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Aeg L9FSC969R Washing Machine

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From £949.00

  • Currys PC World

    £949.00 Aeg L9FSC969R £949.00

    (Price includes delivery charge of £0.00)

    Currys PC World ref:10159157

    Capacity: 9 kgSpin speed: 1600 rpmQuick wash time: 20 minutes for 3 kgEnergy rating: A+++

    Top features:- 60 degree cleaning at 30 degrees with Softwater technology- OKOMix ensures a deep clean by fully mixing detergent and softener with water- Say goodbye to wrinkles with ProSteam- Extra-economical washing with ProSense- Green Woolmark-certified to properly care for delicate garments60 degree cleaning at 30 degreesKeep colours brighter and prevent black items from going grey with Softwater. The AEG Softwater 9000 L9FSC969R 9 kg Washing Machine purifies and softens water to let your detergent work more efficiently. Your clothes will be beautifully cleaned while maintaining their shape and texture.OKOMixYou want each wash to be as thorough and economical as possible. OKOMix mixes every bit of detergent and softener with water so that they fully dissolve and start working even before they get into the drum. The result is deep-cleaned clothing that feels and looks great for longer.Say goodbye to wrinklesIroning can take up a lot of time - that's why your Softwater 9000 Washing Machine features a ProSteam option that adds steam to the end of a wash cycle to remove creases by up to a third. You'll be able to power through your ironing and get important outfits ready to wear sooner.Extra-economical washingUse less energy and water with ProSense. It uses sensors to measure every load, tailoring cycle times and water levels so the machine only consumes what's needed. Your clothes won't be over-washed so they'll keep that new look for longer.Green Woolmark-certifiedWoollen items usually need to be washed by hand. The AEG L9FSC969R Washing Machine is Green Woolmark-certified for delicate cleaning, gently moving the drum to care for special items of clothing.Enjoy softer results with every wash - the machine is Premium Certified by Ariel and Lenor for its excellent cleaning performance and optimised fabric softener distribution."

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Alternative Products

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Aeg L9FEC966R Aeg L9FEC966R from £929.00. Recently awarded the renowned Which? Best Buy and the 2018 Good Housekeeping Award, the AEG L9FEC966R Freestanding Washing Machine has an outstanding 9kg washing load capacity, impressive A+++ Energy Rating and a range of features designed to care for even the most delicate and sensitive clothing items. It's the first washing machine technology ever to distribute detergents and softeners completely evenly, keeping your colours vibrant without compromising performance for care. With this machine, you can maintain the colour, shape and feel of every garment, wash after wash. Advanced technology Keep your clothes looking their best for as long as possible with the help of this machine. AEG's ProSense technology automatically weighs each load to provide a tailored cycle. Sensors are used to adjust washing times precisely, ensuring optimum treatment for every garment. Your laundry comes out with that fresh, new feeling every time while saving you water and energy. Added softness To prevent damage to your clothes from minerals that can be harsh on fabrics, this machine features a revolutionary ion-exchange filtering system which optimises the water entering the drum. This allows detergents and softeners to work at maximum efficiency, even at the lowest temperatures. The results are clothes that are gentle enough to keep fabrics feeling soft and colours looking their absolute best. Kinder to clothes All mains water contains minerals that can be harsh on fabrics. These AEG washing machines are the first in the world with the technology to remove them. The ion-exchange filtering system optimises the water entering the drum for detergents and softeners to work at maximum efficiency, even at the lowest temperatures. Gentle enough to keep fabrics feeling soft and colours looking their absolute best. Less ironing These AEG washing machines use steam as a quick and easy way to refresh creased clothes. The short and gentle steam programme safely removes odours and reduce creases in dry fabrics. You can also finish your wash cycle with a gentle steam so clothes need little to no ironing. Gentle protection This machine features a ProTex gentle drum, designed to take care of your clothes. The drum reduces the stretching of fabric, maintaining the shape and texture of clothes during spin cycles. Long lasting This washing machine's inverter motor is the most reliable and durable ever. Based on brushless inverter technology, it has reduced vibration and wear and provides maximum performance with minimum noise. Versatile, safe and convenient Delay Start gives you the freedom to do your washing at the time you prefer by allowing you to automatically set the start time of your washing cycle. This machine features a child lock for added safety and peace of mind. While the generously sized door and porthole make loading and unloading your laundry accessible and convenient. Certified This model's wool programme has been accredited with the Woolmark certification. Specifically designed for minimal agitation of delicate woollen fibres, the wool programme assures the wash is as gentle as washing by hand. The wool programme features a cool down phase which ensures shrinkage is minimised. Programmes: Cottons Synthetics ColourPro Delicate Wool Plus Steam refresh OKOPower Antiallergy Quick 20 Min 3 kg New Outdoor  
Miele WCE330 Miele WCE330 from £929.00. Take care of your laundry with the Miele WCE330 Quick PowerWash Freestanding Washing Machine. Taking a medium 8kg load, the WCE330 is reliable, modern and offers a maximum spin speed of 1400rpm as well as a range of convenient programmes and features. Main features: PowerWash 2.0 with Quick Power Wash Single wash CapDosing Specialist programmes Honeycomb drum with genuine 8kg capacity PowerWash 2.0 with Quick Power Wash There's no need to compromise between clean clothes and saving time - the Quick Power Wash cycle delivers a full A wash performance in 59 minutes. Wash performance and efficiency is enhanced during the normal washing process thanks to PowerWash 2's efficient use of detergent and water. Single wash Now you can wash smaller loads guilt free. The Single wash option allows you to wash a load of up to 1kg, adapting water consumption, energy use and time accordingly, with the same efficiency as washing a full load. CapDosing Tailored for precise fabric care and to give the best cleaning with gentlest care, specialist portioned detergent capsules for tailored fabric care including Sports, Woollens and Silks. Specialist programmes Deliver the ultimate care for your laundry and save on dry cleaning costs with specialist programmes for different types of clothing including silks and a wide range of specialist fabrics. There are also a wide range of essential programmes for your everyday needs. Honeycomb drum with genuine 8kg capacity The medium 8kg capacity is ideal for families, with a patented Honeycomb drum that's designed to provide care and protection for your clothes. Intuitive operation Giving you ultimate flexibility combined with ease of use, the one line text display allows you to easily customise your programme and keeps you informed of the machine's progress at all times. Quiet running With a sound level of only 48dB during washing and 72dB during spinning, this machine always performs quietly for less disturbance in your home for you and your family. Tested for the equivalent of 20 years use Tested for equivalent of 20 years use: that's 10,000 wash hours - equating to 5 washes per week for 20 years. This gives you peace of mind and hassle-free laundry care every time for years to come. A+++ Energy Rating Save money and know you're helping the environment - this washing machine has an A+++ Energy Rating.
Miele WDD320 Miele WDD320 from £949.00. Top features:- Wash the whole family's clothes with the large 8 kg capacity - Pre-portioned detergent capsules deliver the best results for your laundry - Quiet performance to keep noise to a minimum - In a hurry? PowerWash can clean your clothes in less than an hour Wash the whole family's clothesTake the hassle out of washing with the Miele SpeedCare WDD320 8 kg 1400 Spin Washing Machine. It's large 8 kg capacity means you can wash the entire family's laundry in one go, so you won't have to spend the whole day waiting for lots of smaller loads.Your clothes are washed carefully too, with the patented honeycomb drum design applying a gentle touch to your laundry.Pre-portioned detergent capsulesWhen it comes to washing clothes, we tend to just throw in the same amount of detergent for every load. But is this the best option? Luckily, the SpeedCare WDD320 Washing Machine features CapDosing, specialist portioned detergent capsules that are ideal for different loads. Whether you're washing the kids' P.E. kits or that delicate woollen jumper you love, the ideal amount of detergent will be used to both clean and care for your clothes.Quiet performanceYou'll hardly notice the SpeedCare WDD320 while it's running, so you can get on with other activities around the house without getting distracted. You can even take advantage of cheaper night time energy rates without waking up the whole family.In a hurry?When you need something cleaned in a hurry, the quick PowerWash program gets your clothes cleaned in less than an hour. There's no dip in quality either - the PowerWash delivers an A-graded wash so you can always look your best.

