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Indesit 557647

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From £304.00

  • Currys

    £304.00 Indesit 557647 £304.00

    (Price includes delivery charge of £45.00)

    Currys ref:10217388

    With multiple programmes to choose from, the Indesit DSFE 1B10 S UK N Slimline Dishwasher gives you all the options you need to get your washing-up done.Up for saving more energy and money? The Eco program washes your dirty dishes while saving water and energy. Or use the Rapid 40 cycle when you are in a hurry. Ideal for smaller and not that dirty loads."

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Indesit IS5G1PMSS/UK Indesit IS5G1PMSS/UK from £294.00. Cook up a variety of meals Whether you're preparing your signature dish or experimenting with a new recipe, the Indesit IS5G1PMSS/UK 50 cm Gas Cooker helps you to cook meals with ease. With a choice of both the main gas oven and an integrated gas grill, you can feed the family with ease. Heat your pots and pans Heat everything from a warming tomato soup to a pot of water for your rice or pasta with the four burner gas hob. Enamelled sheet metal pan supports help to keep your pots and pans steady while you cook. Easy cleaning The interior of the IS5G1PMSS/UK Cooker has an enamel coating, saving you time by making it easier to wipe clean. You can keep your oven looking pristine by easily removing the inner glass door - simply click it free to wash it in the sink. _______________________________________________________________ GAS INSTALLATION: This product requires installation by a qualified gas safe engineer, such as one of our Currys experts (available in the UK only).
Hotpoint 783069 Hotpoint 783069 from £304.00. Rapid 30Wash your dishes faster with the Hotpoint HIE 2B19 UK Full-size Fully Integrated Dishwasher. It has a Rapid 30 program that takes just half an hour - perfect if you suddenly get unexpected guests and don't have enough clean plates.Intensive washFor items that need a more thorough clean, try the special Intensive program. It will shift baked-on food from your pots and pans with ease, so you won't have to scrub them yourself.FlexiLoadIdeal for households with 3 or 4 people, the HIE 2B19 UK features a flexible loading system that makes it easy to free up space in the lower basket.It also comes with adjustable racking and a height-adjustable top basket, so you'll have no trouble creating room for larger dishes and pans.
Indesit ID5E92KMW Indesit ID5E92KMW from £304.00. Oven and separate grill With a main electric oven and a separate electric grill, the Indesit ID5E92KMW 50 cm Electric Solid Plate Cooker offers flexibility when it comes to dinner time. The options are endless - bake jacket potatoes in the larger oven, while grilling veggies as a side in the cavity above. Double glazed oven doors With an A rating, the Indesit ID5E92KMW is a fantastic energy efficient option. Plus, not only does it give you a great view of your dinner while it's cooking, but the oven doors are double glazed. This insulates and retains heat inside the oven, optimising cooking times and saving you energy. Enamel coating No more hours spent scrubbing your oven after culinary disasters. Keeping a clean oven is easy with enamel coating - this prevents burnt food and dirt from sticking, so it can be easily wiped away. __________________________________________________________ ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION: This product requires professional installation to a dedicated cooker circuit (identified by a big red cooker switch) by a qualified installer, such as one of our Currys experts.
Kinsman 348673 Kinsman 348673 from £304.00. Whether you're hosting a party, live performance or fitness class, with the Kinsman KPA500 Compact Tower PA Speaker System, you can fill your venue with sound. Thanks to its 240 W of sound power, subwoofer unit and a built-in equalizer you can achieve amazing sound.There are inputs for plugging in your instruments and microphones. Or use the built-in MP3 player with Bluetooth and turn any night into a party playing your best dancing tunes.To make your life easier, the KPA500 comes with 2 practical carrying bags too.

Price History of the Indesit 557647

Current prices are shown above. The table below shows earlier prices since we've been keeping records.

Supplier Price Delivery cost Until date Total price
Currys £279.00 £45.00 Mar 23, 2023 £324.00
Currys £259.00 £45.00 Mar 22, 2023 £304.00
Currys £279.00 £45.00 Mar 18, 2023 £324.00
Currys £269.00 £45.00 Feb 17, 2023 £314.00
Currys £259.00 £45.00 Jan 28, 2023 £304.00
Currys £259.00 £0.00 Nov 17, 2022 £259.00
Currys £269.00 £0.00 Oct 12, 2022 £269.00
Currys £259.00 £0.00 Oct 7, 2022 £259.00
Currys £264.00 £0.00 Sep 28, 2022 £264.00
Currys £269.00 £0.00 Sep 24, 2022 £269.00
Currys £259.00 £0.00 Sep 23, 2022 £259.00
Currys £249.00 £0.00 Aug 31, 2022 £249.00
Currys £254.00 £0.00 Aug 28, 2022 £254.00
Currys £259.00 £0.00 Aug 20, 2022 £259.00
Currys £279.00 £0.00 Aug 15, 2022 £279.00
Currys £279.00 £0.00 Aug 11, 2022 £279.00
Currys £249.00 £0.00 Aug 4, 2022 £249.00
Currys £249.00 £0.00 Jul 29, 2022 £249.00
Currys £249.00 £0.00 Jul 26, 2022 £249.00
Currys £249.00 £0.00 Jul 20, 2022 £249.00
Currys £275.00 £0.00 Jul 13, 2022 £275.00
Currys £279.00 £0.00 Jul 7, 2022 £279.00
Currys £249.00 £0.00 Jul 1, 2022 £249.00
Currys £279.00 £0.00 Jun 29, 2022 £279.00
Currys £279.00 £0.00 Jun 11, 2022 £279.00
Currys £249.99 £0.00 Jun 9, 2022 £249.99
Currys £249.99 £0.00 May 15, 2022 £249.99
Currys £249.99 £0.00 May 9, 2022 £249.99
Currys £249.99 £0.00 Mar 24, 2022 £249.99
Currys £239.99 £0.00 Mar 22, 2022 £239.99
Currys £239.99 £0.00 Feb 5, 2022 £239.99
Currys £239.99 £0.00 Feb 3, 2022 £239.99

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