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Sebo 91506GB Vacuum Cleaner

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From £349.00

  • Electrical Discount UK

    £349.00 Sebo 91506GB £349.00

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    The Computer Control System optimises performance, ensuring that the brush is always at the correct height for ease of use and long carpet life. It also protects the machine, for example by shutting down the motor if there is a blockage. Other innovative and practical features include cassette style brush roller removal and an integrated wand for extended reach. The SEBO AUTOMATIC X7 Extra features an extended reach hose system for stair cleaning. The high performance motor, the Computer Control System and the efficient air flow design combine to give outstanding cleaning results - which is why SEBO regularly comes top in independent tests. Made in Germany, SEBO vacuum cleaners are constructed from the highest quality materials. Every SEBO vacuum cleaner is fully tested before it leaves the factory, so that you can be confident that in buying a SEBO, you are buying the best."

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Sebo 9849GB Sebo 9849GB from £300.00. Top features: - Highly manoeuvrable and easy to use vaccum cleaner - Ultra Bag offers hygienic, optimum performance - Suitable for use on hard floors and carpets - Anti-allergy approved so kinder to your health Highly manoeuvrableThe SEBO 9849GB Upright Vacuum Cleaner has a rotating neck and an ultra-low profile power head you can easily clean all around your home, even hard to reach areas like underneath the furniture. You can adjust the vacuum to suit whatever you're cleaning - increase the suction power for trickier to clean spots or turn off the brush roller when cleaning delicate surfaces.You can also take the power head off to clean the stairs or inside the car. The SEBO 9849GB is a great, versatile, hoover perfect for a busy home.Ultra-BagInside the cleaner, SEBO ultra bags are made to give fade-free performance through efficient micro-filtration. Near tear-proof, the fleece Ultra-Bags filter out dust from the air without clogging. A sealed cap keeps all the dirt inside the bag for optimum hygiene.Anti-allergyApproved by the British Allergy Foundation, the SEBO 9849GB Upright Vacuum Cleaner is kinder to your health by sealing all dust particles into the filter bag. Once you've cleaned your home there's no risk of being exposed to potentially harmful dust again.Don't forget your vacuum cleaner bagsDon't forget additional dustbags for your bagged vacuum cleaner so you can easily replace a full bag.
Samsung VS20T7532T1/EU Samsung VS20T7532T1/EU from £349.00. Dust-free homeBanish dust and dirt. The Samsung Jet 75 Pet VS20T7532T1/EU Max 200 W Suction Power Cordless Vacuum Cleaner with Turbo Action Brush has a Multi-layered Filtration System that captures up to 99.99% of microdust particles, dust and allergens, so that you can breathe really clean air.It's ideal for allergy sufferers and is a great solution for pet owners.Powerful cleaning and Turbo Action BrushThe Samsung Jet 75 has 200 W suction power and an airflow boosting design that picks up dust and dirt effectively.The turbo action brush pick up everything from spilt cereal to stubborn pet hair in seconds. The brush is suitable for carpets and hard floors, spinning at up to 3750 rpm.You'll all the info you need at a glance. The digital display lets you check which suction level you're using, how much charge you have and even get troubleshooting alerts. Washable dust binMaintenance is easy too - you can just take the dust bin out and wash it when necessary. There's no need to remove the pipe either.Long lasting batteryOffering enough power to run for 60 minutes at a time, the Jet 75 maintains a high level of suction throughout its battery life, so that you can clean your home with confidence.The 2-in-1 charging station can be wall-mounted or used as a standalone charger - you can remove the battery from the vacuum cleaner and pop it in to charge.
Shark IZ320UK Shark IZ320UK from £349.00. DuoClean and PowerFinsThe Shark Anti Hair Wrap with PowerFins IZ320UK Cordless Vacuum Cleaner has an even better DuoClean floorhead. As well as the 2 motorised brushrolls, it also uses Powerfins that help to clean deeper.The brushrolls dig deep into carpets to lift dirt, or sweeps across hard floors to pick up dust and crumbs.Anti Hair WrapTired of getting hair tangled up on the brush roll? There's no need to reach for the scissors anymore - the IZ320UK's Anti Hair Wrap technology separates and removes all long, short and pet hair with ease.LED smart displayThe easy-to-read LED display shows you everything you need to know about your vacuum. Whether you can see how much of the battery life is left, or need to switch between modes, everything is there at a glance.Two batteriesThanks to the two batteries included with this vacuum cleaner, you can do up to 120 minutes of cleaning. You can switch them when one battery is running low, and you can charge them on or off the vacuum.FlexologyThe Flexology design helps you to reach almost anywhere in your house. That means you can clean under furniture like beds and sofas.You can transform the IZ320UK Cordless Vacuum Cleaner into a handheld vacuum for even more versatile cleaning. That means you can clean stairs or nip out to tidy the car.When you've finished, just fold everything down for compact storage.

Price History of the Sebo 91506GB

Current prices are shown above. The table below shows earlier prices since we've been keeping records.

Supplier Price Delivery cost Until date Total price
Electrical Discount UK £329.00 £0.00 Apr 13, 2022 £329.00
Electrical Discount UK £329.00 £0.00 Mar 22, 2022 £329.00
Electrical Discount UK £329.00 £0.00 Feb 21, 2022 £329.00
Electrical Discount UK £329.00 £0.00 Oct 21, 2021 £329.00
Electrical Discount UK £299.00 £0.00 Jun 30, 2021 £299.00
Electrical Discount UK £299.00 £0.00 Apr 19, 2021 £299.00
Electrical Discount UK £299.00 £0.00 Nov 30, 2020 £299.00
Electrical Discount UK £299.00 £0.00 Jun 2, 2020 £299.00
Electrical Discount UK £299.00 £0.00 Feb 8, 2020 £299.00
Electrical Discount UK £299.00 £0.00 Nov 21, 2019 £299.00
Electrical Discount UK £299.00 £0.00 Sep 19, 2019 £299.00
Electrical Discount UK £299.00 £0.00 Aug 21, 2019 £299.00
Electrical Discount UK £329.00 £0.00 Dec 19, 2018 £329.00
Electrical Discount UK £349.00 £0.00 Jul 10, 2018 £349.00
Electrical Discount UK £299.00 £0.00 Apr 4, 2018 £299.00

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