Price History of the Aeg L9FSC969R

Current prices are shown above. The table below shows earlier prices since we've been keeping records.

Supplier Price Delivery cost Until date Total price
Currys PC World £929.00 £0.00 Jul 17, 2019 £929.00
Currys PC World £929.00 £0.00 Mar 29, 2019 £929.00
Currys PC World £929.99 £0.00 Feb 28, 2019 £929.99
Currys PC World £929.99 £0.00 Nov 1, 2018 £929.99
Currys PC World £929.99 £0.00 Mar 22, 2018 £929.99
Currys PC World £929.99 £0.00 Mar 22, 2018 £929.99
Currys PC World £929.99 £0.00 Feb 14, 2018 £929.99
Currys PC World £929.99 £0.00 Feb 14, 2018 £929.99
Currys PC World £929.99 £0.00 Feb 13, 2018 £929.99
Currys PC World £929.99 £0.00 Feb 13, 2018 £929.99
Currys PC World £949.99 £0.00 Feb 1, 2018 £949.99
Currys PC World £949.99 £0.00 Dec 24, 2017 £949.99
Currys PC World £949.99 £0.00 Dec 6, 2017 £949.99
Currys PC World £949.99 £0.00 Nov 9, 2017 £949.99
Currys PC World £949.99 £0.00 Nov 9, 2017 £949.99
Currys PC World £949.99 £0.00 Nov 3, 2017 £949.99
Currys PC World £949.99 £0.00 Nov 3, 2017 £949.99
Currys PC World £999.99 £0.00 Sep 30, 2017 £999.99
Currys PC World £999.99 £0.00 Sep 29, 2017 £999.99
Currys PC World £999.99 £0.00 Sep 29, 2017 £999.99
Currys PC World £999.99 £0.00 Aug 21, 2017 £999.99
Currys PC World £909.99 £0.00 Jun 26, 2017 £909.99
Currys PC World £949.99 £0.00 Mar 30, 2017 £949.99
Currys PC World £899.99 £0.00 Mar 29, 2017 £899.99
Currys PC World £949.99 £0.00 Mar 26, 2017 £949.99

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