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Samsung DV80T5220TW/S1 Tumble Dryer

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From £669.99

  • Currys PC World

    £669.99 Samsung DV80T5220TW/S1 £669.99

    (Price includes delivery charge of £0.00)

    Currys PC World ref:10214933

    Capacity: 8 kgEnergy rating: A+++Sensor dryingManage your drying using your phone

    Dry your clothes more efficiently Dry your clothes and use less energy with the Samsung DV80T5220TW/S1 WiFi-enabled 8 kg Heat Pump Tumble Dryer. It uses heat pump technology - a more cost-effective way of drying clothes by using hot air to absorb moisture from your clothes. By using a lower temperature than conventional dryers to dry your garments, it offers them better protection. This means your clothes will look newer for longer. Sensors adjust drying time automatically Another way the dryer protects your clothes is by using automatic sensors. These adjust the temperature and drying time for the best result, all while helping to lower your energy consumption. Smart control The easy-to-use control panel suggests your favourite cycles based on your laundry habits. And the SmartThings app lets you control your dryer from your phone. You can set schedules, customise cycles, run diagnostics and more, quickly and remotely. Quick dry small loads In a hurry? Dry your clothes in less time with the Quick Dry 35 program. It can dry a small 1 kg load of clothes in just 35 minutes."

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Samsung WD80J5A10AX Samsung WD80J5A10AX from £649.99. Top features: - ecobubble technology lets you keep enjoying the softness of garments - Super Speed Wash cuts down waiting time - Quiet motor results in less wear and tear - Air Refresh program to freshen clothes without washing ecobubble technology Relish that new garment feeling with the Samsung ecobubble WD80J5A10AX 8 kg Washer Dryer.Samsung's ecobubble technology mixes air, water and detergent to generate bubbles that penetrate deeper into your clothes to rid tough stains. Benefits include washing at cooler temperatures, longer lasting fabrics, cheaper bills, and a small contribution to a happier environment.Super Speed Wash Get on with life at your preferred pace, and without missing a beat. This Samsung washer dryer's Super Speed Wash program fills water faster and has an accelerated spin cycle that gets your standard load ready to be worn in less than an hour.You also have the option of a small 15 minute quick wash when time is particularly short.Quiet motorThe WD80J5A10AX is equipped with a quiet digital inverter motor for long-lasting and reliable performance. Less noise and less vibration means less wear and tear.An innovative drum design ensures that clothes don't snag, while a cushioning layer of water adds an extra level of care to your laundry.All of these work together to give your favourite t-shirts and trousers a longer life.Air Refresh program You've got your best shirt on and have been caramelising onions for soon-to-arrive guests. This washer dryer offers a quick solution to rid of the smell and freshen up the shirt. Toss it in the machine for a stream of hot air to do the job in a flash.
Bosch WVG3047SGB Bosch WVG3047SGB from £639.00. Top features:- Quiet performance with AntiVibration and EcoSilence Drive - Energy efficient washing and drying - Keep allergies at bay with Allergy+ and HygieneCare wash programs - Reload function for forgotten items Quiet performanceYou won't be bothering the neighbours with late-night laundry as the Bosch Serie 6 WVG3047SGB 7 kg Washer Dryer is designed to deliver a quiet performance. The AntiVibration spiral pattern on the sides of machine help to keep the appliance stable and reduce vibrations, while the EcoSilence Drive motor offers a quiet yet durable performance.Energy efficientKinder to the environment and your pocket, the Serie 6 WVG3047SGB is an energy efficient addition to any home. If you want to lower your energy consumption even more, then the EcoPerfect wash program reduces it by up to 50%.With ActiveWater technology, you can manage your water usage. Sensors inside the machine analyse each load, so the appliance uses the exact amount of water needed to thoroughly clean your clothes, saving you money.Keep allergies at baySuffer from allergies? The WVG3047SGB Washer Dryer is an ideal choice.Not only is there an Allergy+ wash program, but the HygieneCare feature blasts hot air before the washing cycle, then washes the load at 30°C. This removes pollen and allergens without wasting energy or damaging your clothes through a high temperature wash.Reload functionDropped some laundry on the way to the machine? The Bosch Serie 6 WVG3047SGB Washer Dryer has the solution with its reload function. Simply stop the running cycle and pop in your extra items and the wash will continue - no sock will be left behind.
Samsung WD80T534DBW/S1 Samsung WD80T534DBW/S1 from £669.99. Ecobubble technologyWash at cooler temperatures and help your pocket and the environment with the Samsung Auto Dose WD80T534DBW/S1 WiFi-enabled 8 kg Washer Dryer.Its ecobubble technology mixes air, water and detergent to create bubbles to wash your clothes faster at lower temperatures, without compromising on the results.Auto DoseThanks to Auto Dose you don't have to guess the right amount of detergent ever again. Just pop your laundry in, select a program and the machine will use the correct amount of detergent.And with 20 programs to choose from, you'll have no problem finding one for your clothes.Smart ControlUse the SmartThings app to control the WD80T534DBW/S1 with your smartphone. Connected using WiFi, you can monitor the progress from anywhere, so you can be sure the laundry is done by the time you get home from work.Fast wash and dryIn a hurry? The WD80T534DBW/S1 won't leave you hanging. It can wash and dry up to 1 kg in only 59 minutes - perfect for your favourite party outfit.And if you're even more stretched for time, the Quick Wash mode will get your favourite top or only pair of jeans clean in just 15 minutes.Drum CleanIf you want clean clothes, you need a clean washing machine first. That's where Drum Clean comes in - it washes the drum with hot water and high-speed spinning, so it's as fresh as it can be for your next load of laundry.
Bosch WVG30462GB Bosch WVG30462GB from £674.99. Go greener As eco-friendly as you'd expect, an EcoPerfect feature helps to cut down energy use during your wash, making it much kinder to our planet. Energy efficientWith an A energy rating, you can enjoy lower running costs while being kinder to the planet. Featuring the powerful and durable EcoSilence drive, the Bosch Serie 6 WVG30462GB 7 kg Washer Dryer efficiently washes and dries while staying quiet - perfect for putting on a load while the baby is sleeping.Flexible washing with the VarioPerfect functionsWould you rather save time or energy? With the SpeedPerfect and EcoPerfect functions, you can prioritise what's important to you. Either complete a cycle in 65% less time or using 50% less energy - the choice is yours.Allergies bewareSteer off the sneezes as the Bosch Serie 6 WVG30462GB has been designed with allergy sufferers in mind. Using the Allergy+ program you can put down the tissues, sfae in the knowledge that pollen and allergens will be removed in the wash cycle.Keeps clothes hygienicGet hygienically clean clothes without ruining them. The HygieneCare program blows hot air into the drum before the wash cycle to kill off bacteria, then washes at 30°C. This protects your garments from the damage caused by washing at high temperatures, while using less energy in the process.

Price History of the Samsung DV80T5220TW/S1

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Supplier Price Delivery cost Until date Total price
Currys PC World £669.99 £0.00 Nov 12, 2020 £669.99
Currys PC World £699.99 £0.00 Nov 4, 2020 £699.99

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