to your favourite top.EcoSilence DriveThe Serie 6 WDU28569GB is really efficient thanks to the EcoSilence Drive. It's not only efficient, but it also runs quietly, perfect for a busy house.

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