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Beko CJFF1582W Fridge Freezer

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From £279.00

  • John Lewis & Partners

    £279.00 Beko CJFF1582W £279.00

    (Price includes delivery charge of £0.00)

    John Lewis & Partners ref:237405581

    The Beko CJFF1582W fridge freezer is rated A+ for energy efficiency, which means it'll keep your energy bills low whilst reducing your impact on the environment. Capacity A generous fridge capacity of 168 litres and a freezer capacity of 95 litres makes this fridge freezer ideal for family households, as there is plenty of room for you to store all your groceries. Frost free You'll never need to worry about defrosting this appliance because the frost free feature prevents frost from building up inside and reducing your usable space. This makes maintenance much easier."

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Alternative Products

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Beko CFG1552S Beko CFG1552S from £269.00. With a 50/50 split, the Beko CFG1552S freestanding fridge freezer offers plenty of options for storing both your fresh produce and frozen goods. It has an automatic defrost, 145-litre fridge and 68-litre capacity no-frost freezer. This appliance has been engineered to operate efficiently even in cold temperatures and has an A+ energy rating. Sub-zero operation If you're looking for an appliance to place in a garage or outhouse, this fridge freezer has got the credentials. Where most operate in a range of temperature between 10°C and 43°C, this model has special technology that equips it to operate in temperatures as low as -15°C. Meaning it will have no problems coping in an unheated building in the winter. Frost free The chore of defrosting is a thing of the past with the frost-free freezer and automatic de-frost fridge. The fridge door has an antibacterial door seal that prevents bacteria from forming or entering the fridge, meaning your food is not at risk of becoming contaminated. Flexible storage Alongside its three shelves, a salad crisper and deep bottle storage, the fridge also boasts full-width commodity racks for storing all your jars and smaller items. Clear freezer drawers enable you to see exactly what's in the freezer at a glance. Energy efficient As well as operating in cold temperatures, this Beko fridge freezer has an A+ energy rating, which will make for a saving on your energy bills and lower environmental impact.
Indesit NCAA55S Indesit NCAA55S from £269.00. ""The Indesit NCAA55S is an energy efficent Fridge Freezer with decent size cooling and freezing compartments inside, the doors are reversable if needed and the silver finish is nice and easy to wipe clean. Priced very attractively this appliance is a star buy. ""
Beko CSG1571S Beko CSG1571S from £279.00. The CSG1571S freestanding fridge freezer from Beko is a tall unit that is convenient and easy to use, with lots of capacity and storage flexibility and a good A+ energy rating. Antibacterial Door Seal You won't need to worry about bacteria coming into contact with your food and spoiling it, thanks to the antibacterial door seals on this appliance which prevent bacteria from forming and entering the fridge. Reversible Doors If you're restricted on where you can place your appliance in your home, the reversible doors give you maximum flexibility. Large Salad Crisper There is plenty of room to store your fruit and vegetables in the large crisper drawers. Clear Freezer Fronts With the clear freezer drawer fronts you can find what you're looking for quickly and easily. Full Width Commodity Racks The fridge features full width commodity racks where you can place all your jams, sauces and jars, helping you to save space on the fridge shelves for other groceries. Flame Retardant Back Flame retardation is a very important safety feature. All Beko fridge freezers are manufactured with either a metal flame retardant back or an aluminium foil covered flame retardant back.
Hotpoint FZA36P Hotpoint FZA36P from £279.00. ""With its simple, white design the Hotpoint FZA36P will suit most kitchens. It is compact however it still manages to store an impressive 73 litres of goods. The appliance has a constant stream of cool air, which means it is always frost free, eliminating the chore of de-frosting your freezer every again! It’s really efficient too. Rated A+ on the energy efficiency scale, this appliance will cost just £2.10 a month to run, so you can spend more money filling it up. The Hotpoint FZA36P also has a Superfreeze function. This means you can rapidly lower the inside temperature to freeze any food that may have thawed on the way home from the supermarket. It’ll lock in the flavours and nutrients too, so it’s great for leftovers ""

Price History of the Beko CJFF1582W

Current prices are shown above. The table below shows earlier prices since we've been keeping records.

Supplier Price Delivery cost Until date Total price
John Lewis & Partners £299.00 £0.00 May 25, 2019 £299.00
John Lewis & Partners £279.00 £0.00 Mar 6, 2019 £279.00
John Lewis & Partners £279.00 £0.00 Jan 27, 2019 £279.00
John Lewis & Partners £279.00 £0.00 Jan 19, 2019 £279.00
John Lewis & Partners £279.00 £0.00 Jan 1, 2019 £279.00
John Lewis & Partners £279.00 £0.00 Dec 7, 2018 £279.00
John Lewis & Partners £279.00 £0.00 Dec 3, 2018 £279.00
John Lewis & Partners £279.00 £0.00 Nov 2, 2018 £279.00
John Lewis & Partners £279.00 £0.00 Oct 30, 2018 £279.00
John Lewis & Partners £279.00 £0.00 Oct 28, 2018 £279.00
John Lewis & Partners £279.00 £0.00 Sep 27, 2018 £279.00
John Lewis & Partners £279.00 £0.00 Sep 19, 2018 £279.00
John Lewis & Partners £279.00 £0.00 Sep 10, 2018 £279.00
John Lewis & Partners £269.00 £0.00 Jul 22, 2018 £269.00
John Lewis & Partners £269.00 £0.00 Jul 3, 2018 £269.00
John Lewis & Partners £269.00 £0.00 Jun 10, 2018 £269.00
John Lewis & Partners £269.00 £0.00 Jun 4, 2018 £269.00
John Lewis & Partners £269.00 £0.00 May 30, 2018 £269.00

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